‘The Myanmar Deception': Reviewing The Context

In a follow-up to his recent article, The Myanmar Deception, and by way of response to those who have attacked it, Sean Bresnahan, a regular contributor to The Pensive Quill, offers an interesting insight into his thinking and motives when writing the piece.

Though it can sometimes expose us to ridicule – worse still to the charge of being ‘reactionary’ or ‘racist’ – it’s important no less that we try and speed a greater awareness regards geopolitics and the reality of how imperialism operates. We will not always get it right. Thanks, no matter, to The Pensive Quill for affording a platform were such can be attempted.

‘Human rights’ have now become an instrument of imperialist warfare, as crazy as that might sound. The agenda is manipulated on two fronts through the employ of Islamist jihadis — these having been integrated by the Western intelligence apparatus to divide target nations and in turn to usurp their resources.

On the one hand and in the first guise – that of which ‘Jihadi John’ was a notable caricature – they provide a pretext for military intervention to quash their supposed threat. On the other and in a different guise they provide a different pretext, one useful to target ‘human rights abusers’ who respond or are seen to respond to their provocations; a la Milosevic, Qaddafi and Assad. This is the grisly genius of ‘humanitarian war’.

With the routing of the ISIS and Peshmerga mercenaries in Iraq and Syria, the imperialist is getting nervous. The inability to finish off Yemen only compounds matters further. He has no intention, however, of quitting his heinous game — knowing no other way than death and destruction as his empire threatens to unravel. The Middle East on fire, Far Asia is now in his sights.

To speak candidly on all of this is to put yourself on a ledge to be stoned by the ultra-liberal ‘PC’ Left, who have been wholly absorbed by identity politics and the cultivation of image requirement introduced us by modern propaganda methods. The ultimate purpose here is to deflect us away from the concrete setting in which events take shape. That is the sad reality of where we are at.

While it may not be their intention, their browbeating serves to subdue thinking that is ‘outside the box’ — leaving people too afraid to voice their opinion for fear of being cast in the wrong light. Perhaps this is the real aim, even if those concerned don’t partake in this action consciously. In this respect, petty bourgeois leftists are as much an obstacle as the bankers — perhaps, indeed, they are even more so.

In their self-righteous assuredness, they inhibit (by their attacks on any narrative from outside their neat little boxes) the pressing requirement that we advance a greater understanding among ordinary people as to how the world really works, this that we might from there set out toward improving the lives of working people – and with them the poor – at a structural level. Fail to countenance the structure at core and we can change very little in regards where it counts.

My aim was towards this intent and not to determine the ins-and-outs of the crisis in Rakhine — who done what to whom; who is right or wrong; who is more worthy of our support or condemnation. My interest is not to dismiss such issues, which are worthy in their own regard, but to look beyond in search of solutions that the ills of our imperiled world might be found. As socialists and anti-imperialists, it is this in the end that we seek.

Rape, torture and murder are in no way acceptable and there is no suggestion otherwise. That said it's noteworthy that, rather than present proof that Suu Kyi is responsible for what she stands accused of or to admit in any way that the Buddhists – or even the Burmese state itself – might themselves have a different story worth considering, the do-gooder liberal class resort instead to a familiar type: smear and shout down anyone who dares to step outside their narrative.

But that differing versions of events should be considered does not mean we support or deny a particular narrative either way – except of course in the minds of fanatical internet warriors who treat discussion as though a contest of intellect. We consider these things not to win or to ‘do down’ the other but to try and establish a more complete picture for the benefit of all.

As argued in the piece, we must examine events as we meet and find them in their core ideological setting. In the instance of Myanmar, the US ‘Asia Pivot’ and its immediate rival – the Chinese ‘One Belt One Road’ – is the context to which we must look. The Zionist ‘War On Terror’ and the tactics it utilises is also important to our understanding.

There are those, no doubt, for whom the idea intelligence agencies would manipulate events to the point of their generation is well-beyond fanciful. The historical record, in spite of them, clearly tells us otherwise — not least in regard to the most recent history of the Middle East. The directing of jihadi terrorist groups to serve ulterior strategies is well-established and, like the collusion war in Ireland, is not mere 'conspiracy theory' as some would seek to tar it.

