The Torture Murder of Baby P

"This boy was given a death sentence and Haringey cannot be allowed to get away with it.” Mor Dioum, of the Victoria Climbie Foundation

Few things send molten hatred coursing through the veins like the murder of a child and in particular where that murder has been preceded by prolonged physical and mental torture stretching over months or years. Reason temporarily departs and with it opposition to the death penalty as well as resistance to all demands for the perps to be tortured in a thousand different ways. Water boarding seems humane juxtaposed to the actions of child torture-killers. Burning suddenly seems too good for them. The thirst for retribution on behalf of the infant innocent is hard to slake. Anger subverts reason in its hope that fellow prisoners of those who inflict torture-infanticide will deliver a rough justice that will cause them to suffer for eternity and a day.

But it is always a temporary state of mind, although a state of permanence might well kick in to any parent if the victim were their own child. Humanity can never triumph if it is dragged down to the level of the most bestial in its midst. Even when it is impossible to haul those who by some biological quirk inhabit human form the human imperative must be to avoid slippage down an evolutionary rung or two. Unfortunate as it may well seem, our rights are theirs. There is no other way.

I recall many years ago, as a young apprentice tiler working on a building site, reading in one of the English tabloids about the brutal death in Brighton of Maria Colwell. She was killed by a hateful stepfather whose name I have never forgotten, William Kepple. Shortly after her death a book was published. Authored by John Howells, its title was Remember Maria. To the extent that it remembered her at all British society seems to have learned little. As much as she was a victim of the brutal Kepple Maria was also a victim of the catastrophic failure of the social services.

Since Maria Colwell’s death in 1973 other cases every bit as harrowing have come to light. Dominic Lawson points out in today’s Sunday Times that:
The Wave Trust charity recently produced a grim list of the most disturbing cases that have followed over the intervening 35 years. Jasmine Lorrington, battered to death at the age of four in 1984; 20-month-old Martin Nicoll, who died of 68 injuries in 1991; Lauren Wright, 6, starved and beaten to death in 2000; two-year-old Ainlee Labonte, ditto, in January 2002; and 21 month old John Gray, who died as a result of 200 injuries, including a ruptured liver, in 2003.

The torture murder of eight year old Victoria Climbié in 2000 at the hand of her aunt and the aunt’s boyfriend in Haringey was supposed to be the never again case. That Baby P was also subjected to a similar fate in Haringey only streets away from where Victoria died underlines the failure in child protection policy. There were enough warnings. After the death of Victoria Climbié word association alone “child in danger + Haringey” should have sent the authorities racing, blue lights flashing, alarms blaring to the torture chamber where Baby P lived and died. Inexplicably, it never happened. All sorts of excuses, better described as evasions, have been proffered. The arrogance of senior social workers beggars belief. Despite Haringey being a by word for ‘blinding incompetence’ when it came to the protection of vulnerable children, pass the problem seems have been an institutionalised facet of child policy at government level. As Children Secretary Ed Balls comments ‘people are asking how these despicable acts of evil can happen in this day and age and in Haringey of all places.’ Indeed Ed, but at least have the balls to do something about it.

Since reading about the fiendish torture murder inflicted on this 17 month old child who we are allowed to refer to only as Baby P, I have found my emotions on a rollercoaster, being pulled from blinding seething anger to a more calm and detached reflection. Trying to stay within the parameters of the latter is a hard fought battle which is lost each time I read another account of what Baby P suffered and how his death could so easily have been prevented through the application of a modicum of competence. But it was not to be. The wee man never made it because of serious systemic failure at the heart of the agencies tasked with protecting him. He was so badly let down.

Children are, as I am often reminded by an elderly friend, the only true innocents in the world. The rest of us to varying degrees are not. They need the protection of society. Statistics show that they are more likely to be killed by people who share their homes than by strangers. All the more reason for society to have in place measures which recognise children as full but vulnerable citizens entitled to every measure it can provide to ensure their safety.

Three people have been convicted of causing the death of Baby P or having allowed it to occur. One happened to have a human body out of whose birth canal Baby P entered what for him was a valley of tears, torment and torture. Dignifying that beast with the term mother even if for technical reasons is something currently beyond me. Two Nazi thugs were also convicted of similar charges.

It seems unfair that two of the three killers of this child for now remain anonymous. The thing that brought him into the world and her Nazi mating partner should be publicly identified so that they may walk the face of this earth forever carrying the mark of Cain.

Baby P. Nobody loved him, nobody helped him, nobody saved him. Disgraceful.


  1. Great article Mackers.

    I agree, name and shame these monsters.

    May they rot in jail.

    Daithi - An Dun

  2. All of human life has intrinsic value, yet governments throughout the world condone and legislate for abortion.
    By failing to protect the sanctity of human life, governments are to a degree, complicit in child murder.
    It is a scientific fact that life begins at conception. That cannot be disputed. Yet here we are horrified by these despicable after birth child murders, yet not a teat for before birth child murders.
    Yes I have rediscovered my Catholicism, but before that rediscovery, I still believed that abortion is murder.
    These child murderers are just a product of the society we have created to-day.

  3. An addendum to my first post;
    In todays world we live in a culture of death. It's time we respected life and family values again.
    I assure anyone who reads this post I am not attempting to proselyting.

  4. Let's just hope the scum truly gets to live the phrase "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". Expect the names to make it to the public, and for the torture-trio to phase justice among inmates that already have nothing left to lose. Have the killers' inmates have already marked the trio as Dead Men Walking"? Wouldn't be a stretch, would it?

  5. CCA correction to my addendum;
    Should read, I am not proselytizing.

  6. Faces of the killers

    This is beyond belief, and I agree with what you said here.

    Further thought, though. If you are in charge of a car, and you kill someone, you go to jail. If you are on site, and one of your men dies, you get sent to jail. If you make a defective product and someone dies, you go to jail. You work for The State's social services, you need to learn lessons, reflect on what has gone on, write reports and put new procedures in place.

    The culprits, the killers, should go down for ever. Those in the _social_ services should do more than learn lessons. There should be charges against them.

  7. Can someone please tell me why these monsters cannot be named? They named the vile lodger, but the other two seem protected for some reason. I cannot understand why.

    Does anyone know?

    BTW - this article perfectly encapsulates my own emotions on this; we try to remain rational but when confronted with such appalling horror it is extremely difficult to reign in our natural desire for vengeance.

    I also recommend Dominic Lawson's article.

  8. They have been named in various parts of the web. Likewise in a mobile text campaign. I think officially withholding their identities must be due to the children of the witch. The courts have somehow decided that they should be protected. I fail to understand it however. And it still does not explain why the witch's Nazi rutting mate has not been officially identified. There is a very interesting piece in Newsweek which highlights the bizarre secrecy surrounding the case.

  9. There are other court proceedings taking place which is why they cannot be named at present...goodness knows what else happened in that house but Baby P had siblings so take a guess. These evil people have got away with murder so to attempt to identify them now could mean they get away with another crime...patience they will be named!