Cartoon by Brian Mór
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Holy Gazonkers!

Cartoon by Brian Mór
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  1. what is going on in the back-ground
    looks like a V2 rocket in the sky
    the garda are in a sopwith camel and a spitfire is falling from the sky, a jap zero is there also and a stuka is doing what it does good
    dive bombing,

    that is some statement- a lot of good detail.

  2. LOL also when Grainne went to London she was suffering from a bad cold while talking to Elizabeth she wiped her runny nose with her fingers and tossed the snot into the fire,Liz tut tuted and offered Grainne a handkerchief, Grainne looked at Liz in amazement and said "you keep that stuff!!!!

  3. Wouldnt matter if they all went bare ass naked Brian the only thing visible would be the ass,s in the air.

  4. Phillip, seems to be enjoying the view, even if the good lady and the dog appear sligthly shocked.
    We used to have our very own home grown orator in Clonard. Every night he would give a commentary on the events of the day as he walked home from the Kashmir Bar.
    One night he asked, 'Where was Prince Phillip when the intruder was in the goodlady's bedroom'?
    Maybe Marty could shed some light on that one.

  5. Speak of the devil and there he is wee bonnie prince Charley.
    Brain, are you taking a swipe at Mickey’s Irish air space.

  6. yip Mickeyboy its great to see how well Irish neutrality is respected,and as the butchers apron is to the fore do we read anything into that,

  7. Nuala did he actually use the word "goodlady" cant see to many Clonardians using that term, mind you if there was a spike in the for Phil the Greek he was probably in the dog house as usual

  8. Mind you if Mary was to dress like that and take a dander down the Falls rd I,d be prepared to reconsider my opinion of her,the look on those legion of Mary supporters would be priceless

  9. Marty,i can think of a few 'ladies' i'd turn out to see in such a posture, our President aint one of em. Fine woman that she is/was..i think we've suffered enough trauma already over the last decade or so. No need to embroil Mary in it.

  10. Larry it wouldnt be the bould Mary I,d turn up to see but rather but rather those christian ladies of the legion of Mary stoning her to death

  11. Our Robert walks into a gunshop and asks "have you got a gun that shoots cans?" the shopkeeper asks "what kind of cans?" Robert replies "Afri-cans, Jamai-cans,Mexi-cans and f'#kin republi-cans

  12. Marty, Robert is clearly in the huffs, must be because the marching bill kinda went off track.

    Yes, our resident speaker was Mr Haddock and he was very eloquent when posing questions on his return from the bar.

    He was one of those brilliant characters that thse type of districts used to have.
    My friend, who had just returned from living abroad was staying with me the night he was asking the question about the queen.
    Such a laugh!

    Albert, only eats veggie spaghetti. That way, I know he is not gorging and encouraging Kevin to gorge on out of date meat.

    'Ah just cut that bit off! How the hell did we survive all those years without a fridge!
    Dates, dates are not a guide, they are a bloody con!
    You can only die once and the out of date stuff has'nt killed us yet!'
    Seriously Marty what chance do I have?

  13. Nuala ya sound a bit like Mickeyboy there ffs give the lads an odd wee tin of pedigree chum its full of marrowbone and will work wonders on their coats,dont deny those red blooded males an odd bone to chew on,veggies are for rabbits and look what they get up to,or is that your game plan,I see the Mrs is away again this coming weekend, I wonder if Moya is free?

  14. Marty, don't like them eating it, but unfortunately I can't stop them.
    For my part, I don't cook it and considering I do half of the cooking they are kind of half veggies.

    Have you and the Duchess acquired on of those properties on the Shinner Costa? You two seem to be forever on the hop. (no rabbit pun intended)

  15. Marty,

    LOL - liked that one as it captures my considerably right of centre tendencies perfectly.

  16. Fionnula,

    ".. Robert is clearly in the huffs, must be because the marching bill kinda went off track."

    "He that can have patience, can have what he will."

  17. Robert, is the Orange Lodge essentially a male preserve?
    It's just you seem to always speak in essentially male terms, 'he'.
    'Patience is a virtue'and I think it is one us women have in overabundance which ever side of the fence we sit on!

  18. Fionnuala,

    "Patience is a virtue.." - that quote is very rarely delivered in it's entirety.
    "Patience is a virtue, Possess it if you can, Seldom found in woman, Never found in man"
    Tend to agree that the fairer sex are abundantly more virtuous than their male counterparts.
    No the Orange Order is not a male preserve. 'He' is used in general terms - 'Those','They' or 'Person' would have been equally applicable but not true to the original quote.

