The Pacification Of Ireland Continues

Sean Bresnahan will be attending this year's Bloody Sunday march in Derry.

A poster, however ill-conceived, does not explain the current happenings in Derry — even if some of the detail might present issue. Issue enough to abandon the Nash girls, and with them the other Bloody Sunday families? I don’t know about that. Dark forces are at their work, rest assured. They’ve been at it for some time, as many have come to learn over the past couple of years.

Just to be clear and to save any confusion, given how things can be perceived or misconstrued. The above relates neither to Saoradh or the Tony Taylor Campaign. Indeed the only reason I mention both here, and not others, is because they issued communique in regards to the march. The issue is with those it seems have their ear — though, that said, a phone call on their part would perhaps have served better.

The bottom line, no matter, is that for 46 years those families have marched for justice, with Republicans by their side throughout. I will be with them this year again and hope that others will be also — it’s the least they deserve. No Brit agenda should be let carry the day, even if this time they have done their work well. Where is the brains? The Bloody Sunday march represents one of the few remaining barriers to the pacification of Ireland. We’d all do well to consider this.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

7 comments to ''The Pacification Of Ireland Continues"

  1. Sean a chara "a poster however ill-conceived"is all you say re this poster,that has causedso much friction these last few weeks,well a chara I for one will not equate republican actions to that of the occupier,Dan Breen said "he would use every and any means necessary to drive out those who occupied this country and make no apologies to any god or man about it"The straw that broke the camels back here is the utter contempt shown by those who are responsible for this poster to everyone who expressed concerns,personal attacks ,abuse all the order of the day but noone addressing the issue,if there had been a willingness to communicate the rationale behind this poster someone should have come forward to let us hear it .I for one gave up the party whip a long time ago when it became obvious that sheep and only sheep were reqd,Im afraid that we are witnessing the same again here and no thanks when you treat people with contempt you should not be surprised if you receive it back we must continue to seek justice not assist unaccountable ego,s ,yesterday Kate Nash one of the event organisers came on FB and made wide sweeping allegations , she said "that paramilitaries were trying to take over ,and spreading lies, that a political party was trying to take over ,"I asked her "A who are these paramilitaries,B what are the lies that they are spreading,please forward an example, C who is the political party that is trying to take over ?"her response was to immediately block me (screen shots available) in todays Vatican Times aka the Irish News we were treated to a sugary description of the events and told that "we try to reach out and be inclusive " aye my fucking arse sine é

  2. Republicans have effectively excluded themselves from tomorrow’s march in Derry, foolishly allowing the manipulation of agents to impact their decision-making — just as the mixers behind this intended. The British have shown, yet again, how easy are Republicans to lead. Like sheep to the pen, they followed. What a sad state of affairs.

  3. Wide sweeping statement from Sean there belatedly making me wonder if the timing was deliberately so ,anyway its interesting Sean like all the unappointed spokesmen still failed to address the core issues over the disaffection surrounding the poster promoting this years Bloody Sunday march , lack of reaching out or inclusivity , no one from the Bloody sunday committee came forward to explain the rationale behind that poster ,instead we were treated from Fri onwards to such crap (again from unappointed spokespersons ) that it was to late to do anything about the poster bullshit of the highest order and not worth continuing explaining how easy it is to replace a poster ,what now intrigues me is Seans assertion is that "AGENTS" are at their work here , now we all know Sean has gods ear here so for the great unwashed and poorly educated maybe Sean will tell us in unambiguous terms who exactly these "AGENTS" are, you see folks I,m a bit confused here forgive me but Kate Nash told us it was paramilitaries that were trying to take over , Sean maybe you can tell us who is telling porkies here,I only ask as I see your due to speak in Feb at at commemoration for a volunteer who died in portlaois prison, now from where I,m sitting that man was a paramilitary and as that poster would have us believe he was in the right place when he died (physically I mean) it calls for the prosecution of republicans does it not Sean, so a chara where exactly on the fence do you sit this time , not mentioning the repeal the 8th don't want the holy water handgrenades flying ...

  4. P.S..Sean I honestly feel that Republicans and Republican groupings such as the IRSP , Saoradh etc were left with no alternative but to walk away , no public or private representation was forthcoming from reps from that Bloody Sunday committee, instead we all were treated to weeks of silence and failure to address concerns no matter how trivial this committee may have arrogantly thought that they were , the press were able to print a broad statement letting us know how open and inclusive that this committee is but in reality we now know the opposite to be fact , lies innuendo bile and abuse is what has been forthcoming from those behind this poster and those who produced it these last two weeks ,in my honest opinion this is not representative of the ideals that those who died that awful day were marching for , Bloody Sunday DOES NOT belong to an unaccountable few,what happened that dreadful day impacted on the lives of a whole generation both at home and abroad and the repercussions are being felt to this day ,we owe it to all those slaughtered here to seek justice for them not to promote the political ambitions of an aged politician and his cronies ,,

  5. I hear what you’re saying Marty, don’t worry. The whole thing is a total disaster and the poster is of course a massive part of that. I don’t believe it calls for prosecutions however. To me it is simply a list of events that occurred in our long and tortured history. The bottom line is that this is a sad state of affairs.

  6. Sean I disagree with you. Surely there are conflicting views in this issue? Indeed there are many issues involved, as Saoradh indicated, not just the banner which as far as I can see is major one. There are issues like where Bloody Sunday is going, about irrelevant topics, about respect, about who is running it, about how the ctte is made up, about democracy and transparency. In my opinion the issue of militarism or paramilitarism needs also to be discussed by the ctte and the various republican groups. Not to be disrespectful to the families of those killed and injured bu Bloody Sunday is as much about Republicanism as it is the families.

    As a outsider who does not belong to any party I agree with Saoradh and I feel it is incumbent on the Bloody Sunday committee to put this right. I feel let down that the ctte have not been open or honest with the public especially since this issue has been festering for over a year and I knew nothing of it until Saoradh's press release.

    Having learnt about Mozamm Begg and his connection to MI5, I also feel abused by the ctte because I was taking them at their word that he was above board since he was speaking at last year's event. Imagine how Tony Taylor felt when he saw his name along side that of Mozamm Begg on this year's poster, especially after the ctte were informed last year about this matter and still they went ahead and included it.

    As someone who attended many of the events this week I also have to agree with Saoradh that PBP, socialist's and greens' imprint were all over the events. I regard myself as a socialist and environmentalist but I agree again with Saoradh that some of the topics were irrelevant and that they chosen topics related to the aforementioned groups could be divisive.

    It is a pity that there is no forum to address issues. That in itself is a major problem. Ignorance and accountability breed innuendos and discontent. And if there is anyone to blame surely it is the Committee for not being open and honest. Despite the great success and the events that it organised this is very unprofessional of them. Lastly I feel that if the issues that Saoradh have quite rightly made public are not addressed then this will be my last time supporting this committee.

  7. I'd hazard a guess that the person/s that approved this poster is the 'agent' that Seán has alluded to? 'Agent' for who is another matter but one thing is for sure, whoever proposed this poster knew if would upset republicans and could even risk a boycott. Perhaps that was the intention(trap) that republicans have readily walked into? It would've been far easier to turn this provocation on its head by attending the Bloody Sunday march en masse armed with all the anti internment banners and flags possible and in that way the organising committees plans(intentions) would've been negated and the March would've remained the Bloody Sunday March still. Btw, some of the more outspoken critics of this march made a hames of the anti interment rally in Belfast last year. Just saying.


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