NIFC Offers Thanks

The National Irish Freedom Committee thanks all its supporters.

A cháırde,

The Executive Committee of the National Irish Freedom Committee (NIFC) wishes to thank you for your support over the years and your commitment to supporting Irish Culture, and Irish Republican ideals and values.  We will be streamlining some of our future events to focus on our core priorities and programs.  The Annual Flannery Awards Testimonial will be combined with our Easter Rising Commemoration to be held on Sunday, April 28, 2019.  Details will be provided at a later date. 

The NIFC’s core priorities and programs include:

Irish Republican Activists Support Campaign.  The NIFC supports the dependents of Irish Republican political activists, who are harassed and prosecuted by British and Irish authorities.  Because of police harassment at homes and places of employment, political activists and family members are ostracized and marginalized in their own communities.  As an added burden, political activists appearing before non-jury courts are subjected to arbitrary bail conditions that inflict severe hardships on their dependents and are tantamount to virtual imprisonment. 

The NIFC supports these families through our support of Cabhair, the Irish Political Prisoners’ Dependents Fund in Ireland.  We do so by supporting its annual events: the Cabhair “Christmas Swim” and its annual Testimonial Dinner each May.  Your continued support is critical to the support of these families.

The Irish Cultural Awareness Campaign.  The NIFC engages in cultural and historical activities to raise awareness among those of Irish heritage to ensure that our cultural heritage, values and Fenian traditions are preserved for future generations of Irish-Americans.  These activities include our annual Fenian Commemoration in Queens, NY and Easter Rising Commemoration in Woodlawn Cemetery in Bronx, NY. 

Eire Nua Awareness Campaign.  Through this campaign, the NIFC seeks to increase awareness in the U.S of “Éıre Nua” (New Ireland), a comprehensive Irishauthored political program designed to achieve a just and lasting peace in Ireland in the context of a British withdrawal.  The NIFC also seeks to raise awareness of Ireland’s struggle for its independence in a reunited, sovereign nation free to determine its own destiny.  These goals are supported by letter-writing campaigns and in person visits to state and Federal political offices, leafletting at appropriate events and the publication and distribution of Éıre Nua related documents.

The Easter Rising Centennial Banner Project.  The Centennial Banner Project is intended to honor those patriots who took part in the 1916 Easter Rising in pursuit of a Gaelic, inclusive, gender equal, and sovereign 32-county Irish Republic.

To encourage participation in this project, the NIFC offers individuals and groups the opportunity to sponsor a Volunteer whose name appears on the banner.  Each sponsor will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation.  A copy of each sponsorship certificate will be included in a leather-bound book which will be on view wherever the banner is displayed.  Sponsorship requirements are included in the Centennial Banner Information Pack (contact for details)

Disbursement of proceeds will go to cover the cost of the banner, support the dependents of political prisoners through Cabhair in Ireland and promote the Irish authored Éıre Nua federal proposals.


The Executive Committee of the National Irish Freedom Committee

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

1 comment to ''NIFC Offers Thanks"

  1. before i go sending ye my spondulicks, id like to know your position on the two most important issues facing the ancient irish nation since the crack of dawn which you havent addressed in your article - namely the oligarchs open border policy so vociferously backed by our cultural marxist libtard media/academia/poltical class and abortion. With a falling birthrate of native irish babies on top of the potential loss of a fifth of our unborn children now that we're THE FIRST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD to vote to strip rights from our brothers and sisters in the womb, this nation is in real trouble, in fact its in free fall. do you support plan 2040 which is expecting an increase in population of one million. now - do the math - a falling native birthrate and an increase in population of one million in the next 20 years!!!!!!

    we have alreday accepted one million new people in the last 20 years. in the early 90s the population of ireland was 3.5 million, its now shoving 5 million. some politicians and business groups are telling us to prepare for a population of 10 million by 2050. would the leaders of 1916 be making banners if they were alive now? i'm asking because you used the word 'inclusive' to describe one of the aims of the rising. did they die for an open border inclusive gender equal cesspit where the native Irish are in a minority?


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