Nothing Compares 2 U

Sean Mallory hits Theresa May a slap.

It's been 7 hours and 13 days
Since U took your love away … 

Nothing Compares to U - Sinéad O’Connor circa 1990 (song originally written and composed by Prince but not this version).

This song is about a jilted lover, her broken heart and her now trying to find the positives from her rejection by her lover. Having the freedom of being single to do whatever she wants, she finds that this much vaunted freedom is something she can’t replace her previous relationship with. The time period mentioned is her simply counting the time elapsed since her lover departed. Rejection in any form is very difficult to accept but in these highly personal situations the weight of rejection comes after the break and not before .... unlike our friend Brexit!

Theresa May having publicly demonstrated her artistic talents through her cadence of improvised dance, an infusion of Latin rhythm and premediated robotic movement, proved that the ‘Arts’ were just not only not her forte but also completely alien to her.

So the likelihood of the great unwashed ever confusing Theresa with Sinéad is as likely as confusing Dame Helen Mirren with Sir Alf Ramsey.

But what these two do share is the counting of time. Sinéad is counting time up in the aftermath of her rejection while Theresa is counting time down to her and the UKs well documented and eventual rejection of the EU. A rejection not by the EU.

Theresa having set out her redlines many months ago has now discovered that after the latest about face on ‘I can assure this House that we are leaving on March 30th’ by agreeing to the House having the political clout to extend Article 50 should it be needed, finds herself with no red lines left, in fact not even red ink to draw new red lines with. It has been estimated that she has now reneged on her pledges approximately 79 times. But when you consider the quality of her cabinet then the shallowness of her ethics is no great surprise!

As Chris Grayling, Secretary of Transport, continues to inadvertently undermine the theory of intelligent design with his decision making skills, by cancelling his incredulously idiotic post-Brexit ferry contract and paying Euro-Tunnel £33m in compensation for not following due diligence in the initial tendering process and despite a stream of other idiotic decisions adding up to hundreds of millions in wasted revenue, Jeremy Hunt, the British Foreign Secretary and Gavin Williamson, the current British Defence Secretary, who between them have managed to publicly insult quite a few important international players, continue to do so.

Hunt decided to publicly insult those from the lower international divisions – the Slovenians but Williamson stuck rigidly to his unfaltering time honoured foreign policy and took another swipe at the Chinese again .... no, not Hunt’s wife who is mostly Chinese but though who at times is Japanese … depends really if the sun that is in your eyes is ‘setting’ or not.

Hunt by declaring Slovenia as a past vassal state of the Soviet Union while part of Tito's Yugoslavia which is another blatantly obvious historical inaccuracy from Jeremy, and Williamson, by threatening to teach those Chinese some manners by ordering Britain's latest aircraft carrier, Queen Elizabeth, to the much disputed South China Seas. Williams’ cack-handed belligerence was met with diplomatic rebuke by the Chinese when they considered cancelling their trade agreement talks with Britain.

On the other hand the Chinese soon realised that Gavin was more puff than punch and it wouldn’t be until around 2022/23 before Queen Elizabeth would be ready for action as the carrier is still undergoing sea trials and currently has a much depleted array of permanently stationed aircraft on board … so depleted in fact that She has none!

What was odd about Gavin's handbag threat was that once before having told Putin to shut up and bugger off that he didn’t use the same belligerent trait to send the carrier to the Crimea in Black Sea to sort that little Russkie mess out … something to do with hypersonic missiles quietened his tone and changed his mind!

Like the Tory Party, Labour has leaked a few of its MPS most of whom very few of the public could name. Reasons for their defections being mostly due to the alleged anti-Semitic nature inherent in the Labour Party and much of it allegedly Jeremy Corbyn’s fault.

Even though one of the ‘leaked MPs’, that much trolled Luciana Berger, began reporting it way back when Blair was in charge. Also important to keep in mind that another of the ‘leaked MPs’, Joan Ryan received US$1 million from the Israeli Embassy for spreading Israeli influence. Something the mainstream media is reluctant to talk about!

An allegation much refuted by a network of Jewish Labour members who have described Corbyn and the Labour Party as a "crucial ally in the fight against bigotry" and arguing that anti-Semitism is "abhorrent but relatively rare". Surprisingly the Board of Deputies of British Jews disagrees....

And so ...

As Boris et al call for a complete stop to the witch hunt against ex-British soldiers who murdered people while serving and under orders in the North, or at least to drop the proceedings as it was so long ago and anything over 40 years ago should have a statute of limitations, would they consider the same statute of limitations to be extended to John Downey who has been extradited to stand trial for the deaths of two members of the UDR in 1972?

And let us finish with conundrum that the SDLP now finds itself in when trying to keep ahead of the political game.

Having once had their ex deputy leader describe Stormont as ‘Sunningdale for slow learners’ - that's retards to the un-PC, quickly dropped their support for a border poll and adopted their new Fianna Fáil partnership mantra and called for Stormont to be returned even though Nationalism has clearly moved on from it.

But while championing their new political partnership they were fish slapped in the gob when another ex-leader, Mark Durkan, sprung the surprise on them of his intention to stand for Fine Gael in Dublin .… truly a party of all parties … which should please Claire Hanna.

Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican and TPQ columnist 

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

2 comments to ''Nothing Compares 2 U"

  1. BREAKING: Nick Griffin has suspended from the Labour Party for antisemitism pending investigation. He will call upon Jeremy Corbyn and David Duke as character witnesses.

  2. Sean

    You report that Joan Ryan MP received $1m US dollars from the Israeli Embassy to"spread Israeli influence" and comment that this has not been picked up by the much maligned "mainstream media".

    This story originated from two sources: the Morning Star that venerable apologist for the crimes of Stalin, Dear Leader Kim (Dear Leader Jezza writes for that tankie rag), Maduro and Assad including the "liberation" of Aleppo and the Electronic Intifada; an uber-partisan online enterprise opposed to the very existence of the State of Israel. They report that the money was used to disburse on study and research trips and the like to Israel. It is indeed remarkable that this shocking disclosure was never reported or commented upon in the Guardian the house journal for so many of us on the Left.

    Two questions, Sean. First when was this payment made? Second what is so inappropriate about it if it was declared in the Register of MPs' interests and expenses?

    The network of pro-Corbyn Jewish activists that you refer to, namely Jewish Voice for Labour and Jewdas are tiny fringe groups that make a lot of noise compared to the long-established Jewish Labour Movement which along with 69 rabbis across the spectrum of Jewish religious philosophies have complained about and documented the extent and nature of Labour Antisemitism which goes far beyond criticism of Israel.


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