Kop Killers

The TV commentator may have summed it up accurately in saying Liverpool were disappointing to the end. At the same time for those of us not in the slightest bit interested in seeing Manchester United win the Premier League yesterday’s performance by Liverpool against Chelsea was disappointingly brilliant! Even the Steven Gerrard back pass that led to Chelsea’s first goal was delightfully delivered. I had images of my friend Aine Fox in Philadelphia, a devout Chelsea fan, surely cheering a Gerrard pass against the Pensioners for the first time in her life.

Alex Ferguson, the United manager, will see in Liverpool’s performance a successful effort to sabotage his team’s chances of lifting the coveted trophy. He had earlier tried to bounce the tired and jaded Anfield squad into playing their hearts out for the greater glory of Manchester. They were told in the clearest of terms by the Czar of United that they had no option but to slave like serfs or lose their professional reputation.

It never seemed to strike Ferguson that if the Pool repeatedly failed to do the business throughout the season for the Liverpudlians they were hardly likely to raise their game for Mancunians. And if they had played out of their skins, the long suffering fans who week after week, in all kinds of weather, stand on the Kop chanting ‘Walk On’, would have demanded to know the reason Ferguson could motivate their idols when Benitz couldn’t. It does not compute.

Ferguson will hardly have been moved to revaluate his argument when it is considered that the Liverpool team had no shots on target until the last minute of the game when a Dirk Kuyt finish would have made no difference to the outcome. For Ferguson, the Reds he does not like made no effort to score when the only beneficiaries would have been the Reds he does like.

He will be even more convinced of his sabotage theory for the simple reason that were United to lift the trophy they would secure more league titles than Liverpool. Both clubs are on 18 apiece at the minute. It is not over yet. Both Chelsea, in the driving seat, and United, currently carried along in the hope that Chelsea might slip up, are the only two teams who mathematically can take the championship. But a win for Liverpool against Chelsea yesterday would almost certainly have handed it to United.

Despite Ferguson’s misgivings there is no need for a sabotage theory to explain yet another dismal Liverpool performance. Since the balloon incident earlier in the season which led to a Liverpool defeat at the hands of Sunderland the team have played like balloons in the wind; all over the place, no coordination or effective penetration when it mattered. It is the poorest Liverpool side in two decades and shows no sign of improving. The only consolation is that unlike 1989, when there was a good team, no fans are being crushed to death in the course of enduring this lot. Today the Kop is being strangled to death by incompetence of a different kind.


  1. in the 1st minute a 'pool defender ducked under the ball to let it run for a throw..could have switched off there+then.
    from adversity good things sometimes arise...it makes the good days all the sweeter when they arrive..
    tho i'd a dream last nite i was at a funeral + neil lennon was leading a row of suits outa the house+ wouldnt talk or shake hands with anyone...maybe ceptic are officially dead..the Gods have sent me a sign.

  2. Mackers, Albert is shouting "calm down calm down" He said you never knew anything about football thats why you support Liverpool. He supports Man U ( sour grapes)

    larry you must have got an extension on your MA work?

  3. Fionnuala
    extensions on skool as with my sture all my life..out of the question. Holiday bookd. 1st exam prep completed 1 wk in advance..lets just hope my swiss cheese of a brain doesn't let it all run out btwixt now+ this day week.
    Have to agree with Albert mackers...however ye did talk/shout a good game on the pitch lol
    ceptic v gers 2 day..totally devoid of relevance.

  4. It is like self flagellation, supporting Liverpool. But what have Manchester Utd won this season? Thier supporters can hardly crow!!

  5. mackers..
    any of the bloggers here wana converse larryolurgan@yahoo.co.uk and im on facebook too..the more sane communications the better.

  6. Mackers, it was literally sour grapes last night as Mr Allen had had a few. This morning he did not crow so loudly! Wanted to go on the blog and speak to you himself but I would not let him, bad enough being barred from on "Blog-site" or blog -shite (B G's) without getting threw of this one as well.
    I think that was all spoof and conjecture, Marty going for a drink on Sunday, think he has taken time out to canvass!

