UK Class Prejudice

Mick Hall from Organized Rage writes that:

The UK is the most class prejudiced nation in the world no amount of smoothing the rough edges will make an ounce of difference.

The liberal mainstream media is once again looking at class and the role it plays in society. Sadly they come at this stifling issue like a doctor whose patient is diagnosed with cancer and instead of ordering chemotherapy to stop the growth of the cancer they prescribe a course of counselling which may help the patient in the short term but almost certainly will end up with their demise.

The United Kingdom is the most class prejudiced nation in the world: no amount of smoothing the rough edges will make an ounce of difference. The very name the United Kingdom tells us all we need to know.

In his new book Richard Reeves summed up class prejudice pretty succinctly:

Class is not just about money, though it is about that. The class gap can be seen from every angle: education, security, family, health, you name it. There will also be inequalities on each of these dimensions, of course. But inequality becomes class division when all these varied elements – money, education, wealth, occupation – cluster together so tightly that, in practice, almost any one of them will suffice for the purposes of class definition. Class division becomes class stratification when these advantages – and thus status – endure across generations. 

I write class prejudice because the advantage for a minority of the population, the upper middle classes, cannot but prejudice the prospects of working class people in every sphere, and no where is this better demonstrated than in the UK education system. I shouldn't need to spell it out but the wealth accumulated over decades, if not centuries, by their families allows 7% of the UK's children to attend public schools. (This costs up to 40K a year per child). This 7% are then fast tracked on to the best universities, and then into the professions and the city of London.

This is no quirk of fate, nor are these people any brighter than the majority of the population, it's due to the inherent class prejudice which is inbuilt into the UK state.

The Sutton Trust an educational charity has carried out surveys into this for more than a decade reported:

Although just 7% of the population attend independent fee-paying schools, the survey reveals that almost three quarters (71%) of top military officers were educated privately, with only 12% having been taught in comprehensive State schools.

This is a shocking and dangerous statistic as it means at times of social upheaval, right or wrong, the military have the ruling classes back.

In the field of law, 70% of senior UK judges and barristers are privately or Oxbridge educated.

Again what this means is when push comes to shove the judiciary is there to defend the current status quo, and its institutions, any talk about the UK having an independent judiciary is a total fallacy, a damnable lie. From the lowest magistrate to the highest Supreme Court judge, when push comes to shove they serve the interest of the 7%.

More than half of leading MSM print journalists went to independent schools and or elitist universities, despite comprehensive state schools educating 88% of the nation's children.

Thus it's hardly surprising these MSM opinion formers always support the status quo and smear or belittle those who challenge it.

Even in medicine the Sutton Trust research shows 61% of the country’s senior doctors were educated at independent schools, etc. 

Class prejudice has also infected the arts, especially popular music, theatre and film, which had been opened up to working class people in the 1960s. Today a Paul McCartney will in all probability still be working in a low paid job when he reaches 64, and a budding John Lennon will never have been allowed to Imagine.

If you scratch below the surface, half of Britain's best known actors today went to fee paying schools and elite universities.

If they were starting out today actors from working class backgrounds like Michael Cain, Sean Connery, Ray Winstone and the wonderful Sean Bean would never have gained a foot in the door.

The arm-lock of this unrepresentative class is demonstrated by those who gain the most Arts Council's funding today, it boils down to elitists arts for elitist people.
See here for more info

So how does such a narrow social class dominate British society and more importantly why are so many talented citizens denied the right to blossom and bloom?

As I wrote above it's due to the inbuilt class prejudice inherent within the British State. It's a pyramid system of self interest, not unlike a ponzi scheme, which is renewed regularly with fresh ruling class blood.

The monarch sits in luxury at the head, like the Red Queen in the Alice in Wonderland sequel. Her courtiers act as her worker bees co-ordinating her every move, followed by the politicians who help administer the state on her, and their behalf. Then we have the governmental system: they claim it's democratic but it's far from that. There's an unelected second chamber to anchor it down and a second elected chamber in which all members have to swear an oath of allegiance to the crown.

This wretched oath is unique, it would not be tolerated in democracies worthy of the name:

I (name of Member) swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.

If an MP wishes to confirm, it's the same oath less the godly nonsense. Swearing loyalty to the state let alone its people doesn't get a lookin.

Next you have the hard state apparatus, the military, secret state, police and the judiciary, all of whom also swear an oath of allegiance to the crown.

The MSM play their role by talking up this frippery and deceit, and smearing and scaring anyone who challenges it and the Status Quo. Is there any other nation in the world which looks back at empire, wars, and destruction as their finest hour? When Cameron deemed during its 100 anniversary the nation should celebrate every day of WW1, these hacks roared their approval. Thankfully the overwhelming majority of the population cocked a deaf ear.

Betsy's gongs play a massive role: they're scattered amongst the boiler-house crew and they bring into the circle useful idiots who will defend almost anything as long as it's whispered in their ear.

Just how contemptuous the ruling class are towards these useful idiots is best demonstrated by the titles they maintain for the silly gongs which they dish out to them like confetti. Commander of the order of the British empire. Member of the order of the British empire. It is truly a mystery to me why anyone would accept one of these trinkets when the empire no longer exists and when it did it was a criminal conspiracy with racial bigotry within its black heart.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

3 comments to ''UK Class Prejudice"

  1. Very angry Mick but a very informative read. Unfortunately the sheep will keep on bleating Mick.

  2. Genuine question: how different is everyday experience of class in Ireland to that described in the article?

    Your current football/soccer manager's got an OBE.

    Tim Pat Coogan remarked that no man in Ireland, north or south, could be sure of a hot meal on the day of a British royal wedding.

  3. All good points in Mick's article.

    Genuine question: how does the experience of class he describes compare with the way things are in Ireland?

    I don't live in Ireland, but I'm not aware of any great sense of culture shock in terms of class among the Irish in the UK.

    Regarding the imperial horseshit: the current Irish football/soccer manager has an OBE. Is this considered important by many people?

    I remember reading a remark by Tim Pat Coogan to the effect that no man in Ireland, north or south, could be sure of getting a hot meal on the day of a British royal wedding.


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