8 comments to ''A Morning Thought (99)"

  1. this coming from a man who believes in evolution, or sorry - should i say that used to believe in evolution - click to 2 mins and 37 seconds of following clip and watch until 3 mins and 30 seconds.

  2. Grouch,

    That daft youtube clip has been shown to be very childishly edited to fit christian creation morons agenda. Look up the real FULLY UNEDITED CLIP and you will see it's the exact opposite of what's being portrayed here.

  3. the theory of evolution has been disproved - deal with it. everything darwin said is wrong. it was 'dangerous nonsense'. thats why the die hard anti-God evolutionists are looking for other ways to explain the mind bogglingly wonderful/complex design evident in nature - ie smarty pants aliens from other parts of the universe. pass the vomit bucket pleaese.

  4. Grouch,
    Evolution has been disproved by whom?

  5. David, my theory is this - steve jobs and apple didnt invent the i phone. what they did was they got all the various ingredients/parts of an iphone and took them to the top of a skyscraper and lobbed them over the edge. when they landed they joined together to produce the iphone. its that simple to make iphones. thats what they do all day in the apple factory - they chuck the parts off a high building and just catch the phones at the bottom. its also how salvador dali did his paintings. he just used to lob paint out his window onto a piece of canvas in the garden and hey presto, works of art - is based on an incorrect theory; therefore all its calculations and conclusions are wrong, and people are sufferring because of we must challenge the scientists and defeat them....scientists cannot explain biological growth. They simply juggle words like molecule and chromosome, but they cannot actually explain the phenomenon...The modern world is a society of the cheaters and the cheated, unfortunately the cheated are eulogizing the cheaters and the small cheaters are worshipping the great cheaters...The law is cheating, medical science is cheating and the government is cheating...everyone is suffering here in the material world and scientific improvements means that the scientists are creating a situation of further suffering...
    (Abhay Charanaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)

  6. Grouch,
    You've lost me. How can such a broad and varied concept be based on a single theory incorrect or otherwise? I don't claim to be able to dissect mathematics or compile data as I can't and am always open to all ideas but to claim all scientific discovery is inaccurate and you're correct is staggering arrogance.

  7. David, my apologies, i should have said that he is talking about evolution there, they are quotes from a book called LIFE COMES FROM LIFE which is a transcription of him chatting to his disciples when he went on his morning walks when he visited the states in the 70s. he was a mighty man and predicted that science , or should i say the corporate materialistic elitist science we have been brainwashed with since birth (which causes so much human suffering) through the education and media shitstems would collapse under the weight of its own error in our lifetime. and the great news is it is! science is changing - its going through a paradigm shift, the children are calling out the naked emperors of the scientific elite like the increasingly ridiculous looking dawkins. life comes from life - not matter - that is what the above means. great days are coming. u didnt evolve from a bored snot of a bacteria who decided to grow a pair of legs ears eyes etc. that theory will be regarded as a flat earth theory in the not too distant future. we are cosmic children of the eternal Father. have a great sunday comrade.


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