5 comments to ''A Morning Thought (5)"

  1. Can't read that one...too blurred.

  2. sorry, but thats just not how humans roll. if i cant 'force' my religious beliefs on others, then others cant 'force' their new world order non-stop war tranny abortionist beliefs on me.

  3. Grouch,

    Are you really saying one one hand we have "new world order non-stop war tranny abortionist " and the other is you with your zealot belief in bronze age desert myths from illiterate goat-herders who plagiarized earlier stories?

    Only a Sith deals in absolutes!

  4. Niall - click on it - it comes up bigger

  5. what have u got against illiterate goat herders? the stock u come from were illiterate sheep herders on the scottish hills until the irish went over and educated them. on the same point, a persons inability to read does not mean that person is not able to talk and think and more important - be civilized. too many 'literates' now think they are clever becuz theyve read loads of irrelevant dead nerds but sadly many of them can't in fact critically think. also, there is a difference between plagiarism and coincidence. and dont believe everything u heard in Zeitgeist either!


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