Trial of Gerry McGeough: Update

Guest writer Helen McClafferty is maintaining a watching brief on the juryless trial of Irish Republican Gerry McGeough


Although a state of utter confusion now surrounds Gerry's trial and there is a growing realization that it never should have been allowed to start under these circumstances, certain facts have nevertheless emerged during the process.

It is now obvious to observers that, despite all the hype, the crown prosecution has not produced a shred of meaningful evidence against Gerry McGeough.

That being the situation, the prosecution has now decided to switch the emphasis of its case to Political Asylum application papers, which they contend belong to Gerry, claiming that he sought Political Asylum in Sweden in 1983 and that these papers were the basis of his application.

Incredibly, the British are prepared to turn international law, human rights charters and UN refugee policies downsideup in order to railroad Gerry McGeough into prison.

Aside from the fact that Swedish protocol dictates that political asylum papers are guaranteed secrecy for 50 years under confidentiality clauses, it has already been established that the chain of custody regarding this particular file was broken long ago.

According to Swedish sources, it has emerged that the file being attributed to Gerry was in the possession of the British in London for the best part of a decade during the 1990s, during this time British Intelligence services were free to tamper with it as they pleased. It was then returned to Sweden before being moved again following Gerry's arrest in 2007.

There is now a strong suspicion in some quarters that pro-British operatives within the Swedish system colaborated in the transfer of these papers to the Diplock Court in Belfast where they have been allowed to become the central evidence against Gerry.

The human rights abuses implicit in this action are staggering in their proportion. From now on, if a refugee turned up in Sweden fleeing from persecution in North Korea, for example, that person could eventually find themselves back before a court in N. Korea with their political refugee application being used as "evidence" against them by the very people they were fleeing from in the first place. That's how serious a matter this is.

Gerry's supporters are calling on people to contact their local Swedish Embassy and lodge a strong protest against the use of political asylum application papers as "evidence" in the already discredited Diplock Special Emergency Court system. They should also request that the Swedes demand the removal of these papers from the prosecution's file and that they be returned to Sweden immediately.

Embassy of Sweden Washington

Postal address Embassy of Sweden
2900 K Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20007

Phone:+1-202-467 2600
Fax:+1-202-467 2699


  1. Why Washington? Do all Gerry's supporters live in America? (A "great" place for human rights in its own!)And North Korea is a much nicer state than Britain. I have actually been there, unlike (I bet you) those who wrote this appeal.In fact, I would move there today, asking for asylum from here, if they would only take me!

  2. They are in a class of their own when it comes to dirty tricks and human rights abuse. Few countries have been free of the Brits interference, be it overt or covert. Hard to believe that people think we are fortunate to be throwing ourselves on the mercy of British Courts. Could we sell that argument to the people in Iraq or Afghanistan?
    Mackers, on the subject of dirty tricks and torture, do you think something sinister has happened to Marty?

  3. Human rights Fionuala? Tell that to the Postman he tried to kill

  4. "It is now obvious to observers that, despite all the hype, the crown prosecution has not produced a shred of meaningful evidence against Gerry McGeough."
    Of course that depends entirely on who the observers are? I personally consider these updates as undoubtably the most humourous posts that have appeared on The Pensive Quill. They represent a striking resemblence to the behaviour of one of the most remarkable figures of the Iraq war, former Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf - dubbed "Comical Ali" for his deadpan insistence that Iraqi forces were crushing the invading Americans at daily press briefings in Baghdad during the war. His statements were increasingly at odds with reality and made him a figure of fun in the West.
    Perhaps Helen those really are not bullet wounds they are in fact a form of "Stigmata" that St Gerry is experiencing as a result of persecution at the hands of those awful Brits??

  5. A fine example of the DUP's approach to due process and judicial fairness from Kilsally: Gerry is pronounced 'guilty' without need for the formality of a trial or conviction. No change there then.

  6. Kilsally.
    Hope you steer clear of jury service! I know it is not the British way, but even when they are going through the motions a trial usually proceeds the verdict.

  7. Kilsally, human rights for a postman is fine, but this postman was armed and lets not forget what other job he had, are you that nieve? Or do you think we are that nieve? Sell your propaganda somewhere else!

