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Lets Not Be Beastly To The Tories Says Yvette Cooper

Mick Hall from Organized Rage vigorously asserts a right to politically mock and ridicule.

Not only is this funny it is revealing, I notice Ms Cooper had not a word to say about Tom Janssen/Trouw cartoon when it first appeared. Far from being on the far right his work is published across Europe in the MSM.

Last weekend the Labour neoliberal MP Yvette Cooper launched a defence of the BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg, as she called on Labour to be a “broad-based party” and its supporters to stop engaging in “vitriolic abuse” online.

Empathy with her own party members is not something this woman does, although she is quite happy to emphasise with Ms Kuenssberg, a journalist who has been to the fore since 2015 when it comes to attacking Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. More often than not when BBC TV broadcast an attack on Jeremy it was under her byline.

Nor did she have a word to say about the head of the BBC's Westminster political programmes, Robert Gibb being named as Theresa May's new director of communications. Gibb edits the Daily Politics on which Laura Kuenssberg regularly attacked Corbyn. Instead of attacking these old boys networks and revolving chairs, Cooper attacks those who are attempting to hold the MSM to account.

Cooper then lectured party members not to be beastly to Tories:

Nor is there any excuse for vitriolic abuse against our opponents. During this general election campaign some Tory women MPs and candidates were targeted with unacceptable personal abuse from the left.

No examples are given but what the hell? When did the likes of her ever deal with facts? Instead she attacked party members who are Corbyn supporters:

We’ve seen Labour supporters at rallies holding placards with the severed head of Theresa May. Maybe it was meant as a joke. It isn’t funny.

While she felt:

“huge anger” at what May was doing I never ever want to see Labour people mocking up pictures of her head on a stake. I never ever want our party to dehumanise our opponents. That’s what the far right do.

In my time I has seen a few mocking pictures of Tory MP's and enjoyed every one. In the last GE campaign Jackie Doyle Price, the Tory candidate in my constituency, had her posters improved by a wag adding a Hitler mustache. My friends and neighbors thought she looked all the better for that.

Ridicule and mockery have always been an integral political weapon going back to the 17th century, if not before. As the Arab writer Yazan Al-Saadi once wrote "Satire is supposed to be an act that punches up to power, and not down to the weak." Ms Cooper clearly prefers it to be the other way around.

Was the wonderful cartoonist Peter Riddle wrong to place Mrs May head first in a dustbin? Was Gerald Scarfe wrong to portray Blair up GW Bush's backside? I think not. Far from dehumanising these politicians the best satirists and cartoonists expose them for what they are and long may it be so.

I wonder what the giants of the LP would think about Cooper's bleating about not being beastly to the Tories? Aneurin Bevan might have had something to say as he was a man who believed the only good Tory was in the cemetery. Aneurin was a plain speaking man as this example shows:

What is Toryism but organised spivvery? … No amount of cajolery can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party … So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.

Any LP member who doesn't also believe this today, is to my mind in the wrong party.

Skwawkbox best summed up Ms Coopers behavior:

Ms Cooper might, of course, not have intended her remarks as part of a tactic undoubtedly represented by the furore whipped up last week by the media and other right-wing 'Labour' MPs - but the net effect was the same ... And whatever the truth about her motivations in the speech, it should be remembered that Cooper was widely reported to be preparing - and her allies were briefing the press about - a bid to challenge Corbyn for the leadership had the 'Corbyn surge' not inconveniently made that impracticable. Some quarters even reported that Cooper had to sack a team she had put together in readiness for her bid.

Cooper and her ilk have spent all their political lives scheming and plotting in what used to be called smoke filled rooms. They believed they had a god given right to decide who was on the way up, or down, who was due a good kicking in the MSM, who was to be lorded. That is how the Blairites and Brownites practiced their politics.

She spent the first part of her political career clinging to the greasy pole desperately seeking status, and the second climbing it, and god help whoever was below her in the pecking order.

These MSM enhanced whipped-up anti-Semitic, and misogyny smears are just a rehash of the type of stuff we have witnessed since 2015. The establishment to which Cooper belongs have no new ideas, no inspiration, just the same old neo liberal elitist crap which make them and MSM talking heads like Laura Kuenssberg irrelevant, damaged goods, desperately looking for a new home.

But ever the helpful fellow I would advise Mrs Balls the world has changed, as Bevan once said:

"We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road to long, they get run down."

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Anthony McIntyre

Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher

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