  7. Nuala hon come Supday I like to down a few jars,die a bit on Moanday and laugh at Gerry,s posters the rest of the week,I hear big Bob the brains was gripped by the cops the other night, the cop said to him" where were you between 5 and 11"?"Ha ha thats an easy one doh" said Bob the brains"I was at primary school doh"

  8. Marty,

    wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you. A barb of your old wicked humour for my sins the sole reward awaiting me.

  9. Nuala,

    it is as well there you are there for Albert. Man Utd don't exactly give him much to be happy about

  10. I just seen a kid beating a psf member with a golf club. so I ran up to him and grabbed the club of him and said"what you are doing is just totally wrong.....................give yourself a wider stance and bend your knees a bit

  11. Nuala it really is well that you are there for Albert,as Anthony says, who else would mash up his egg and cut his toast into soldiers

  12. Liverpool my arse they played the best football they could on Sunday, they are just not in the same class as Man U and Chelsea I feel sorry for the Kop and all those fool hardy people,why dont they start to follow Man U and see what real football is all about change is good for the soul

  13. Anthony is it unusual for our Mick Hall to be away for so long.Mick tends to bring a bit of decorum to these proceeding,s I hope he has,nt started the revolution without telling us or worse still joined new Labour, its far to early to be robbing orchies

  14. Marty, maybe he just supports Liverpool and can't face going on any more!

  15. Anthony you where so very right !! I did indeed cheer and jump up and down when Drogba got on the end of that Gerrard back pass !! The hubby being a Liverpool fan couldn't even get up to watch the game as he didn't want them to win and felt that he couldn't have really supported them for that one game as he belongs to the A.B.U ( anybody but united) school of thought.
    My only hope now is that we win at the weekend and lift that trophy !!!

  16. Anthony bar Aine till hell freezes over L/pool are bad enough but Chelsea GEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSUUSS

  17. Marty, just when you think things could not get any worse, sorry to inform you they have.
    You know I have no time for scurrilous rumours, but I cannot let the one go.
    You did not happen to tell us that you lovely lady wife was away on a "working girls weekend" (must be the current terminolgy)
    Apparently herself, Ms Mairead A and others were seen frequently several houses (public ones) of ill-repute in Co Cavan, where the proprietor, fell head over for your lady wife! Any truth.

  18. Mackers, Albert said you know he always had a "cheery disposition"
    whatever that means. He said things could be a lot worse I could have been off down in Co Cavan with Marty's Marie on the "working girls weekend", Instead of doing my proper job.
    Worse still, he could have been a Liverpool supporter

  19. Gawd almighty Nuala you have more spies than MI5 have in the the prm.I have just finished de briefing the girls,I was under the impression that they were away walking barefoot around lough Dearg not bare ass naked in Co Cavan,as for the bloke falling headover heels that is true ,the ladies knocked his melt in for not paying up for services rendered,I told them before that Cavan was the meanest county in the country,A few years ago I took Marie to Amsterdam and to see the other sisters doing it for themselves,so when I mentioned that you said Paul Maskey thought that the falls could become the new cafe culture centre,Marie now wants to get all you girls together and hire every shop front on the Falls, what do you think hon I,ll bring Albert to specsavers

  20. Marty, I think Lough Dearg was the initial rendezvous. Then, for some unexplainable reason they were sidetracked.
    (Maybe the shinners placed a diversion sign, saying "Shinner Holy Water font in Co Cavan, drink it and confess all") Don't know? Anyway you know the rest!
    Albert has just raised his eyes from the Ed Moloney book and asked, "What is this world coming to?"
    Don't know if it's your Marie's exploits which has caused this outburst? Or he has just found out Big Gerry was in the ra?

