Fighting Against Islam And Islamism

From Maryam Namazie in her ongoing battle to promote secularism.

Here is my speech at the 40th Freedom from Religion Foundation Convention in Madison, WI during 15-17 September whilst receiving the Henry H. Zumach Freedom From Religious Fundamentalism award:

Maryam Namazie is a political activist and writer.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

14 comments to ''Fighting Against Islam And Islamism"

  1. Unfortunately Maryams advocating for females in an age when the progressive position is to beat up females of immigrant backgrounds, not empower them:

    Where its progressive to hold greater disdain for female authors lawfully displaying the empowerment (so yearned for in the past), than those males plotting to behead for transgressing their blasphemy codes:

  2. The fight against Islam and Islamism must result in the two tiered policing system in the UK being exposed, then destroyed. And the dynamic is not the way Islamophiles claim it to be.

    When young British girls were known to be gang raped on an industrial scale in places such as Rotherham,Rochdale,Sheffield,Oxford,Newcastle,Keighly,Bristol,Ayelsbury,Peterborough (to name a few),Police and social services conspired to cover it up, this isnt speculation, its detailed in the Jay report into the Rotherham cases.

    A movie producer wanking into potted plants doesnt compare to the level of sadism accompanying the rapes, like being doused in gasoline and threatened with incineration, having their tongues nailed to a tables, being branded with red hot irons, being filmed and having the videos uploaded onto porn sites, becomming pregnant with the rapists child etc.

    When the girls families used public protest as a last resort, the progressives came out and violently attacked them for being 'Islamophobes', even though the gangs are still routinely referred to as 'Asian' , even though no Chinese,Japanese males were involved, but North Africans and Afghans along with the majority Pakistani's were. Religion links them, not a geographical region.

    No #MeToo campaign support for girls of their social class.

    This is what Maryam is up against.

  3. DaithiD's rubbishing and trivialising of sexual abuse in Hollywood demonstrates his real motivation is a simple hatred of Islam rather than a concern for victims of sexual abuse.

  4. Simon, you know nothing about me or the girls.If I said ive given thousands of pounds to funds for these girls, it might appear to most reading it I am lying to win an arguement. There will be one or two reading it that know similar (smaller) things I do, to indicate its not unusual for me to send money to strangers. I would like to do more, but people like you have made it very difficult. You have a very public record of seeking to shift the narrative of such stories away from the victims or perpetrators, and onto the personality of commenters. Do you ever worry that one day you might have to endure what you have sought for others for holding your views?

  5. DaithiD, the systematic abuse of kids from care homes etc has being going on in the UK long before 'asian' gangs became topical I.e white 'christian' gangs masquerading as respectable members of society have been buggering kids for years. Please pay attention.

    On another footnote, it is indeed ironic that Irish people still take the word of British cops,judges, politicians and their media even though thay have regularly demonstrated that they can't be trusted when it comes to truth, honesty, morality etc especially when it comes to 'government inquiries' etc. Ironic indeed. And if you want to learn more about irony then simply read up and follow the Westminster inquiry into child abuse that stumbles from one engineered hindrance to another. A bit like various collusion inquiries that have been ongoing in this part of the world.

  6. DaithiD, my comment about your reference to reported rapes in Hollywood being about a movie producer wanking into potted plants stands.

  7. Simon, i find myself devoting time to someone who openly states he knows little of Islams scriptures.Imagine how much less effective a response to the casting couch culture would be if it was lumped in with all other assaults on females, if we lost that resolution of data? Imagine if you knew more about Islams effect on the way these men see females?

    My potted plant comment was clumsy, but I did mean it in terms of reporting about the sadism and weirdness *in addition* to the rapes. I didnt reduce Wienstein to that, it was on top of. And if we marvel at that, then look at what those girls suffered. Do you do anything material to help either set of victims?

  8. PS And people still feel able to retort 'most rapists are white men'. Well yes, and most people the cops shoot dead in America (at least upto 2015) are/were white men too.Its only when adjusting for their relative sizes in the population you reveal that actually black males get fatally shot about x2.5 times more often.
    But even without adjusting for religion, this type of street grooming/gang rape activity is nearly 90% by this group, and 1/3 sentenced are called Mohammed. People like you have tried to make these monsters the victims, even allowing for the clumsy and incomplete nature of a comment section.

    Again, I see signs of great change ahead. I was at a freinds wedding last week, guests were drawn from Cambridge grads/finance workers.I will just hint that since politics is downstream from culture, I dont think we will be pursuing the option of job advice/council houses to returning ISIS fighters.

  9. wolftone, I believe we too have discussed this before. I posted a link, and suggested to you then to read the Prof. Jay report. Read the hard conclusions of said report. Then read about all the machinations the State took to suppress it.

    Its too simplistic, and counter-factual to suggest its being used by the State to obscure the presence of elite rape gangs. I know the alleged rings you are talking about, even if I am inclined to believe them,we still have some way to go to establish this to the general public,a neccesary step before any pressure can be built and leveraged to some political end.

    Lets assume you are correct in your suspicions. Unless you do not also believe girls are still,today, being raped by grooming gangs on an industrial scale, there is no reason not to pursue State agencies identified in the Jay report as a matter of urgency. Its arguable it can only aid the potential elite ring investigations because it will firmly establish in the publics mind the lengths the police and social services will go to hide such henious acts.

