White Helmets

With Syria's White Helmets about to receive the Tipperary Peace Prize, a TPQ piece by Alex McCrory from 2016 raises serious concerns about the body.

Watched Crosstalk on RT last night. It is one of the best programmes for political discussion and analysis to be found on the news networks. On this occasion, it lifted the lid on a self styled Syrian NGO known as the White Helmets that operates ostensibly as a civil defence group in the rebel held parts of Aleppo. Funded by the Sunni Gulf states and America to the tune of one hundred million, it purports to be in the business of saving lives and supporting the civilian population from the onslaught unleashed by the SAA and the Russians.

The organisation has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and this has caused consternation in many quarters. The reason for the concern is the well documented involvement of the White Helmets in brazen and brutal acts of violence and torture against captured Syrian soldiers and civilians.

Three investigative journalists who went to Aleppo to monitor the activities of this group exposed its real role as a actor in the war on the side of the anti-government forces. Their accounts of subterfuge and gross misrepresentation revealed the propaganda that surrounds the organisation.

Footage supplied by the White Helmets of alleged attacks carried out by the government were often shown to have been manufactured for mass public consumption. The western cable news networks carry these images without question as to their accuracy and/or veracity.

Simply put, the White Helmets are a proxy group supported by the Americans and it's regional allies. It is being used to create the impression that the humanitarian crisis is the sole responsibility of the government and the Russians.

The truth is that the White Helmets work hand in glove with the Islamist insurgents and many of its members are armed. For this reason, it can only be found to be operating in the rebel held parts of Aleppo and nowhere else. It calls for the overthrow of the government and opposes Russia.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

16 comments to ''White Helmets"

  1. The author recycles well known conspiracist smears about The White Helmets with no supporting evidence whatsoever apart from a documentary on Putin's propaganda channel Russia Today. No evidence that kit was working on behalf of jihadists. This article is just a pathetic apology for the monstrous crimes of Assad and his Russian (and Iranian and Hezbollah) allies.

  2. This is evidence in support of my previous. Note how much those who smear the White Helmets rely on the far right site "Info Wars"

  3. The whole thing is subterfuge. There was a SAA Pilot (Ali Helwa) recently shot down by US/EU proxies the FSA. Amongst those pictured gleefully escorting the grotesquely swollen creature was someone emblazonned with "Press" on his body armour. Maybe the jolly fellow was just chipping in with the rest of the boys. Or maybe this is why press and NGO's will never be able to operate in war theatre's ever again under the pretence of impartiality.

  4. Barry your last sentence re 'monstrous crimes' could be taken from the Pentagon propaganda machine.

    Tipperary Peace Prize gets lower and lower.

  5. James

    Just read the reports from the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights which attribute over 90% of the violent deaths in the Syrian War (400, 000 and counting) to Assad's forces. Just cast your mind back to the bombing of aid convoys and hospitals by Assad's and Putin's forces inb Aleppo last December. Just cast your mind back to the sarin gas atrocity in Gouta in August 2013 which killed 1,400. And to the network of gulags into which 11,000 opponents of the Assad regime. Monstrous crime by anyone's standards.

    Your apology for the Assad regime could have come straight from Info Wars and RT.

  6. Ask Fisk, he knows who these people are....Tipperary Peace Prize my arse!

  7. And who are these people, Niall? There appears to be an agenda to discredit The White Helmets perhaps because of the support given to them by the murdered MP Jo Cox.

  8. "Syrian Observatory on Human Rights"

    AKA one bloke working out of two bedroom flat in Coventry, England! Even ex-CIA men say its unreliable, mainly because nobody has a clue were he gets his info from!

    Hardly what I'd call an impartial source Barry!

  9. Barry,
    Look in to who is running them and funding them and don't forget to read about how they faked photographs of rescues in Syria when the photos turned out to be from Palestine and that was stated by people actually on the ground in Syria.
    More importantly, Why are they carrying guns?

  10. The Syrian White Helmets have been the target of a vicious disinformation campaign by supporters of Assad (of which there seem to be regretfully a few who post on this forum), Assad himself and Russia Today. Because the White Helmets operate in area where there are "terrorists" does not mean that they are terrorist supporters. Read this Fact checker for further information;

  11. In light of todays news, referencing snopes to vindicate a view hasnt aged well , even if the scale is merely hours.

  12. Niall

    Look at these allies of Assad. Happy to read from the same page as the far right?

  13. White helmets founded by by an "ex"(cough cough) officer of Brit army intelligence and funded by British govt(advised by army Intel no doubt to do so). Enough said. Only idiots/agents fall for these so called 'human rights' groups spiel.

  14. Gilheany dear chap there is plenty of evidence to support the claims that the white helmets are up to their necks in murdering and terrorising Syrians. Who can forget the video of jihadis executing a Syrian soldier and seconds later the Helmets come in with their body bag/stretcher to remove the corpse? Did the jihadis kindly ring them to clean up their mess? A bit too close for comfort that working relationship dontcha think? Btw, why don't the Helmets head into Yemen and lend them people their expertise? Why doesn't the "ex" army Intel officer set up a similar outfit in Yemen at the very least? On seconds thoughts the Yemen people would be better of not asking for the helmets expertise; we wanna end the war not exacerbate it!

  15. I suppose some will dismiss the terror actions attributed to the White helmets as a case or two of 'a few bad apples' and nothing more?

  16. Mother Agnes Mariam another 'far right' supporter of the 'Assad regime' giving her take on what she has seen on the ground in Syria. If gilheaney had his way she'd be introduced to the expertise of the White helmets.


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