Returning to the Asia Pivot, the campaign to isolate Aung San Suu Kyi is for travelling in the wrong direction and has no relationship, beyond that, with the crisis in Rakhine State — a crisis which, of course, is very real for its many victims. None of that is to say that there aren’t issues with the Burmese military but that the situation is much more complex than what we are being presented.

We are presented a packaged version of the Myanmar story that ignores objectivity and with it the narrative of Rakhine’s Buddhist community. Here, only the Rohingya are victims as the ‘Rogingya genocide’ is the narrative which suits the requirements of the imperialist grand design.

In this regard, similar to the Libyan and Syrian instances (also no doubt 'conspiracy theories' in the minds of the liberal left), the Rohingya genocide story is intended to manipulate the vast majority here in the West, who have next-to-no understanding of both the history and the geopolitical context of Myanmar, the Bay of Bengal or the Silk Road old and new. In and through our state of ignorance, the Zionist ‘War Of Terror’ marches on.

Not to be terse but perhaps we’ll be content when our naivety helps deliver a ‘Balkanisation’ of Myanmar, with an Al Qaeda-run Kosovo-style ‘independent’ Rakhine – subject of course to Washington – in turn to be used as a base to push the Zionist false flag Salvador Option deeper and deeper into Asia.

In the final analysis, if we don’t deal with imperialism – regardless its hue – then in truth we cannot effect the changes we require as a global society and community. This is as much a necessity for the Rohingya as it is for all others. If we don’t understand imperialism and the tactics it uses in pursuit of its objects then how could we ever hope to deal with it, as we must?

Regardless of them who smear and undermine, often for their own sly motives, thanks to those who took the time to countenance what was actually written — not how they’d prefer it to be read. Articles as these are extremely tricky, to say the least, made all the more so in the knowledge there are always those lying in wait for the opportune moment to strike. The issues we face, though, are much too important that they and their methods be allowed to intimidate.

‘We have nothing to lose but our chains...’

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

16 comments to ''‘The Myanmar Deception': Reviewing The Context"

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to follow up. It would be prudent to say at this point that the constituency the article is critical of does not, at least of itself, relate to those who comment on this particular site but extends to a much wider ‘phenomenon’ we encounter today on the Left. Some of the links perhaps do a better job of critiquing this than what I have managed. A worthwhile debate has already unfurled under the original article; long may it continue as that is exactly what this situation demands.

  2. The Nazi Shoah/Holocaust of Europe's Jewish population happened partially of the refusal of the rest of the world to believe the full horror of humanity's supreme crime because of ingrained anti-semitic prejudice and attachment to Jewish "world domination" conspiracy theories. But a genocide had happened before approximate to Europe: that of the Armenians by the Ottoman Turks in 1915 but nobody took any notice and the carte blanche was given to future exterminism. After all, why else would Hitler say "Who remembers the Armenians now?"

    After 1945, the world solemnly promised "Never again" and to prevent a future Shoah the UN as set up and the Prevention of Genocide Convention was agreed in 1948 whereby genocide was defined ads a specific crime in international law. However the rest of the 20th century was to witness genocidal horrors in Cambodia, Bangladesh, the Balkans, Rwanda and in the 21st century Darfur and latterly Burma.

    Framing calls from the liberal left (I am proud to be of that tribe) for action to halt and punish genocide/ethnic cleansing as part of Western "imperialist" plans to gain control of
    strategic resources gives succour to Holocaust deniers and isolationist racists everywhere. Unfortunately there is a red-brown alliance of anti-globalisers, anti-Americans, anti- Zionists and pro-Assad, Putin and Milosevic devotees which is spreading its tentacles across cyberspace. Brexit and Trump have been just two products of the growth of this poisonous discourse.

    Sean, your baseless theories about jihadism being funded by the West and "Zionists" in order to overthrow Assad and to create an ISIS type state in Rakhine is evidence that you belong to this toxic alliance.

  3. " But a genocide had happened before approximate to Europe: that of the Armenians by the Ottoman Turks in 1915 but nobody took any notice "

    is that right barry, no chance of you mentioning the extermination of 4-5 million souls here in the 1840s. you, like the rest of your shoah business dupes, when it comes to ireland, are the ultimate holocaust deniers.

