Beware Tunnels Late At Night

Mick Hall advises Meghan Markle to beware of entering road tunnels late at night.

"We need the Guardian’s values now more than ever before," Katharine Viner it's editor in chief recently wrote in the paper. Yet what can one make of such values, when all last week in its ipad edition it covered the engagement of the current monarch's younger grandson. Page after page were full of forelock tugging to the monarchy while the Windsor's sit at the top of the pyramid which is Britain's stupefying class system.

We readers deserve better than that.

They were at it again in yesterday's Observer under a header Meghan effect’ will it sprinkle stardust over brand Britain, and that header is far from the worst.

As Stewart Lee pointed out:

In 2005, the then 20-year-old Prince Harry appeared as a Nazi at a fancy dress party. Perhaps the uniform had been inherited from his great-great-uncle, Edward VIII, who was not averse to a spot of recreational sieg heiling.

But hey let's not mention the war. We all do stupid things when young and I'm the last to cast the first stone, but dressing as a member of the SS and sieg heiling? He displayed the British monarchy in all its wretched glory and besides he is far from the only member of his family to wear that uniform.

Never mind if he had been in Germany during the war years in that uniform he would have been shovelling Jews and black folk into an oven.

But no worries he is engaged to a brown skinned woman. Why this is considered special tells us a great deal about the company the royals keep.

But grudges are for us little folk, A young couple getting engaged is fine, let there families celebrate their good fortune. But only the Windsor's and a tame MSM would use this happy event as a powder puff to boost the monarchy. If ever there was an example of the ruling class attempting to get the citizenries eye off the ball this is it.

Beyond the Media jamboree there are important issues that need to be debated as Val Prior wrote:

Is there anyone out there who can help me? I know I’m ancient (over 70 anyway) and probably out of touch with the zeitgeist, but why is it that a young woman with no ties to this country (apart from her upcoming nuptials) can be given British citizenship while people who have lived and worked here for 50 years (They’ve put us through the worst heartache’) are denied this right?

And Judy Clements:

While Prince Harry would certainly meet the minimum income requirement, will Meghan, as a US national, have to return home to live for up to a year or even longer while her partner visa comes through, as would my non-EEA daughter-in-law if she wished to reside in this country with her British husband and their two dual-nationality sons?

The Guardian, the Observer and the MSM have nothing to say about the aforementioned. As far as they're concerned, the ruling family gets a free pass. After their announcement the happy couple rushed up to Leicester for a photo opportunity, ain't we just great, curtsy and bow you peasants, while we do as we please.

Whether Harry Windsor will actually marry Meghan, time alone will tell, but a piece of advice for her: she should be wary of entering road tunnels late at night, as the last time a member of the monarch's household fell in love with someone with brown skin it cost the two of them their lives.

Mick Hall blogs @ Organized Rage.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

7 comments to ''Beware Tunnels Late At Night"

  1. Rules but does not govern? I honestly don't know what to make of the Royals, a bunch of Greco-Germans with very dubious histories.

    But I'd absolutely hate to be in their shoes too. The rationalist in me says to get rid of them but at the same time what do you fill the void with? An elected President? Just as likely a folly even if a candidate could be agreed upon!

    And if they were deposed they'd simply up-sticks and move to the US were they'd become an instant replacement of the Kennedy's in the hearts and minds of the people.

    Ye gads!

  2. Steve R
    I'm no royalist myself but Liz has been better than any President could ever be. If it ain't broke... Once she goes we'll see what happens.

  3. People make a point about her race because we are conditioned by things like racial quotas in businesses that employ over 40 people, or when films do not have an obvious number of ethnic minorities on screen etc to assume racial motives as the reason for their absence.

    Even progressive orthodoxy today says that claiming/ advocating colourblindness to interacting with people is racist as it negates a persons identity and their lived experience. I find myself volunteering I'm in a mixed race relationship to try to make the Eye of Sauron pass over me, it's amazing what people will do to escape the shame thrust upon them for no objective reason.

    When people jump through all the progressive hoops, the final one tells them if they are white they are automatically racist anyway , because of what some Europeans did historically, and to not admit this is not owning their privilege, thus they are cowards, idiots and racist. It's an amazingly dangerous way to treat people,as it sets the stage for a politician or movement to rise and stop their shaming, who might have ultimately darker motives.

  4. DaithiD,

    I couldn't care a fig about someones race and I suspect that Megan Markle will find the people take her to their hearts regardless also. I have never felt 'privileged' to be white ever in my entire life and have no truck with those saying I should. (Not saying you are).


    I suppose, but then I don't think the nation wants Charlie boy anywhere near the top job. When back home I laughed at the story in Belfast when Charles looked at Belfast City Hospital and remarked that the yellow and brick eyesore was the most horrible thing he'd seen.

    Now fellow Belfastards call the towerblock 'Camilla'!!

  5. "Liz has been better than any President could ever be"

    The UK has had 1 head of state for 60+ years and has fossilised with Elizabeth II.

    Over the same time-span all European republics have had a series of presidents, some good, some bad, some indifferent,many forgotten, some remembered.
    Each and every one contributed to progressing their countries along, whether you agreed with the direction of travel or not. Republics are free to make mistakes and rectify them after 7 odd years.

    Elizabeth II's death will be a profound psychological shock to the UK.

  6. Steve R, neither did I, but the internet (twitter mostly) has revealed others with platforms consider it the defining aspect in determining a persons experience with others. Professors in the US think it’s ok to tweet stuff like “all I want for Christmas is white genocide”, it’s so extreme many would think it crank behaviour to not take seriously, but it’s making people chose sides in this, and a hostile media basically confirms to them they are a target. We should not minimise the impact of progressive piety like this, or dismiss it conveniently as white racists worrying about equality, or see it as deferred justice. This topic has taken a very dark turn, it’s still mostly online at present, but it will increasingly manifest in the real world, then articles worrying about whether their black children should have white friends will seem relatively moderate.



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