Cartoon by Brian Mór
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Bluto Redux

Cartoon by Brian Mór
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  1. YO! Brian lol you captured Kelly,s character brilliantly,as for sgt Bob DOH!

  2. Although the political message is always funny it is the artistic power that I marvel at. Wish I could draw like that.

  3. George Bush is being giving his daily briefing.he is told that yesterday three Brazilian soldiers were killed"OH NO " the president exclaims,"THATS TERRIBLE"his staff sit stunned at this display of emotion,nervously watching as the president sits head in hands.finally he looks up with a devastated expression on his face and he asks"how many is a brazillion?"

  4. Anthony,

    "Wish I could draw like that."

    Not only do wish I had his talent, I wish he was batting for us.

  5. Robert,

    he is batting for us - we are all part of the Quill !!

    He has a great talent. I can admire art for art's sake. Unlike with many political cartoonists his work is of such a quality that the art jumps out quicker than the message.

  6. nazis next-

    a major difference between SINN FEIN and the nazis-
    the nazis were elected into power
    just the once, in 1933, they then made germany into a dictatorship
    started a war and lost,

    SINN FEIN was elected during the war, and are still getting elected
    in the peace process, to proceed to
    where the IRISH want to be-

    the nazis were death
    SINN FEIN is life.

  7. MichaelHenry,

    "the nazis were death
    SINN FEIN is life."

    Did you ever get that feeling that life ain't worth living!

  8. Anthony,

    Obviously I do not know Big Bob - my information and opinions are media informed and by the barking of the proverbial dogs on the street. He has been credited with planning the Maze escape and the strategy behind the 'parades issue'. Is his intelligence really that questionable?

  9. Robert, Brian is not for sale but you can have Mickeyboy on a free transfer geee we,ll even pay the bus fare!!

  10. Robert, it is not questionable at all. This 'doh' image is part of the piss taking that invariably occurs when people want to wind.

  11. Marty,

    An offer, I unregrettably have to refuse.

    "the nazis were death
    SINN FEIN is life."

    Would make a great caption on an advert for, 'Our Rivers Run Free'

  12. Anthony,

    I understand the tactic but this seems to be a constant which suggests a kernel of truth.

  13. Aye Robert thats another lie,try fishing them without paying and you,l soon see how free they are,

  14. Robert,

    it is a wind up or a put down. I knew him quite well. Very intelligent. I think a better case can be made about and against the intelligence of those who know him and think he really is 'doh.' But most who say 'doh' know the score but like a bit of humour.

  15. A great spin on the American influence(invasion) with Colonel Klink and Sergeant Schultz right down to the baseball caps and the wee “gangster’s” standing up to the “original gangsters” after all I think the wee lad was just telling the big lad “you can’t take the “our” out of Ardoyne.” The commandant losing control of the camp I think there is a so called “Reality TV Show” in the making there.

    I think Nietzsche quoted “he wanted to write in ten lines what others would write in a book.”
    If only he had your artistic skill he might have been able to do so.

    Michael I am beginning to think you might be a follower of PSF… now if only the leader had the oratory skill of Mr. Adolf things might be slightly different today.
    Lighten up it is a cartoon of quality…political satire gives us all a laugh.
    Try and appreciate Brains artistic talent and his unique razor sharp mind.

    Remember the aul Paddy Irish, Scotch and Englishman jokes was there ever any Paddy Welshman jokes?

    A bit hasty in the declining of a good offer after all he makes a great case for remaining in the Union?

  16. Anthony,

    If Malachi O'Doherty's account in 'The Trouble With Guns' is anything to go by Big Bob will not be amused.

  17. did i ever get the feeling that life aint worth living asks the bold robert, never-
    is their life before death, a mural
    artist once wrote on a belfast wall
    our rivers are free robert
    but it is not good enough
    the brits agreed to equality
    soon be time for the queen to bow
    and to get rid of the anti catholic laws, some idiots do not know what the war was about.

    keep your money marty, the free
    transfer happened in 1998.

  18. Robert,

    he knows how to take a ribbing and can be very humourous. I think if it is sneer or put down it would get up his nose more than the actual wind up.

