Today the Pensive Quill carries an article by guest writer Helen McClafferty detailing state skullduggery in the case of Irish republican Gerry McGeough

April 20, 2010

Following a number of hearings at the High Court in Belfast, Gerry's trial has now been adjourned until after May 14th.

The Northern Ireland Office (NIO) has been given until that date to produce material it has prior denied existed.

The delay is significant in that it means that there will be no media coverage of Gerry's case until after the May 6th British General Election.

Given the volcano of information pertaining to secret deals and backroom arrangements that is now beginning to emerge because of the trial, both Sinn Féin and the British government are eager to have the matter kept quiet during the campaign for election.

This de facto censorship has been the hallmark of the entire proceedings against Gerry McGeough since his arrest at a polling station during the 2007 elections in which he stood as a political candidate.

Were the material that is now becoming available be made public prior to the election, Sinn Féin would find itself struggling for votes in several areas.

This collusion at the highest levels once again underscores the totally political nature of the proceedings against Gerry.

April 24th, 2010

Once again Gerry's lawyers have been put in the position whereby they have to lodge a protest with the British over the childish antics of their so-called "intelligence" services.

The most recent stunt has involved the tiresome old trick of live wire tapping. This entails loud clicking on the telephone during conversations indicating that members of British Intelligence are at that very moment tuned into the conversation as opposed to the regular electronic recording of discussions.

As it is no state secret (indeed) that Gerry's phone is under constant surveillance, the only purpose behind live wire tapping is that of petty harrassment.

The well paid functionaries within the British Intelligence system clearly have a lot of time on their hands.


  1. Helen maybe just maybe that clicking on Gerry,s phone is Adams knitting himself another scarf have ya seen the things he wears around his neck , I think its to stop someone choking him

  2. Thanks for the laugh Marty. I'm really trying to hold on to a sense of humor through this vindictive ordeal the Crown is putting Gerry McGeough through. "Laughter is good for the soul" All the best,

  3. Helen, Marty will never let you down on that front.

  4. Helen I really do believe that Gerry will walk, I agree that this is a vindictive ordeal,but for the crown to convict ,it opens to many problems for those who are now loyal to both crowns prefidous Albion and the half crown. keep your chin up nil carborundum illegitemi, dont let the bastards grind you down,