  4. Sean, I find it interesting that you describe the substance of some of the comments on your article as "intimidation" yet are reluctant to call the campaign in Myanmar as "genocide". Perhaps that demonstrates you have difficulty in understanding the scale of events or perhaps only demonstrates a simple bias.

    The comments on the quill were criticisms of your positions and arguments. I doubt anybody was waiting to pounce on your article as I don't think anyone knew it was coming.

    If my understanding is correct the Quill is used to voice opinion and allow challenge to that opinion. It seems it is the challenge that you don't appreciate. I would understand that you wouldn't welcome intimidation and I apologise if I missed that. However, if you have the right to voice your opinion others have the right to challenge it.

    If people are commenting to criticise yet don't believe in the substance of their own arguments and are on the contrary just waiting for an article to be written to strike then shame on them. It takes away from the legitimate debate on this site.

  5. The Wall Street Jounral and Jersusalem Post (to name two) said Israel has treated al-Qaeda (al-Nusra) fighters injured in the Syrian war in their field hospitals near Golan Heights , as an anti-Hezbollah play, but shocking all the same.

  6. Gilheaney is probably the only person known that still believes saddam had WMD's. And not only that, he believes Assad got some of saddam's chemicals and gave them to ISIS! Ffs this clown is a headbanger, who no doubt believes the hype the Russians hacked the US, despite even the CIA etc stating they had no proof, in their report, but merely opinion! If the pesky Russians were so good at winning elections etc should we in Ireland reach out to them and get them to wield their enormous power upon say, a border poll? It has to be a shoo-in if going by all the reports.

    P.s the CIA/FBI report on Russian hacking, was penned by one of those who had a hand in drawing up the WMD's in Iraq Intel report all those years ago. But alas wing nuts like gilheaney never let logic get in the way of what they told to believe. Barry I may have a tin foil hat on but it sure is better than wearing a protective you bang your head much?

  7. Grouch

    Whether the Great Famine (out of which quite a few Catholic nationalist farmers did quite nicely out of thank you very much) was a systematic genocide as opposed to callous indifference of the British authorities at the time to a natural disaster is a matter for debate. But as someone who denies the documented mass extermination of 6m European Jews by all manner of murder methods (The proceedings at the Wansee Conference in January 1942 when the Final Solution was decided on was fully minuted in case you didn't know), Grouch, your opinions on this or any other subject are irrelevant to me or any other rational minded person

  8. No one ever mentions Hiroshima and Nagasaki as genocide but that is exactly what it was, murdering countless people with a political aim.

    To the victor goes the spoils.

    Great piece Sean will reblog it on Organized Rage if ok.

  9. Go for it Mick but the original article is perhaps the one to re-post (if not both).

  10. Simon, there is a culture of intolerance on the supposed Left unwilling to entertain opinions beyond what has already been decided on by the ‘group’. Those whom it concerns quickly try to isolate and shout down anything or anyone alien to their worldview by lambasting and labelling. Barry Gilheany personifies this breed perfectly, though (as an obvious centrist) I would not consider him as ‘of the Left’ to start with. There are many on the Left, however, just like him and worse. As can be seen from Barry’s methods, the phenomenon I refer to often takes the form of personal attacks. This is the intimidation I refer to, though at no point have I, myself, felt intimidated.

    This ever-ardent collective we are talking about jump from one issue to the next — forever in the vanguard of the revolution. Many of them have no real understanding of imperialism and its sophisticated methods in the global age. Nor do they wish to consider them, assured that in their inherent wisdom they already know all that needs to be known. Those who attempt to explore these fields are the ‘tinfoil hat’ brigade to be ridiculed. As I said in the article, they are as big an obstacle as the bankers because, in their self-righteousness and their ability to shut down debate through the same, they serve – whether wittingly or unwittingly – as gatekeepers on behalf of the system. In the final analysis, in the modern age occupation is primarily of the mind as opposed to physical territories or landmass.