  8. Robert, no one here lives in Disneyworld. It is not for you or me to judge Gerry but rather to ensure he gets a fair trial, especially in lieu of the fact it took the Crown and their servants 3years to set a trial date. You can be as "amused" as you like but reality sir is the fact that no one would be questioning the Crown's court system if he had been fair to Irish republicans to begin with. And please don't tell me about the "poor Brit" Their reputation precedes them…just ask Amnesty International, British Irish Rights Watch, European Convention on Human Rights, just to mention a few. Have a nice day!

  9. Helen,

    Thanks for the update.
    I have a question, how come Wikipedia says the Diplock courts were abolished in 2007?
    The Diplock Courts 'hearsay rules' (not sure if they were mentioned on this post or the previous one) sound terrifying.


  10. Nuala, I am surprised he has not been back. The heavy hand of the censor you suspect?

  11. Mackers, Albert suspects it's Marie's heavy hand that's behind Marty's disappearance. Apparently he has been spotted accessing this website over in Kate Mc Kinney's. But for some reason no-one is letting him write anything on the blog. Could be the heavy hand of the censor or maybe he really has burnt out the hard drive, hopefully the mystery will unravel soon. Miss his craic!

  12. Rory, Wikipedia is wrong. The British Government had considered abolishing the "Diplock" court system in July 2007 but never did. In fact, the British government has decided to continue the diplock system for another two years in the north of Ireland. Some of us felt it was a deliberate act to ensure Gerry McGeough would be tried under this system.

  13. I apologize for the typos in my comment to Robert - late night and in a rush.

  14. Exactly why do readers believe Gerry has become such a target for the UK State?


    Well done for slapping Kilsally down, his attempt to re-write history was about as nifty a bit of footwork as I have seen of late, with his attempt to bring postman pat into the equation.

  15. This case is very sad and shows how vindictive Sinn Fein really can be, Sinn Fein should represent all off the people regardless of their political beliefs, this man as Sinn Fein have said in the past, been a brilliant and courageous volunteer who would not ask his comrades to do what he wouldn’t himself .Because he didn’t tow the party political line he is now thrown to the wolves by the same people he fought for and along side. If Sinn Fein had any brains this could have been a great opportunity to actually show the people that they haven’t forgotten their comrades, but alas they will always be lost in the big world the rest of us live in

  16. Interested, Unfortunately for Gerry Mc Geough, he fell foul of the other Gerry, the one who sent everyone out to do those things that he would not do himself.
    Although I suppose it would be hard for him, considering he was never a member of the IRA?

    In relation to the postman's human rights. He was well covered, he had a bullet proof vest on that day.
    Wonder why?

  17. Kilsally. The so-called 'postman' was a member of the notorious murder gang, the UDR, and he was armed to the teeth as were (and are most of the Unionist community). You see, when you try to cover-up the facts, all it does is get people suspicious.
    Thankfully, most readers of this site know too well of the UDR, so notorious they had to change their name!

  18. Fionnuala
    you are right on the money. Gerry (the one with the beard) has deserted those who served under him. What a scumbucket he is.

  19. why are people surprised at this 'justice'? anyone not playing ball will be tormented and the public at large and so called republicans are content to see the aperatus function for 'the greater good'. Hardly justice on offer but people generally are happy to see percieved trouble makers burried out of the way whatever it takes to do it. That's the new dispensation, congrats to the RUC. The historical crimes unit will pick off those they choose. it wont just be loyalist neusances either.

  20. What about big Gerry, do you think anyone will pick him of? The historic inquiry seems to be turning a deaf ear to that one. The antics of the shinners are painstakingly embarrassing in relation to all of these show trials. I have no doubt the trial of Colin Duffy & Co will turn into another farce labelled justice.

  21. Mackers, Just wondered has anyone been able to access "the reply to the pensive quill" on Have been tryng to access the site but my computer does not appear to have to capability. Would really like to hear the reponse, ideally from the authors themselves, failing that, anyone else who has been able to read it.

  22. Nuala,

    just read it. Well written but amounts to nothing more than 'let's all keep quiet about these things. The enemy is trying to divide us.' Send me your e mail which I will not print and I will paste you in a copy


  23. Mackers, doubt if they will put it out sounds very wooly faced. You are a hundred percent right sounds all too familiar and strangely reminiscent. Maybe some of the disapproval will hit home, too late for the Doherty family though.