  10. DaithiD, Seeing as though so many women are abused physically and sexually it is an enormous task to put a dent in the system. Yes, it is a system. With inequality in gender representation in politics, the workplace and in places of power and influence women are stuck in a planet which treats them as somehow less than men. In countries of all faiths.

    It is in this context and not in isolation that sexual abuse thrives. Things like gender pay gaps etc all place less value and worth on women and contribute to the societal failure to redress and prevent sexual violence. It creates a learned response to women which is harmful and damaging to everyone. Until we have an attitudinal change there will be sexual violence.

    Unfortunately, I have just been a year out of thirty pence above minimum wage and my charitable contributions have dried up. When I could afford it in the past I did give to good causes. I live my life trying to lead by example and surround myself with like-minded people when it comes to issues such as equality. Anyone, no matter what their religion who denigrates anyone else based on their innate qualities will be shunned. I met many like-minded Muslim friends when I lived in England.

    Saying that sexual offenders who work in gangs are more likely to be Asian is true. And yes, Asians are more likely to be Muslim. Statistically Muslims make up a far greater proportion of sexual offenders in gangs. However, I have two points to make about that.

    There is a stronger correlation between people who work in the night-time community, eg. Taxi-drivers, take-away workers, late night shops etc. than that between people of a Muslim faith and sexual offending. Most night time economy workers originate from Muslim countries. The link with most sexual offending is opportunity on the one hand and vulnerability on the other. The night-time community is the link rather than religion. Otherwise more Muslims would be offenders. Which brings me to my second point.

    Child abusers are more likely to have been abused as a child themselves. There is a definite link there. However, this link isn't so strong that we can say people who abused as children are more likely to be child abusers. Any link like that doesn't necessarily work both ways. The number of victims of child abuse is so large that any impact of the link on the population of those who have been abused is negligible. However, it doesn't negate the fact that of those who abuse children are more likely to have been abused themselves. We can't blame a pool of people from where some abusers come any more than we can blame all Muslims or people who work in the night-time industry. Statistics don't work that way.

    You answered your own question about why there wasn't any #metoo campaign for the victims of the gangs. Maybe it's because the violence meted out on their victims was so severe that any popular #metoo campaign would trivialise it.

    I believe you gave thousands. However
    I tend to keep my charitable contributions, if any, private. But I have worked in a voluntary capacity for many different organisations including those whose mandate covers work for minority rights, women's rights and in particular violence against women. Due to my comments on the quill it wouldn't be appropriate to name them. You'll have to trust me on that.

  11. Simon, me relaying the money has jepoardised the altruistic gesture I was trying to make, I told only my missus about this before my comment on here. I just wanted to show gobbing off on the internet the least demonstration of my concern. It could be that fast food places are venues teens that cant get into clubs will disproportionally visit. But we also need to recognise these girls were seen as 'white trash' by these men, they said so themselves.

    Its such an emotive topic, I hate deflections onto myself. I do try and alter aspects of how I approach this subject, I figure no sane person disagrees with the broad concern. The issues seem to come from clumsy wording fitting a pre-concieved racial narrative in the minds of others.Even if you genuinely feel this about me, you can at least understand how racial motives can be (deliberately) misapplied elsewhere to silence decent people.

    Did you catch the notice on here about the Scientology protest in Dublin a few weeks back? The language used within it was about as blunt as any BNP leaflet on Islam, yet it doesnt carrying the same stigma.

  12. DaithiD, yes indeed you have indeed mentioned the Jay report. But I would argue most people don't read reports or the finer details of these cases but rather the initial headlines and the message being fed, and in these cases the message is ' Muslims are grooming young girls'. Job done. Message received and understood. Thus continues the exponential animosity towards folk of a Muslim persuasion within these islands and I firmly believe that is the driving factor in the 'concern' showing by the state and its compliant allies within the media.
    I also mentioned before as an example, that a group of loyalists were grooming young girls from care homes in n.ireland about ten yrs ago and the media made sure to swiftly move on I.e if the state wanted to big this story up the media would have been a lot more determined with this story. Alas it doesn't suit certain agendas so we'll hear no more about it.
    Anyway I get your gist but I would confidently predict there are a lot more people abused by white Christian or other on these islands but unfortunately there is no govt sponsored report that will give the public the nod to be outraged at such. But sure why would a govt/state sponsor a report that shines a light on them and their ilk's activities? That would be silly. Almost as silly as the RUC/PSNI investigating its own criminal activities.

  13. DaithiD, when I was a kid Scientology wasn't considered a religion legally as there was no deity involved. It was merely a belief system. There used to be a need for a deity for a belief system to be referred to as a religion. Why the change? I am not sure.

  14. wolftone, at the moment you are noting other abuse events/coverups, noting the grooming gangs, and by some undefined mechanism claiming the same forces and outcomes are at work.If it were a court room, a person wouldnt not be convicted on evidence of past crimes, so what is it you are seeing that I am not. If you had to conduct a thought experiment, what other empirical evidence would back up your thesis?

    For example, Ive listed the Jay report, but I could also reference coverups in Cologne NYE 2016/Swedish music festivals to indicate the police forces Europe wide and in sync arent trying to scapegoat Muslims over this issue. All hard evidence suggests the opposite.

    I cant understand how in this small , defined, knowable area, there is room for disagreement. (I can understand different views on ideologies, but not on such binary issues)


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