6 comments to ''A Morning Thought @ 229"

  1. For some reason I’m wondering how Frankie is these holidays ....

  2. At the minute sober...Sometime around 3pm I will tackle a bottle of Jack D and smoke a spliff or two, it's the weekend Daithi...

  3. Frankie, just Corona beers for me. Every holidays out of London is a battle between me and my missus regarding drink. I like to think I’ve earned gettting smashed ten days straight cause I work so long otherwise, but she wants to actually do stuff cause I normally work so long otherwise!

  4. Daithi,

    Tell your good woman that having a beer at weekends for breakfast is a human right, then tell her if she wants to do stuff, let her do her stuff and you kick back with another beer.

  5. Human right! I need to claim asylum with you , i will be like those 36-yr old “child refugees” that keep camping in Calais. All that dialog is much too reasonable, after 15 years together we just sequentially guilt trip to “win” the argument.

    Have a consensual New Year matey.

  6. Daithi,

    No compromises....Saturday is a mans day. Don't fall for the puppy dog eyes either (you will)…

    To claim asylum all you need is a case of beer or a bottle of JD and no women during football or boxing.


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