The Christine Connor I Know

Writing in his own blog Julian Ichim expresses solidarity with imprisoned republican, Christine Connor. 

Over the last year the media has gone all out to attack demonize and criminalize Christine Connor. In a usual sexist manner she is being portrayed as some sort of femme fatale. And instead of dealing with her politics, like most woman she is being attacked sensationalized and commodified, based on her gender as opposed to what she stands for.

Even in progressive circles this type of slander - that only a woman would face - is not only allowed to be spread but actually believed. The idea that she somehow convinced young men to engage in armed struggle not only demeans Christine and her beliefs but demeans the political stands that people have taken and basically states that men have no minds of their own and whatever political views they held are irrelevant because Christine somehow cast a spell on them and they no longer could think for herself. I'm surprised that they have not yet accused her of witchcraft and burnt her at the stake.

I myself know Christine Connor first as writing to her in jail and later talking to her and her family extensively over the phone etc. We first really started taking to each other while she was on house arrest and G4S would do everything in their power to make her life miserable. From home invasions to constant harassment, the shit her and her family went through at the hands of the G4S - used as a proxy by the British state - was some real next level shit that had it happened in some Muslim Country we probably would be at war with them to bring them democracy and all that shit.

After that we would talk about all sorts of things most of which were political. And while she was dealing with all sorts of shit from the state she would take the time to talk to me about the shit I was (and still am) going through at the hands of Homeland Security which pales in comparison to the shit she was dealing with. She always struck me as a principled Republican who always put politics in command and her honesty and openness about her politics and her views on things was a breath of fresh air.

We would also talk about everything from my health to the latest police bullshit to the present political situation globally and she always struck as a person who is kind caring and her hatred for injustice of any kind was inspirational.Ironically, given the way that the media is treating her, one topic we discussed several times is the sexism in the revolutionary movement as whole and the bullshit way woman in any political scene get treated.

Her conversations were honest open and principled. I am glad to have been able to talk and learn from her and consider her political views very well-developed, thought out, logical open and inspirational. I stand with Christine Connor and am very glad to have been able to talk to her learn from her and grow politically. 

Julian Ichim is a political dissident and blogger who has previously been jailed for his activism.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

10 comments to ''The Christine Connor I Know"

  1. Christine Connor is a 'femme fatale'!!!

    Hands down that's the most hilarious thing I've ever read on TPQ!!

  2. Steve R,
    Yeah I know Steve, apparently she was portrayed as such in the was one of those stories that you think, should this not be on the Jeremy Kyle show or something like that...I didn't follow it much at all but the media did make a song and dance about it...

  3. Niall,

    I agree, I wonder if 'femme fatale' is an anagram of something....

    Maybe the media have a sense of humour!

  4. Steve, how deep did you have to think to come up with this? Commenting on anothers appearence instead of her ideas is telling. The newspapers took this angle because of the images she used instead of her own online, but why use her own given what she was engaged in, it makes sense to most people I speak to? What have you done to advance anything you desire politically today/this week/this year? Sniped at someones appearence, in uninteresting ways on the web cant be the sum of it surely?

  5. DaithiD,

    Your sense of humour bypass aside, rest assured, any furthering of my politics would not include attempted murder.

    And as such I think banter on TPQ is not going to affect her one iota.

  6. DaithiD
    He didn't comment on her appearance, he commented on the media's description of her as a "femme fatale". I don't recall you calling out Sean Mallory's overt sexism in the way he describes Arlene Foster.

  7. Steve, humour is irrelevant, the context is this is the latest attack by you on Republican prisoners.

  8. DaithiD,

    Merely pointing out inconvenient facts that those posters seem to have omitted for some unknown reason. Why shouldn't their narrative be questioned?

  9. Steve, you had two opportunities to query the facts of the case. You chose some superficial aspect of reporting.Im not above ridiculing public figures, just need to be mindful about punching down instead of up. Ive not asked for you to be censored, rebuttals with the tools available to me should be allowed too.

  10. DaithiD,

    You do realise she pleaded guilty?


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