The Normalization Of Nazism

Writing for No Bones About It, anti-fascist activist Eva Sennesvik shares her realisations on the continuing rise of Nazism throughout Europe.

Being a political activist is very rewarding, but it can also be harrowing. Many burn themselves out over and over, some crash and become numbed for a time. For us, this last week has been one of the latter.

Last Monday we went to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau. No amount of previous knowledge can quite prepare you for what you see there. And no matter how strong you think you are, it will floor you.

When you stand face to face with the horrors, the evidence of systematic evil, systematic dehumanization of 'undesirables', of horrendous torture and experiments performed on people, the mass murder on oh so many thousands of innocents. It changes who you are and how you relate to the world.

We are currently trying to recoup, to change the devastation we feel inside to strength, because what is about to take place in Finland and most of all Gothenburg will need every one of us in good shape.

Shortly after the antifascist victory over NMR in Gothenburg a few weeks back, we heard the NMR was planning a major march again. Our contacts didn't know where or when, but now we know:

The Finnish branch of NMR will be marching through the town of Tammersfors in Finland on the 21st of October.

They are promising a large march. The Finnish police have been largely removed from marches there. They don't seem to mind the Nazis sadly. And so do little to stop it escalating. It could get nasty, as the NMR now are wounded and eager for revenge.

The fantastic Finish network TIL (nazi free Tammersfors) are rallying to get all their supporters to come show the Nazis just what we think of them. We wish them all the luck, strength and protection they need in their very important work! And on the 21st.

We see a normalization of Nazism nearly every day in our society around us all. Extreme right (nazis and fascists) are rapidly gaining support. Joining a Nazi / fascist group or political party is no longer something done in secrecy. They hold seats in our governments, in the EU parliament. They get funded through governments, the EU and large corporations. They use mass media to spread their hateful propaganda, with no one trying to hinder their access to it. 

Youth today see it as examples of healthy free speech and applaud it. They are easy prey for the extreme right.

Several governments around the world has lead their respective countries into financial crisis like we have not seen the likes of for a very long time. But instead of doing anything to rectify the situation, they blame the weakest of our fellow beings. The refugees, the foreigners in general, the old, the sick, the homeless, the LGBT population, other faiths or political views. And thereby supporting and spreading Nazi /fascist propaganda. People are fed up, they start believing the propaganda and follow like sheep the hateful words and actions. They find release of their anger through groups of likeminded people, and more join in every day. None of us are really safe anymore. This is supported by many governments, governments control law. Simply by helping innocent fellow beings, we are seen as trouble-makers with dangerous minds.

And now to the very, very disturbing news from Gothenburg...

They are in for a wave of extreme Nazi and fascists, this time under the disguise of a conference.

On October 28th the fascist APF has called for a major conference in Gothenburg. Uniting all Nazi / fascist groups, organizations and political parties in Europe to join forces and to strengthen their cause. The heads of ultra-national socialistic movements will gather for what is in effect a brainstorming event to further their vile ideology!

APF has strong links to the militant fascist organization Europa Terra Nostra. Their leader, Roberto Fiore, has strong links to the group NAR. A militant fascist group who, among other things, blew up a railway station in Bologna, Italy in 1980, killing 100, injuring 200.

Europa Terra Nostra is again linked to the organization AFP (alliance for peace and freedom) ...and once again we see them hiding behind a relatively innocent name. Because this group is anything but innocent. They are an organization gathering All fascist and Nazi groups, as well as Holocaust deniers, in the whole of Europe and Russia. And of course follow the ideology of a pure white Europe and Russia, without people of colour, unwanted faiths or cultures, unwanted political views, LGBT or other unwanted behaviour.

At the conference in Gothenburg some very dangerous and well known figures will gather. Among them:

- Herve van Leathem. Arrested several times on racism charges.

- Udo Voigt. EU Parliament member for the German Nazi party NPD.

-Dan Eriksson. Prominent member of Europa Terra Nostra and leader of the Swedish Nazi group Motgift (antidote).

All lead by Daniel Höglund. Openly Nazi.

The eminent Swedish EXPO uncovered that the AFP had received 3.68 million in financial aid from EU, Europa Terra Nostra got 1.8 million.

So once again we have to ask ourselves:

Why are our governments so keen to support the normalization of Nazism?

Why is nothing done to stop them?

Why do our leaders fund them?

It is up to us now! We can't remain numbed and silenced.

The Nazis / fascists (nor our governments) can no longer get away with this.

We must rise and fight Now, harder than ever before. We cannot let dehumanization and mass murder of our fellow beings become reality again.

This is what our grandparents fought, and it is our turn to fight now, for our future and our kids future. We can't let this sick ideology spread and take control this time.

Picture is called «Gate to Hell» found online.

It is the main gate of Birkenau.

I do recommend a visit to Auschwitz and Birkenau. Auschwitz will floor most people stories, evidence, horrors and tangible remains of where thousands suffered and met their gruesome end.

Birkenau shatters you from before you enter by the sheer size of the camp, the horrors of what happened there and by the chilling, lingering feeling of «you are not leaving here alive.

The visit left us changed. Many of us feel altered completely. No more 'favours' will be given. This has to be fought back, and we have to start now before it's too late.

Source facts from EXPOs Daniel Wiklander

➽Eva Sennesvik has been an antifascist & human rights activist since the early 80’s, spent 10 years lobbying for a fairer society in Scandinavian countries and is currently involved in helping paperless refugees here in Bergen Norway. She writes speeches and pieces for public use on our escalating social problems and the extreme right's dangerous popularity.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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