  19. Just stunned at the Nazis were death SF is life bit. But Robert had me laughin with tears in my eyes with the, did ye ever think that life wasn't worth living. ENTERTAINMENT for sure.
    As for big Bobby. Encountered him several times in the Crum and the Blocks. Seemed always very precise in what he wanted to say. Never would have considered him uninteligent. Never gave any 'lesser' inmates anything but respect. The doh thing is just humour and his stature [ height ] and demeanor lends itself to that I think.
    Still enjoying Roberts response there, i was lost for words then burst out laughin when I saw it. Better leave the library shortly!!

  20. Anthony are you angling for a free night in the Andytown social,as Bob doh Brains,s special friend,enough already!Mickey boy take your thumb outa yer bum and put your mind in neutral,btw the raf still have a base at Aldergrove

  21. Love the way Brian depicts the nazi ss lightining flashes!

  22. Anthony what about John Kennedy and his cartoons,used to love his stuff on the blanket,Brian and John made a hell of a team.

  23. Marty,

    John hasn't sent us anything in a long time. I think he has moved away from Ireland. If we ever get anything from him it will feature

  24. MichaelHenry,

    "..some idiots do not know what the war was about."

    Anyone in particular in mind?

    Perhaps that should read, "some idiots know only too well what the war was not about."

    "..asks the bold robert,.."

    What, in your eyes, makes me bold? Is it my audacity in expressing an opinion or is there something in that opinion that confounds you and those you support?

  25. a big r.a.f base with no choppers
    marty, its like ordering a fish
    supper only to get no chips,
    whats wrong- do you not like the clear skys,
    SINN FEINs contribution to the
    environment, getting rid of those
    pollution making smelly choppers.

  26. Talking of pollution who would you say has been the biggest environmentalist criminals who have destroyed and damaged large areas ot this country with illegal dumping operations of disel wash and rubbish tipping large scale, yes Mickeyboy none other than people the bearded one would call sound people ,key supporters of the peace process, usually found living around Concession rd South Armagh,as for helicopters Broy Harriers are cheaper to run.

  27. MichaelHenry,

    "a big r.a.f base with no choppers
    marty, its like ordering a fish
    supper only to get no chips,"

    I recall, from a past post, you having mentioned living near to some woods. Forgive me, but since that revelation your comments always conjure images in my minds eye from the film 'Deliverance'.
    I picture you as 'Lonnie' and the sound of 'Dueling Banjos' always forms a backdrop to your posts.

  28. Nice one, Marty. I don't know if Michael Henry is for real or not - "Sinn Fein is life", "Our river run free", "The Brits agreed to equality" - he must be taking the piss. So the war was for equality, eh? And here was I, like so many other idiots, thinking that it was for a united Ireland.

  29. AH Jaysuuuuus Robert I loved that film and in praticular that duet, geezz bet Mickeyboy luks lic yer wee mon

  30. robert-
    you write your way, i will write my way,
    did not see your audacity opinion,
    did not know that you had posted one, like a neuter'd tiger woods -
    it has yet to come,

    if GERRY says people are sound, then sound they are,
    those sound helped to clean the country of the armed brit army,
    waste not, want not.

    broy harriers- ned broy chopped
    his connection with republicans the
    day he supported a crown oath goverment in IRELAND,

    the r.a.f took there harriers back
    to crown britain along with those choppers, the flight of freedom.

    i feel real alfie, not the real real, but still real,
    do you think that us IRISH are just
    as dopy as those other countrys that just kicked britain out, its
    not enough.

  31. Micketboy is time for the attic again,Ill send you up a couple of boxes of airfix soldiers and you can kill till your wee hearts content!

  32. MichaelHenry,

    "you write your way, i will write my way,"

    Damn, alrighty then!!! - if we must. Just one question. Why do you write in poetic verse form?

    "..the flight of freedom."

    I think I can hear your name being called in the departure lounge MichaelHenry.

  33. If or wee doggie had been marking his territory on kommadant Gerry,s boot,I think it would have added an extra wee touch!

  34. MichaelHenry,

    "do you think that us IRISH are just as dopy as those other countrys that just kicked britain out, its not enough."

    I have absolutely no idea what you're on about, but I think I'm starting to hear those banjos...