Obsession For Revenge

Today the Pensive Quill carries an update by guest writer Helen McClafferty
written at various ponts this month drawing attention to high level political
intervention against Gerry McGeough and the lack of interest in the case
from Sinn Fein

April 2, 2010

On the twelfth anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, the Belfast Telegraph newspaper has confirmed Gerry McGeough's claim that Royal Pardons were issued to select "On-the-run" republican activists.

In a front page report, today's Belfast Telegraph has provided incontovertible evidence that the British government gave special amnesty status to wanted IRA personnel in 2000. The paper has revealed a copy of one such parchment, bearing the English queen's royal crest, granting a pardon to an on-the-run IRA man.

This comes just weeks after Shaun Woodward, the British government Secretary of State for the North of Ireland, publicly denounced Gerry's claims as "nonsense". The development proves that Gerry has been discriminated against for purely political reasons and that there is a determined effort to railroad him into prison at the highest political level.

April 13, 2010

After an adjournment period of almost a month, a fresh set of hearings relating to Gerry's case is about to start in a few days.

Already, it is becoming apparent that the British are trying to stonewall and avoid disclosure of information.

It has also become apparent that a policy of not prosecuting people for pre-1998 troubles related incidents had been agreed between the Northern Ireland Office (NIO), the Prosecution Service and the PSNI/RUC. This policy was implemented for about a decade up until Gerry's arrest.

Clearly, the British obsession for revenge against Gerry has turned that policy on its head.

Meanwhile, Sinn Féin is in full canvassing mode for the British General election. The party is campaigning on the basis that it has achieved equality for nationalists in the North of Ireland and that the days of discrimination are over.

Sinn Féin still refuses to utter a word of protest against the use of Diplock Courts or make any mention of the nightmare that the British State in Ireland has put Gerry and his family through over the past three years.

Sinn Féin boasts of retaining its five Westminster seats and even increasing on that number in the May 6th poll.


  1. I,m watching that shower o shite i.e, the psf mla,s in Stormont at the mo and dont the suited boys look well in those sumptous blue benches,no chance of any of them being called to account about their past,Gerry Mc Geough is being I believe used as a pawn in the continuing grubby little war going on here the only difference being is that prm have changed sides, I cant see Gerry being convicted as to do so would open to big a can of worms for the prm and others, but I can see the brits dragging this out as long as possible as a warning to all ex prm members

  2. wouldn't it be wonderful if the electorate outwitted the sinners and after seducing them into constitutional unionism over the last decade or so symply reverted back to the Stooping Down Low Party..? I'd be rolling about laughing. It happened in the 26 counties, can't wait to see if the vote is dented next month in the 6 Counties.
    Marty, don't be surprised if the brits do convict Gerry McGeogh in order to ram home to the taigs they still run things their way.

  3. Larry,

    I can't see SF increasing their share of the vote. They peaked down south a long time ago.


  4. Rory,
    people are craving for meaningful relevant change. The parties are all tuning into the 'Obama' theme, but not actually offering any. It's like they'll wear any coat required to remain at the trough. grunt grunt..
    Labour here in 26 counties are backpeddling trying to convince people they were critical of the 'bubble' the entire time..bull S-H-1-T
    Looks like the Lib Dems on the up in the UK..2 party numbness coming to an end?? Would be great symply coz the wee 26 usually follows close behind..not just with tv programme ideas. lol.
    Hope the nordy sinners get dented just to see what the fairweather provies [post 94] do in search of a new vehicle for self promotion.

  5. You could be right Larry and it would,nt come as a suprise I,m waiting for Mc Guinness to call for internment,I think if the brits do convict Gerry they leave their poodles wide open for prosecution on all fronts and I dont think Mr Adams really wants to go there

  6. Larry,

    My experience of Labour at a local level is that they are mendacious, scheming and desperate for power, money and attention.

    One local councillor I know constantly tells me how he never joined the worker's Party due to the republicanism and that he was only ever in Democratic Left. This is simply untrue, I don't even understand his motivation in lying to me.

    That's politicians for you,


  7. windmill63Marty,
    Adams has nothing to worry about. He+mcguinness+ the belfast mafia that ousted O'Bradaigh in the 80s were not heading for freedom they were heading for disbandment. They havent come in 'from the cold' they're plan was hatched at the fireside methinks.
    Ordinary outspoken thorns in side could be in twubble-ye better mind yerself lol

  8. saw a guys thought on politics recently on facebook...he said its from the latin poli [ many ] and tics [ blood sucking parasites ] see sinners albion stepped aside in S. Belfast, they obviously feel its unlikely for a nationalist to succeed there. Regardless, hope they lose in Fermanagh. At least the Unionist candidate isn't trying to convince the elactorate he's a left wing Irish freedom fighter. lol An honest Unionist beats the hell out of a PINOCHIO Unionist I reckon.
    The Fermanagh electorate were amazing for Bobby Sands and Owen Caron, but I hope they get on with their lives now and leave bull-root union and the sinners out of the picture.