9 comments to ''A Whole Lotta Lying"

  1. didnt gerry write a book once cald - false memories.


    "When I joined Sinn Fein, which was over 50 years ago..."

    "I think we need to be very, very careful about....that we don't see Brexit as something which can be exploited."

    "The IRA has gone."


    Gotta love the slack jawed expression on Marr's face.

  3. What a disgusting lying bastard worms have more backbone, its no wonder some many of his latter-day cronies copy his style of lying and distraction ,it worked for that cunt ..

  4. Sadly his one verifiable success in activism was early on, in literally more pedestrian matters.

  5. His faith in God is about all he's got, many of us won't forgive or forget. Like St Peter at the pearly gates we demand he come clean. If he does not there's only one option.

  6. Can anyone tell me why Gerry can't use the time he did in long kesh as an internee to write off the two years he would face if he accepted that he was an IRA member.If you think about it isn't it fair to say that his strategy done as much to eradicate the IRA as that of the entire British dirty war machine.Isn't it ironic that this public denial is the cause of so much debate when if he really wasn't a member the Revolutionary army would still exist. Spies and informers killed the revolution, Adams fronted the landing of the plane that was already on fire.

  7. James given the lies that comes out of his mouth ,how can you actually believe him when he talks about his faith now as we know he has turned turtle on everything else .he is probably an atheist , but hey that besmirches us atheists we aren't lying bastards .
    paddy Gerry was never in the ra ,, didn't you listen to him ,

  8. james, we will all have to give an account of ourselves, can u come clean? let he who is without sin.........


  9. How can anyone stand over the death of a child or a civilian, Adams asked.
    How about the two children and the elderly woman killed KNOWINGLY in cold blood by the IRA with Mountbatten?
    Sinn Fein IRA, including Adams could not stop crowing about this propaganda "victory"
    As for the woman and the two children deliberately murdered with Mountbatten - tough sh*t, they should not have been there.
    He was always a lying hypocrite and he hasn't changed.


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