  11. barry, plenty of rational minded people have an issue with the six million number. hey, even the people who run auschwitz now have revised the number of people killed there from 4 million to 1.5. its actually written in stone outside the camp. maybe u shud write to them and tell them they're wrong.

    i hope the decent jews in this world dont have to pay for the heinous crimes and lies of their diabolical leaders (whose motto is - by deception we shall wage war). they're deceiving u barry, its their modus operandi for millenia. i hope everyone who is interested in finding out the truth about auschwitz does not get misled by maniacs with a nasty agenda who will try and get u to hate jews. rationality and the ability to count will win the auschwitz argument in the end. a good way to start is by watching david cole (a jew) one hour documenary on auschwitz. as for the irish farmers who did well - we always had tramps in our tribe and always will sadly. peace out.

  12. sean, maybe it's the emotive issue involved that raises tempers? In my case it was the downplaying of genocide and the lumping together of everyone who reported or agreed there was possible genocide as imperialists and puppets. As I said before the nascent idea behind your article had merit but the execution of that idea was deeply flawed.

    You used the fact that Bob Geldof accepted an honour as evidence of him being an agent. Despite the fact Jon Snow of the Channel 4 news turned down an honour and his show reports on all issues including Yemen it was painted as being an agent of Imperialism, although not by yourself.

    Either the UN figures, other reports and the eye-witness statements are correct and there is a strong likelihood that genocide took place and if not why not? Was the violence not sufficient to be described as genocide or ethnic cleansing?

    Are Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch wrong to report when there are human rights abuses, in case governments use that evidence to go to war? Surely if there are human rights abuses the story should get out? They report on human rights abuses in all countries, including the USA and UK. There is no evidence that Amnesty International supports war.

    In this global village surely we should afford every human being the same human rights? The 1916 Proclamation had the admirable concept that all children of the nation (i.e. every Irish citizen) should be treated equally. Surely today this extends with the spirit of Casement and the work he did globally against slavery, the empathy of Pearse, the understanding of persecution of Clarke and the Internationalism of Connolly to be a concept that all children of the planet (i.e. all human beings)should be treated equally? And if not, why not?

  13. One man's genocide is another man's marketing opportunity – just ask the Tamils and the British weapons manufacturers or even Ian Paisley Jr
    What constitutes genocide is purely down to the victors......very few if any ever admit it!

  14. Anybody that cares to read this article can't help but notice how the "soft power" of so called human rights groups is used by others to further their agendas:

  15. Genocide is not Suu Kyi’s crime — even if she happens, in fact, to be guilty of it. Her crime is to have not sold out to the West, the hope that she would do so being the true reason she was for so long held up as its darling — not because of any instinct she might or might once have possessed in regard to human rights. It is her embrace of the New Silk Road at the expense of Western imperialism, with the resultant geopolitical consequences for the US Asia Pivot, that has led to her being caricatured as a ‘genocider’.

    130 Yemeni children die every day from malnutrition, preventable disease and war. By the end of the year 50,000 Yemeni children will be dead. 11 million people in Yemen need assistance. British-backed Saudi Arabia is still besieging Yemen and has only opened the ports of Aden and al Makha and Mukalla – ports under the control of a resigned president to which the Yemenis have limited access. Seven boats loaded with supplies have been prevented from anchoring in the port of al Hudaida. The British are the ones sending from their frigates the smart missiles the Saudi pilots have not been trained to use.

    This is a massacre and a genocide of the Yemeni people but the imperialist media apparatus is silent. A permanent member of the United Nations Security Council is in the cockpit — just as it was in Libya. ‘A whole race is being cleansed for the crimes of a few’ and we meet silence. The people have nothing with which to defend themselves against such scheming. The predator and its proxies can kill at leisure and starve and massacre and annihilate and prey on little children without a word of truth from the propaganda merchants of the supposedly ‘free press’.

    This is not to suggest the Yemeni are more worthy than the Rohingya. It is to say that human rights are only of concern when they can be waged as weapons of war. Since when did NATO give a rats ass about human rights, other than in this instance? It is this which I have sought to address because we need, as a society, to understand what our governments are doing if these anti-human psychopaths are to be stopped. There have been some very good links dropped in by others which help illustrate the agenda under discussion. Those in my article atop should also be read and considered.

  16. Worth a read (sorry that I can’t make it as a live link):


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