    Said, "He does not need to go to specsavers! He can see perfectly well with the pair he bought in Pound Land."
    You know Marty if there is anything on display Mr Allen will be leading the charge!
    Is it still alright to say things like "leading the charge?"
    It doesn't sound as if I am inciting anything?

  21. Nuala you more than most should know that when Marie and her mates get a wiff of an open wallet,and this has been tested as far away as Cork, then hell or high water wont stop that band of Tories(old English term for rebels I believe)so I dont buy into the diversion theory, I suspect they were using Cavan a notoriously difficult county to extract money from the male population,as a training trip for yet unnamed new recuits (could New Lodge Kate or Filo be among these) and as its only a stones throw away from Anthony,s home turf could it be they may have been trying to sign up Anthony,s missus. this as yet has not been disclosed.As for Albert leading the charge if he had been a psf,er he would have charged plenty for leading, your last post was a bit blured did you say Gerry was in the ra or was it Gerry was in a bra, aye thats probably it cause he is a big girls blouse anyway

  22. Now Marty why would you want such a wonderful person as myself 'barred' !! I support a wonderfully ethnic diverse team !! Those Chelsea headhunter days where way before my time !! I'm only a young pup !! lol

  23. Aine ..Some years ago a Russian oil baron who had 6 children all girls,began to dispair as he had no son and heir,imagine his joy when one of his wives presented him with a son and heir.For his 6th birthday he asked the lad what he wanted,the lad replied "I would like my own airplane"so the dad bought him United Airlines.for his 12th birthday he asked him what he would like,the son replied."I would love a boat" so he bought him The Princess Cruise Lines.for his 18TH birthday he asked him what he would like,the boy replied "I want to do shit and spend time with losers,so the dad bought him Chelsea F.C

  24. Marty, what is the driving force behind Marie's behaviour is it the recession? Not sure if Kate would be up for that carry on, would say Evelyn would be at it though.

    If their appeal is based on the more mature woman techniques, then there is no point in them trying to recruit Mrs McIntyre, she's too young.

    Marty I thought what you said about Big Gerry A was slightly uncouth.
    Do you not think the man has had enough bad luck, all the lies that have been told about him?
    Was it his fault he kept going into houses where IRA meetings just happened to be taking place?
    No-one even told him that civilians could not be IRA commanders.
    If that was not bad enough, they even swore him in, how low and calculated is that?
    Is it any wonder the man is now afraid of reading the paper. (even though he quoted a few on TV)
    Maybe someone should recommend him a good book!

    Can't believe you are barred from Slugger O Toole. That's like saying you got barred from the Pound Loney club.
    No-one gets barred from those places.
    No-one normal anyway.

    Are you sure it was Slugger not Leagras?
    Big G runs a tight ship, one slip and you walk the plank.
    Lucky for me the night I made the slip their were a few shinners jumping ship!
    So I sort of got missed, it might have been a case of bog off never mind blog off.

  25. Marty - love your wit ! That was a good one.

  26. Nuala my rambling rose , the driving force behind Marie is GIN and loads of it,Evelyn my wee darling mucker and I go so far back that Moses was a cub in the basket. Kate is a dark horse (no ref to Shergar here)I would fear for Mrs Anthony,s sanity if she joined with the Gael Force Weemen they are a bad lot the remains of half eaten men are being found all over the place even as we speak , keep a close eye on poor Albert Nuala the poor lad would be no more than a snack.as for Slugger I dont know if Im barred I was booted of for calling Iris a tramp or words to that effect and I couldnt be arsed trying to get back on .as for the pound Loney many happy memories there setting fire to the ash trays to keep warm Kathleen Largey and the Flying Coloumn brill, as for offending Adams great hon lying waster has been offending my head for years, you asked for a recommendation for a book for him , I,d recommend Do Ants Have Arseholes psf if full of them

  27. Aine,

    it would be most unfortunate if you slip up now. It is there for the taking. Good luck


  28. Try telling that to Peter Punt Robinson, Anthony