Winners And Losers

Mick Hall, writing @ Organized Rage, advises:

Looking for winners and losers, look no further than YouGov and the mainstream media.

One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words.

Ed Moloney the US based journalist, writer and blogger wrote this today and I endorse his sentiments totally:

O joy! Oh bliss! It’s not just that Corbyn has shown how useless and out of touch are the bulk of the UK’s journalists – just like their American counterparts were last November – but in particular that the worst of the worst, exposed as frauds, are the bunch of Blairites masquerading as reporters in Britain’s allegedly most left-wing, intellectual journal, The Guardian.
Here is Marina Hyde, Queen of the Grauniad’s Blairites in her column yesterday, as people were still voting. The crime is, she’ll still be in a job tomorrow. How much do these people get paid? :
Whatever the result (and for what sub-minuscule amount it is worth, I suspect it’ll be an eye-wateringly big win for the Tories)………
This is not journalism. It is a wishful, anti-Corbyn neurosis pretending to be journalism. I’m over here in the U.S., 3,000 miles away, and even I could see she was going to be wrong!

If you're looking for winners and losers look no further than YouGov and the mainstream media. Over the course of this election almost all the MSM's dire predictions turned out to have been built on sand, and that includes a Tory landslide. They claimed Corbyn Labour was unelectable, it would not gain any seats in Scotland, and in England and Wales the Tories were going to win seats in traditionally Labour heartlands like Hartlepool and Wrexham. The New Statesman actually predicted 50 Labour MPs were at risk of losing their seats to the Tories and the Spectator went even further with 63.

Rather than holding their hands up in shame, they are now trying to claim Corbyn is a loser because he failed to win a majority.

The big winner is YouGov, whose poll for the Times got the result about right and their exit poll was also not far off the mark. Yet not one of the MSM cretins took either seriously as they are incapable of thinking outside of their narrow Westminster bubble.

As to the election night coverage it was awful, studio guests who had been wrong about almost everything during the campaign were dominant, Blairites like the odious Alastair Campbell studio hopped. While neoliberal former politicians like Ed Balls and George Osborne pontificated about Jeremy, despite having no inkling about what makes him tick. Hosting the shows were geriatric presenters well past their prime. The studios were full of middle class white people no sight of the energetic young people who all but destroyed May in June.

What has been so wonderful about Corbyn Labour's campaign is they bypassed these cretins by using social media, blogs, tens of thousands of activists on the streets in the constituencies, and Jeremy touring the nation on the stump, during which he met countless numbers of actual voters. Unlike May who was confined to carefully orchestrated spin-ins which the wretched MSM often reported in the most untruthful way.

The radical techies in places like Newspeak House in east London got to work creating apps and games which played a massive part in getting the young folk to vote. Apps which helped to sign up approx 100,000 students to the electoral roll and games like Corbyn Run were just two of many.

And my, my, my, how these young voters did themselves and the rest of us proud by turning out in great numbers to vote as John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn predicted they would.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

1 comment to ''Winners And Losers"

  1. Its important that a range of opinions are evaluated by Nations, not just the select range given to us by recent history and endorsed by the MSM. The death in trust with the MSM in publics across the world has not gone unoticed by traditional power wielders,who until recently could bank on utlising them to herd us, thus this year, there is blanket demonetization of ad facilities for radical fringe views, and general censorship across all social media under the guise of protecting us from hate speech. Facebook and Google are now the biggest censors that have ever existed. Regardless of anyones political persuasion, we should unite against the encrouchment on free speech wherever it manifests, or else we wont see more Corbyn type phenomenas going forward.This is not cost free, it will allow racists for example, a platform too, but alternative is much worse.


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