Coulter For President

Radical Unionist and conservative evangelical Christian commentator, Dr John Coulter, uses his Fearless Flying Column today to outline why he, as a Unionist, he wants his name in the running to be the next Irish President.

Get Ireland Working Again ! That’s my Irish Presidential campaign slogan.

With current President Michael D Higgins wanting a second term and Sinn Fein entering the Aras race, it’s time to unveil Coulter’s Covenant for the Irish Nation.

The Celtic Tiger may be skinned financially, but I want to unleash the power of Shamrock Strength.

It’s simple. I want 32 of the world’s richest multinational companies and multibillionaires to each sponsor an Irish county.

Each global firm or rich person will be responsible for pouring billions of their profits into that county – and in return, the county will carry their names in the titles.

Bring on Tesco Galway, Panasonic Cork, and Allianz Donegal! Arab royalty, Russian oligarchs and Chinese billionaires are more than welcome, too.

Those billions will be used to fund road schemes, the health service, new schools and thousands of jobs.

I will implement a kick-ass security policy with a massive crackdown on crime. The death penalty will be restored for convicted murderers and drug barons.

Given that we are an island nation with plenty of coastal harbour locations, and given the excellent skills base in Ireland, the major nuclear powers will be given the chance to have their nuclear submarines and ships serviced by Irish workers - for a handsome fee, of course.

An Irish nuclear power industry will be developed which will guarantee cheaper electric bills for all households and businesses as well as provide work for many Irish citizens.

There will be no English-style yob riots in my Ireland. An Garda Siochana will be armed with machine-guns and every citizen will do at least two years National Service in the Defence Forces, with pay of course.

And during that two-year paid National Service, Irish citizens will also learn a vocational trade which they can put to good use once their National Service is completed.

The defence budget will be substantially enhanced with considerable pay scales for anyone who serves the nation in any of the security forces, police, and emergency services - particularly, nurses, doctors, paramedics, fire and rescue services, and ambulance crews.

The assets of all criminals – from joy riders to drug dealers – will be seized and ploughed back into the health service and schools.

The birch will be used to combat anti-social thugs and the cane re-introduced in all schools. Lawless brats will be dumped in borstals, and their parents heavily fined or jailed.

Jails will not become holiday homes, but will convert into hard labour camps. Chain gangs will be used to keep Ireland’s roads spotless. Indeed, such will be the severity of the new prison regimes, that Ireland will have the staff and resources to house some of the globe’s worst criminals.

Coulter’s Covenant will be simple - send us your convicted scum, we will guard them and you pay us for the privilege. Again, cash generated will be channeled into inward investment, health and education.

And the Irish judiciary will be given tough new powers to impose lengthy jail terms and fines on convicted drink or drug drivers, or those who cause death by dangerous driving.

Child killers will face the hangman’s noose, with sex offenders and rapists chemically castrated to ensure they no longer pose a danger to communities.

With billionaire firms and individuals sponsoring the counties, the European Union will be told to clear off. Irish profits will not be thrown away paying off the multibillion euro bailout.

Ireland will dump the eurozone, leave the EU, rejoin the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, and re-introduce the beloved and once proud punt.

As for the Catholic Church, every single diocese will face a rigorous Cloyne-style probe to root out alleged pervert priests.

The Orange Order will be given designated non-contentious marching routes. All Protestant Orders and bands will follow these routes, or be formally disbanded.

Catholic bishops, cardinals and senior clerics will have to seek re-election by the people.

The Vatican will not have authority to interfere in these elections. The Catholic people will choose the clerics they want in their parishes.

Irish people living outside the Emerald Isle will have the right to vote in all elections. Biblical Christianity will become the State faith, and every school will have a Christian morning assembly before classes.

Each Irish province will have its own nuclear power station. The cancer of fuel poverty, especially among the elderly and low income families, will be eradicated. No longer will families have to face the choice of ‘heat or eat’.

The billionaire county sponsors must sign a pledge to encourage tourists to flock to their respective regions. All Irish embassies and consulates throughout the globe will be encouraged to trace anyone with Irish ancestral roots, persuading them to make at least one journey to Ireland inter lifetime.

The ‘brain drain’ of our talented young people and skilled adults having to leave Ireland for study and work will be reversed as county sponsors must contribute significantly to job creation and training.

Those who cannot find work will be drafted into an armed forces reserve organisation and learn a trade.

Free education and health provision, especially university and nursing home places, will be a human right, not a privilege for the rich.

Volunteers will also be strongly sponsored to travel to starvation-torn nations, especially in Africa.

Implement Coulter’s Covenant, and Ireland will become a real global nation, not the threatened bankrupt banana island it will unfortunately become if a Hard Brexit is implemented next March.

If this is the type of free and democratic Ireland which puts people, patients, pupils and pensioners first, then I’m Yer Man for the Aras, so get those nomination papers submitted.

Dr John Coulter is a former Religious Affairs Correspondent at the Belfast News Letter, a former Director of Operations at Christian Communication Network Television. 

Follow Dr John Coulter on Twitter. @JohnAHCoulter

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

2 comments to ''Coulter For President"

  1. Thank goodness the Irish Presidency is a ceremonial position. Otherwise I have just read an agenda for an off-shore Republic of Gillead!

  2. How very Christian, brutal and blood-thirsty.


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