  19. Robert, at last something on which we agree!
    Appreciate the quote, I will store it!

  20. Nuala the way things are heading we will not have a roof over us,but hey ho we havent died a winter yet,Marie is away for music fest ,I dont believe any lambegs will be on stage,mores the pity,good to see detente has arrived between your goodself and our Robert maybe now if we can get those good minds working together we can find a way out of this mess history and the politicans have left us in,and those men of yours are welcome to join me in a meat fest, theres to many dogs about this place at the mo.

  21. Marty, left you a message on FTQ,it is all sussed according to Micky Culbert, we only have to wait twenty or thirty years. Must remember the patience quote.
    In my time I have heard a lot of people talking a lot of shit, however, he just about takes the biscuit.

  22. Fionnuala

    Cynics indeed it’s the aging process grumpy old men.

    Thanks for the link as it is hilarious the part about RPG avenue with his own sound effects and motions.
    I don’t think any comment could explain the nervous ranting he looks the part and even has a wee cup to match his Tory blue look then he opens his mouth and the illogical takes over.
    “It’s not what we want” but they are willing to wait.
    Translation we have no clue what we are doing or what we did but we shall continue bluffing after all they only need the Michael Henry’ brigade to propagate the triumph of another failure, definitely a confused bizarre explanation.
    Re-write the history books as the younger people have no need to know about the war.
    Translation, we don’t want the youngsters to understand how PSF took great steps in gaining what they don’t want.

    Comic relief.

  23. Nuala ,Tain Bo still awestruck by Mickey Culberts performance, was he talking to children and funny was he fuck,he,s another I,m all right Jack and to think and I,m sure Anthony will disagree Mickey does not deserve the respect he is given, I lost any respect for the man a long time ago when I saw how those ex prisioners outside the party line were treated by him and others,that interview did show him for the waster he has turned out to be.

  24. Tainbo, I was quite shocked at the way he talked about young people.
    Now and again I had to say to myself, 'Is this the person who is heading an organisation that is actually supposed to be representing the interests of ex-prisoners.'
    Marty, Albert would have always spoke in his favour, until he watched that interview and then he was dumb struck.

  25. Nuala whats the betting he is co opted onto Belfast city council in the coming weeks, another reward for being a good boy.

  26. Archaeologists have discovered a human jawbone that is over 2 million years old...they believe it may an early politican as it was still moving.

  27. The wife and I were called in to see the headmster at our sons school today,because he,s been making sectarian jibes at the protestant kids.........well we were horrified.....we,ve always told him not to talk to the f##kers.

  28. Fionnuala

    Maybe he is gunning for the minister of education position?

  29. the michaelhenry brigade can read
    looks like the tain bo private can-
    the 1920 goverment of IRELAND act was repealed in 1998
    its on page 3 of the good friday agreement- there is no small print
    take your time.

  30. Tainbo, he was certainly gunning for something, thank God his boss, lord and master was not in the vicinity or there may have been trouble.
    I don't think big Percy likes any talk of guns especially in front of the camera.
    I actually thought he looked sligtly pissed!

  31. Marty, unlike the poor who will apparently be rewarded in the next life, I think the bold Mick is doing ok.
    Apparently he is a conceited git, the only good thing is, he can rest assured he will never stand out from the crowd.

  32. What about ye Micheal?

    I appreciate you pointing out one of my many flaws my visual impairment is a severe disadvantage when it comes to the finer art of translating printed matter.
    I have my Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass reading your comment, maybe it is the medication, as I don’t recall engaging in this conversation? No matter it is always a pleasure hearing from you.
    My apology as I elevated your status as I said other PSF people are indisposed when it comes to the Quill much to my regret as different opinions and dialogue promote a sense of fairness.
    It is unfortunate as there are those within the rank and file who would present a better opinion of PSF.
    I tend to be sloppy in the world of reading and writing as my preference is in the mathematical world.
    My non-party preference appears irritable to your constitution is it necessary that I adopt a label or follow a certain political doctrine in order to hold an opinion?
    “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”
    Oscar Wilde.

    By virtue of posting my minor opinion here does not make one a dissident as I mentioned before I post here as the Quill offers certain freedoms.

    “I do not take advice from those who are opposed to equality.”

    I can safely assume your definition of equality is based in predisposition?

