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12 comments to ''Xmas 2017"

  1. It feels odd writing Happy Christmas under that message but sure why not?

    I hope everyone at the Quill no matter their politics has a peaceful and happy Christmas.

  2. Best Wishes to You + Yours for the Holidays and New Year. Kevin.

  3. the three shepherds were considered the lowest of the low in those times. thats who God called to see his son first. those despised by the religious elite and intelligentsia of the time. they were told that the Saviour would be found in a manger(a trough to feed cattle) of all places! think about that!!!
    nollaig shona dhiobh go leir.

  4. Kevin,

    and the same to you. Enjoy the season.


    nothing whatsoever wrong with you greeting TPQ and readers Happy Christmas. I guess we all share your sentiment.


    I go to Xmas mass every Christmas with a close family friend and take a photo of the service for the Old Drogheda Society. Christian ritual and belief is wholly irrational to me. I pay no attention to any of it. No reason not to wish all a merry Xmas. Enjoy Grouch.

  5. Yes, a happy and quiet Christmas to everyone on the blog, both readers and contributors.

    I've spent the morning playing the first Battalion of Saints album. Classic San Diego hardcore. Might stick on The Yobs Christmas Album afterwards. This is the life.

  6. Same to you Christopher

    Listening to Roachford here at the minute

  7. I hope there's some Alan Partridge style action taking place in the McIntyre abode!

  8. Season's Greetings from HJ to the all the regulars and irregulars at the 'Quill'.

    (Nice one Simon).

  9. Christmas blessings to all..๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช

  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mackers and clan.....hopefully catch up in new year......sometime!


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