Sinn Fein: Oh No, Not That Kind Of Solidarity

Finnian O Domhnaill is critical of Sinn Fein MLA Raymond McCartney over his attitude to radical Derry artwork.

As most know, the Free Derry wall has been used for decades to raise awareness on political issues in Ireland and around the world. The amazing thing about the free Derry wall is that it is still being used today to raise awareness on political issues. History is continuing to be made today instead of sending the wall to the archives of the past. Recently, a non-Sinn Fein artist painted a powerful painting on the Free Derry wall supporting Catalonia’s struggle for independence.

Another artistic expression of solidarity for Catalonia came in the form of yellow and red illuminating lights being shone on the old siege walls of Derry city. A very imaginative piece, supported and posted by Sinn Fein’s Raymond McCartney.

He could have left it there but he just couldn’t help get a dig in with what seems to Ray, a competition of who’s the best in solidarity with Catalonia. On his post he slated the artistic piece of the Free Derry wall.

Both pieces, to many, are compelling and show how much support there is in Derry for Catalonia. Using the decades old Free Derry wall as a platform for spreading the message as well as taking a more modern approach of using red and yellow lighting, to represent Catalonia’s flag, on the old siege walls show that Derry’s activists are using both old and new ways to promote and raise awareness on issues. This should of course be celebrated and commended. However, Raymond McCartney seems to disagree.

To many, it will show that Sinn Fein has hit a new low in their ever decreasing republican traditions. It seems Raymond McCartney has lost touch with his fellow Derry republicans by demonising the artwork on the free Derry wall.

A Derry woman commented on the post which may have made Ray to see the light on what he said was wrong and was only an invitation to stoke the flames of division within his own community.

Anonymous: Compare this? why are using a message of solidarity to encourage division in your own city. Getting a dig in on Facebook is pretty low.
McCartney: My intention was to commend not divide. But in fairness your point is well made.

Perhaps Raymond McCartney has seen the error of his ways. Perhaps his deleting of his post on the social media pages has made him realise his massive cock up. Perhaps its too little too late for some and has only put a bigger stamp on their thoughts of Sinn Fein and their isolation of the grassroots?

No doubt the Shinnerbots will gather in their masses to attack me and this piece.

Here Come The Shinnerbots. Imperialist Defenders

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Finnian O Domhnaill is a political writer from Donegal, currently living in Derry. He is the creator of the political page No Bones About It.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

2 comments to ''Sinn Fein: Oh No, Not That Kind Of Solidarity"

  1. We in Catalunya welcome the recognition and support we get from our comrades in Derry. However it would be even better if it was referred to as Catalunya, the Catalan name, rather than Catalonia which is the Spanish term. It’s a bit like Derry/Londonderry.

  2. Raymond didn't seem to have a problem when the UK Colonial Fleadh used the wall as an advertising hoarding for commercial purposes in 2013


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