Let Them Eat Cake

Sean Mallory is in usual form dishing out stick to the DUP and Tories.

London Bridge is falling down
Falling down, falling down
London Bridge is falling down
My fair Lady

With the Labour conference over and Corbyn vilified by the pro-Israeli British media for his non-existent anti-Semitism, the Tories in all their crass vulgarity and lewdness, gathered in Manchester at their own party conference, to continue espousing their toxic rhetoric ... but not on their own!

In close proximity and like the well-heeled dogs of the Tory Party, the DUP trotted alongside not British Prime Minister Theresa May but the snide, ex Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson.

Praising Boris as a person they could work with, most likely the attraction being his racist xenophobic ideology, Foster went on to announce that the Good Friday Agreement is not sacrosanct , not infallible – “it's a thing of its time and changeable....” - unlike Orangeism and the bible!

Johnson's main trait being narcissism and seeing something to polish it with, welcomed the DUP to his fringe meetings and not unlike many an imprudent civil servant, to his bed.

The DUP in being photographed with Johnson and publicly stating their admiration for the fellow, were clearly sending out the message to Theresa and her cabinet that their confidence and supply agreement has run its course - May's time as Prime Minister was up.

Without waiting on Theresa to vacate her post and smelling a u-turning rat, un-mandated Foster and not as expected Boris, jumped in and just as she has done with the non-existent First Minister post, appointed herself unofficial PM of Great Britain.

Hitching up her britches and along with Deputy Dodds’ partner Diane and a few other renowned bigots, she bordered an actual Ryanair flight that wasn’t on-strike and flew to Brussels to demand her cake and eat it.

Describing Barnier as being difficult and hostile in her meetings by the end of her visit some bemoaned that she would have been better off going to Ashers!

With no confirmation of a return flight mind you by Ryanair, they spent 3 days confronting and badgering Michel Barnier and any other EU officials who had the temerity to think of imposing a border down the Irish Sea and thus cutting Norn Iron off from the rest of the UK.

Having acknowledged Foster and her storm-troopers’ views, Barnier et al called in the EU Customs and Excise, applied a tariff and had them deported, much to Fosters displeasure, and closed the door to the border behind them, non-the-wiser for her visit!

Just as he did with Dominic Raab on Sunday 14th, when Raab unexpectedly rushed to Brussels sparking widespread anticipation of a deal being agreed before May's EU working dinner later in the week....only for Raab to return later that evening despondent and empty handed after being told for the umpteenth time that Chequers is unacceptable.....doh!

Back home, Foster and her brood, cemented their divorce from Theresa by reiterating their opposition to a border down the Irish Sea with a clear warning to May that a sea border was a DUP ‘blood red line’ not to be crossed.

At Westminster Nigel Dodd's and his Westminster litter abstained on a vote to support a Tory lead agricultural policy - warning shots being fired across the Theresa's bows!

To emphasise their dissatisfaction with May they announced that if she was to cross their blood red line, come the Tory budget later in the month, they would vote against it and thus a threat in theory that could topple May and her government sparking a general election.

But the DUP behaviour begs the question that at the risk of returning the anathema Corbyn why are the DUP behaving in a manner that runs contrary to their current position. A simple answer would be to explain that they are Creationists ... completely illogical beings, enough said, but no.

A more rational answer given is simply it's all down to a matter time! A general election will automatically lead to a crashing out of Europe with politics playing second fiddle to the time stamp!

If they pull the rug from under May there is every likelihood that there will be a general election. Due to time constraints and irrespective of who wins, the UK will crash out of the EU and the DUP get what they want with their blood red lines adhered to.

And so, as Brexit gathers pace and under the DUP's leadership with May in tow, hurtles towards the same European cliff edge where in 1841 Professor Rudolf Von Luddensgrag of the fledgling Bavarian Institute of Raumfahrttechnik (Aerospace Engineering) and while strapped into his prototype wing suit, on jumping off and on his way down, proclaimed to the assembled crowd in his stout Bavarian accent, ‘sieh mich an alle die ich fliegen kann - look at me everyone I can fly’ - and then plunged to his death on the rocks below we are all reminded that the Brexit views expressed by Arlene and her Creationist morons are analogous to the professor and his one and only test flight – full of quixotic presumption and hope rather than vision and reality.

Away from the DUP and as Britain continues to prod the Russian Bear, Jeremy Hunt once again displayed his profound understanding of European ethnic history when he likened the days of Soviet terror to that of the stranglehold of the current EU - a comparison that Polish national Donald Tusk, President of the European Council since 2014, having experienced that Soviet terror first hand failed to understand .. .as much as Hunt did when he described his wife as Japanese when she was in fact of Chinese origin.

Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican and TPQ columnist 

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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