Legacy Issues: Boston College Case Indictment Of Status Quo

Carrie Twomey wrote on Twitter about the recent Boston College case ruling in the matter of the subpoena of Anthony McIntyre's archive. 

No matter what your political perspective, if you're at all interested in the processing of the past, if you want justice or you just want truth, if you're against prosecutions or for them - this case of ours is an indictment of the whole shitstem in a nutshell.

The way the PPS and PSNI have pursued Anthony is an indictment of their approach to the past. They are wasting time and money on this nonsense, and doing it so badly even the judges who are protecting them are moved to call them "careless".

The Chief Constable has said that the PSNI does not have the funds to pursue historical cases and contemporary policing. Yet they are throwing money away on this.

THIS is the case they are choosing to pursue to get historical justice: some wood in Anthony's socks while he was in prison in the 70s, a bombing that they didn't even know the date of & that he was the intended target of, & Membership charges. For Fucks Sake. Are you kidding me?

If I were a victim who was seeking justice I Would Be Spitting Nails at the PPS. How dare they prioritize this over your own case? Really? Not to mention going after the Boston Tapes only ensures no one will get any real truth, nevermind any prosecutions.

If I were a British solider worried about being prosecuted, I would be very worried indeed.

If you're the unlucky sod who gets chosen to be the sacrificial lamb, you're going to be subject to a beyond ridiculous case that wastes even more time and money just so this corrupt and unaccountable shitshow can say they were applying their unfairness "equally to all sides".

Have a look at our case and see the absurdity you will be in for, because guaranteed any British solider that actually should be prosecuted won't be the one in the dock. It'll be whoever the government deems best to send a message via, and that message will be: Shut The Hell Up.

I wish there was a way to have those campaigning on the past - whatever their persuasion - see this case as the indictment of the status quo that it is. I mean really look at what the PPS and PSNI have done here.

They utilized an international treaty to pursue someone for having wood in his socks while in prison in the 70s.

They claimed they were investigating a bombing they didnt know the date of. On one of the changing dates they came up, Anthony was in Castlereagh.

Let that sink in.

They didn't even bother to check their own records before sending an international treaty request.

The bombing was a loyalist pipe bomb thrown at a house that Anthony was in. He was the target, the intended victim.

They did not tell the US Courts this.

They let the US authorities believe they were investigating serious, urgent crimes. Crimes they desperately needed the Boston Tapes to solve.

That is an abuse of process.

We all know the fall-out from the PSNI subpoenas of the Boston College archive. The damage to history, to society who will suffer from the subsequent lack of candour.

Some believe that was the intent of the subpoenas and that cannot be discounted. Not now, given the absurdity of this vindictive case being pursued against Anthony.

At some point, will there be any accountability?

Likely, not. This is Northern Ireland, and this is the way things work. They don't.

Chris Bray does an excellent job of explaining the absurdity: Farcical High Court Decision Backs PSNI Farce.

If you are at all concerned with legacy issues, please, look at this case, and use it to indict the status quo.

Carrie Twomey built and runs the Boston College Subpoena News site.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

5 comments to ''Legacy Issues: Boston College Case Indictment Of Status Quo "

  1. "This is an abuse of process" it surely would be Carrie if there was such a thing as due process but as we know norn iorn is a farce from it,s creation the years of successive brit govts turning a blind eye to the sectarianism of the unionist govt, the brit involvement in operation "Banner" where those who made the laws broke every one of them,I think the brits as you say are using the odd squaddie and the Anthony and others as a distraction to the fucking mess that has been created here and like Brexit they haven't a fucking clue how to extradite themselves,there being to many witnesses to their dirty deeds here , their old throw a few quid at it and tell them to fuck of (Eames and Bradley)didn't work, their gutless and inadequate response to historical legacy issues should have flagged up to most observers that there will never be justice for any victims here, for sure if there was we would see the Brit govt , the Irish govt qsf,the dup and many other well heeled members of society in the dock, so yes Carrie Anthony,s case and the few others can only be seen as the distraction as they must truly be seen to be, The war is over the brits won time to move on draw that fucking line they talk so much about but make it the past because as sure as there is shit on Gerry Adams shirt tail there will never be justice here pursuing a few individuals will only serve to prolong the past and give false hope where none exists,

  2. Forgive me for being thick but this pursuit of the Boston Tapes seems excessive, even by cop standards back home.

    As much as the beat up in the press about charging former soldiers, I'm not aware of one actually being charged?

    What purpose does it serve, going after these tapes? Surely even the cops can see that if they get a hold of them, conjure up some charges and prosecute then the games up? It would be a carte blanche to prosecute Crown Forces else they be rightly shown to be partisan?

    Don't get me wrong, I am dead against the Boston Tapes being released as they are an important record that would not exist without permission of those involved. It just seems like this witch-hunt is driven by abject fear from the cops about what they contain.

    No Surrender the tapes Anthony! Full and Transparent historical legacy amnesty before that!

  3. Anthony McIntyre has contributed as much as any historian to the reappraisal of the IRA's 'armed struggle'. Only republican apologists can profit from his legal travails, writes Malachi O'Doherty

  4. When it's broken down, it is an utter farce.

    The PSNI and CPS have done little to no groundwork in trying to convince that this is motivated by nothing other than spitefulness. And, while Drew Harris may claim that legacy was a source of frustration with him, he seemed to do an awful lot to encourage the raiding of the Boston College archives.

    And, of course, Boston College deserves criticism for their role as well. But this is the same Boston College who banned the Ramones from playing in 1987 because they promoted "rowdiness, destructiveness, and drug use."

  5. The PSNI and establishment have done exactly what it intended to do, scupper this project. They do not want any stones upturned.


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