MI5 Sought To Have Haughey Assassinated

Writing last month Mick Hall discussed allegations that MI5 sought to have the UVF target Charles Haughey. 

MI5 attempted to manipulate the Ulster Volunteer Force into killing Charlie Haughey, Taoiseach (PM) of Ireland, who served three terms in office. 

More shocking revelations from the Irish Archives under the thirty year rule, a letter from the protestant paramilitary group the UVF to Charles Haughey has emerged in which they warned him the British security service, MI5, all but asked them to murder him in 1985 when he was leader of the opposition in the Irish parliament.

It has long been common knowledge the British intelligence agencies within Ireland colluded with protestant paramilitary groups like the UVF, and the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF), the military wing of the UDA, along with their informers within the IRA to commit crimes up to and including murder.

But ordering the assassination of a senior southern politician, a man who served three terms as the Irish Taoiseach, (Prime Minister) is completely shocking and demonstrates just how murderous, vengeful and beyond political control the British spooks were within Ireland.

When the request from the British crown forces to the UVF to murder Haughey was made he was a serving member of the Irish parliament Dáil Éireann having been first elected in 1957 and returned as a TD (MP) in every general election until he retired in 1992.

I see no reason to doubt the UVF letter is genuine. It would have passed through many hands before it was placed in the Irish governmental archive and even more I would imagine before it was released under the 30 year ruling. That the British government have not challenged its authenticity as you might expect given murdering senior politicians from a friendly state is even under British law a crime and hopefully not an everyday occurrence.

Haughey may well have received the black spot after his enemies in the Irish opposition fed the British security services false information about his role in the arms crises when he and other senior members of the Jack Lynch government were accused of plotting to smuggle arms to the Provos in the early days of the troubles. Their first trial collapsed and following a second trial Haughey and his co defendants were cleared.

The only people to come out of this sorry tale with any honour were an Irish army officer named James Kelly whose career was ruined, and John Kelly (no relation), a founder member and a leader of the Provisional Irish Republican Army who refused to recognise the court.

Whatever the truth about Haughey's involvement in this failed escapade it certainly didn't warrant a death sentence. The fact the British state agencies targeted him via their loyalist proxy tells one a great deal about what lurks below the British security services thin veneer of civilized behavior. We should never forget the British security services were plotting murder and mayhem against a leading politician from friendly state.

The letter also reveals it was involved in colluding with its loyalist Proxy in non judicial killings against its own citizens as the North of Ireland was back then and still is sadly part of the disunited kingdom.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

3 comments to ''MI5 Sought To Have Haughey Assassinated"

  1. Ed Moloney disagrees:

    Iain Turner (Balaclava Street) writes:

    "It is one of the most preposterous, not to mention irresponsible, stories I’ve read relating to the UVF, worse even than the recent nonsense about Robin Jackson being responsible for over 120 murders (which would effectively mean he had carried out nearly every UVF killing outside Belfast during the conflict).

    I feel confident in saying that 30 years ago no serious reporter or editor would have run with this story, not without a recognised codeword and not without running it past their paramilitary contacts.

    If I had to make a guess as to the letter’s origins, I’d say it was a hoax carried out by someone in the unionist community who was angry about the Anglo-Irish Agreement and wanted to stir the pot between the two governments. It just raises too many first-sight, common sense objections, not even counting those that come with a knowledge of the UVF’s history and way of operating."

  2. It's been well established BritInt supplied Loyalist groups with Intelligence.

    This letter regardless of questions around it's authenticity is unsurprising. Haughey was up to his neck in Arms importation and probably provided the tempting spectacular that BritInt sought. The political landscape would have been very different if this had been pulled off.

    Civil outrage in the South could have led to a Civil War in the North, and from what I understand this was a deciding factor against co-opting responsibility by the UVF. The UVF was assisted and penetrated by BritInt in the 70's and 80's, but still held some form of independence in their command structure.

    So it was not only a asinine situation that was rebuffed, but the political will of BritInt over the Loyalists.

  3. Yes Mick yet another example of perfidious albion and another of its dirty wars that it seems forever engaged in , what angers me about this is not the fact that the brits and their agents were colluding in mass murder here , that was common knowledge the only ones who didn't accept that fact were Unionist MPs, Protestant church leaders,and most of the press. Haughey and crew knew about the Glenanne gang and genocide that those bastards were engaged in and still as Irishmen /women did fuck all,to say they raised concerns at the highest level would be even more insulting given the Dublin Monaghan bombings that followed later, the uvf might have done us a favour had they shot all those bastards who stood idly by and let their fellow countrymen/women be butchered by those who swore and oath to protect ,p.s Capt Kelly may have saved me injury inadvertently on the day of the Gibraltar 3 funerals , as a steward at head of funeral procession going into Milltown cemetery I was called back to speak to someone who wanted to talk to the "leadership" it was Capt Kelly and this dalliance kept me back from being at the receiving end of Stones grenades,those of us who have survived that period in history need to do all we can to expose ALL the dirty bastards who used ordinary decent people as cannon fodder ,


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