    Always a pleasure Michael

  33. its on the agenda for the next
    comhairle ceantair meeting

    write to the pensive Quill to keep
    Tain bo happy

  34. Nuala browsing through the Andytout News as one does in these days of recession ,looking for tips from the bearded one on how to cook shoe leather,I turned a page and my heart stopped,the fright nearly ended what little is left of my life, after being resuscitated well thats what Marie called it but I cant recall ever reading that kicking the head was the best way to revive a person,anyway on regaining composure I saw the picture which nearly hastened my demise,yip Nuala such a frightening spectre and its not halloween untill the end of the month, so hon why was there a full page dedicated to a grinning Albert its to scary for kids hon .

  35. A Comhairle Ceantair meeting Mickeyboy definition to meet and endorse that which Gerry Itwasntme/mi6/catholic church/dup/ ff etc have decided that psf members will endorse.when have you ever heard of a Comhairle Ceantair going against Adams wishes,propose a resolution for the Ard Comhairle to do all within its power to bring closure to the mother of Vol Joe O,Connor by using its infulence with the pira to explain why they murdered her son, Bet your psf days would be numbered

  36. Minors celebrating all over tv which happens to fall on Thatchers 85th birthday,iorny at its best

  37. a very rich business man alki david
    from knightsbridge london said that
    he would give £ to anyone who would streak in front of the queen with his web site stamped on there chest[ ]
    perhaps i will do more than protest when the queen comes to dublin next year-
    imagine being starkers and all the protesting dissidents looking at your funny bits- that would be some royal engagement.

  38. Fionnuala

    I would not be so generous and give him the benefit of inebriation perhaps the cameras induced a natural intoxication feeling all powerful and overly important.
    I am just curious to see if he said anything remotely logical or at least less comical.

    I am pretty certain it makes sense to Michael Henry as he sounds the same.

  39. Michael

    “the michaelhenry brigade can read
    looks like the tain bo private can-

    In my last exchange with your good-self I deliberately spelt your name wrong, as I was curious to see if you actually notice “details” in your advanced capacity for translation.
    I was merely mimicking the words of “Mickey Culbert” for dialogue in my shameful promotion of the PQ.
    I must say I am disappointed that you use the anti-catholic-queens English albeit extremely poorly.

  40. Marty, the photo is a bit of a touchy subject. Have not seen it myself' more than likely the paeper was quickly transported to the bin.

  41. Michael Henry,

    "..imagine being starkers and all the protesting dissidents looking at your funny bits"

    I think that essentially captures your position here.

  42. So Mickeyboy do we take it as read that psf intend to protest at Lizzie,s visit,your words "maybe I,ll do more than protest", I,d love to see you streaking but I dont think you have the balls.

  43. Mickeyboy finds a sandwich with 2 red wires sticking out of it.he phones the police and says "bejayus I,ve found a sandwich dat looks like a feckin bomb" the operator asks "is it tickin?" Mickeyboy says "no I think its beef"...

  44. A policeman stops a drunk driver and saks him to take a breath test,driver pulls out a NHS card-This man is asthmatic please do not take his breath, the policeman asks him to take a blood test,the driver pulls out another NHS card-This man is anaemic please do not take his blood, the policeman asks him to take a urine test,the driver pulls out a third NHS card-This man is a Liverpool supporter please do not take the piss,

  45. marty-

    there will be a protest in dublin against the anti catholic crown
    [ you can still not say it ]
    its anti catholic for the cop loving reals
    i will be the one with no clothes
    on- if im sure of the money
    ill get you and AM a pint each after

  46. Looking foward to that Mickeyboy at least we,ll have somewhere to hang our coats! I,m anti any crown Mickeyboy religion doesnt come into it.

  47. Holy Gazonkers!


    He will always take the line. But it looked very much in that extract that he didn’t believe the rubbish he was spouting.

    Tain Bo,

    I confess I find it hard to follow the reasoning in Michaelhenry at times. In fact there seems to be no reasoning at all some times. I think he presents the Sinn Fein case in a way that makes it appear weaker than it is. Which, as you allude to, is unfortunate because there is much to be learned from the reasoned arguments of those we disagree with.


    Having talked to people who attended them they are supposed to be incredibly head nodding affairs. Those who venture a different view to that ordained by the eternal leader are quickly slapped down. But it is only to be expected. No democratic system goes without a challenge to the leadership for so long or keeps the same leaders in power for so long.

  48. Anthony

    I am unsure if he is just cerebrally challenged admittedly I have empathy for Michael, as we all are somewhat guilty of the old standard flag waving rhetoric in our younger days.
    Back when any intellectual capacity was overruled and emotionally charged as our thoughts and actions were governed by blind-faith.
    Perhaps the psychological process of thinking and reasoning will eventually sink in.