True Blue Fools

Steve Ricardos, settled in Australia, with his thoughts on a recent Australian Pride march in Melbourne.

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A very small but vocal grouping of bigots, morons and low-level criminals at the weekend held  an " Australian Pride" march, protesting at what they see as an erosion of Australian Cultural Identity. As a relatively recently naturalized Australian I take umbrage at the thought of immigration being anything other than a fundamental part of the fabric of this Nation. 

Unsurprisingly for those of a racist or fascist bent they completely ignore the history of land, and still cling childlike to the notion of Terra Nullius, literally 'Nobody's Land', the exact same ethos the British Empire used as justification for the wholesale subjugation of the Aboriginal Nations they first found here ... when they initially migrated en masse!

An example of the type of person these so called Australian 'Patriots' are can perhaps best be summarised with a brief biography of their self appointed leader, one Blair Cottrell.

Cottrell is a self confessed neo-Nazi who openly stated he wanted copies of Mein Kampf given to all schoolchildren to read. Shocking though this thought is, it is true to form for Cottrell who is also on public record for ..." stating that women are incapable of being in positions of leadership, because it is 'unnatural'.

According to Cottrell, situations where women are appointed as leaders are always disastrous, and that the end result is the transformation of the young males of into "effeminate little bitches" who ultimately lose their sanity. Cottrell believes that modern feminism is a conspiracy funded by Jewish elites, to take away men's right to use force, which according to him, "is the only human right in existence."

Germaine Greer would be thrilled!

And of course, he is also an outspoken homophobe, not to mention having served time for burglary, testosterone smuggling and breaching intervention orders. But my personal favourite moment of Cottrell's is him being photographed tucking into a tasty 'Halal' kebab despite his virulent anti-Muslim sentiments. Not one to let hatred get in the way of hunger our Blair!

Thankfully, although blown up out of proportion by MSM (if the antifa protesters were not there in counter protest no media would have turned up), there is no great concern among the people of Australia regarding migration as long as it is all above board. But this is tempered by the appalling way the Federal Government is handling those who attempt to arrive on these shores by boat. Currently they are left to squander in horrendous conditions on Manus Island or Nauru, and these tiny island nations are obliged to comply or face removal of aid by displeasing their large Southern neighbours. These actions shame us as a nation and have not gone unnoticed by the UN, who have bluntly pointed out the illegality of such callous behavior. 

One does wonder if incidents reported as such in Melbourne, are a handy tool of misdirection for the ruling classes. 

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

9 comments to ''True Blue Fools"

  1. Gay pride marches are actually being halted in the US in recent days weeks Steve, not by neo-Nazis but Black Lives Matter. Additionally, Germaine Greer is a hate figure for modern feminists (third wave feminists) so I doubt what she feels is of much relevance to them. Developed nations will need to have a conversation about immigration at some stage, for example in the 1950's the population of Italy was about 58m, and Nigeria was about 50m. By 2030 Nigeria is estimated to have 900m, and Italy 62m. Thats just an example of two countries. So whilst housing applicants off shore might seem callous,at some stage it becomes untenable to use 1950's protocols for people movement.

  2. Very informative would seem there is an EDL everywhere.

  3. Daithi,

    The problem we face down here is a lack of people, specifically those with skill sets we need. Australia is roughly the size of the continental US but with a population of 25 million scattered around the coasts. Far from being a ceaseless desert there is huge amount of land which is either arable or conducive to mining. If it was not for a succession of decisions to privatise everything Australia would be booming beyond reasonable measure. But it's not just skilled migration we need, our farmers are hampered by severe labour shortages when it comes to harvest time especially but even throughout the year. A lot of those who seek refuge in Australia are farmers by livelihood in their own homelands, a sensible course of action would be to vet them, make sure their English was up to speed and instead of centralising them in specific areas of cities locate them to farming communities were they can work. This is nothing new here and has been already done in towns in Victoria were refugees are making a welcome contribution to the community there. There is no animosity from the locals as they are delighted to have hard workers on their farms and the refugees are happy to work and have a safe place to live. Problems arise when you centralise communities into certain areas with the best intentions but provide no work opportunity's for them. What I am saying is there is really no need for this.

    Saying to those who come to us seeking shelter 'We're full' when we are not and actually NEED immigration is a knee-jerk reaction more often than not emanating from the right side of politics. Australia is still a lucky country but one that is risk of stagnation if vision is lacking regarding it's future.


    There are nowhere near the numbers the EDL have, a generous estimate of these odious imbeciles would be in the hundreds nationally. They were outnumbered by the counter-protesters by 3 to one. Like I said, if the counter-protesters didn't turn up nobody would have give a monkeys.

  4. Steve, its throwing GDP away if you cant source the correct proportion of labor and represents poor planning. However, in general, low skilled migration to developed nations is going to peak precisely as we are transitioning out of minimal requirement manufacturing type jobs, and into service sector type roles with higher entry requirements. It costs nothing to claim this isnt a looming problem and insist we will all link arms and sing kumbaya with the rainbow colours of the nation. Its probably more likely the welfare state will collapse in the interim, and we will need to present ID cards to transact.

  5. Daithi,

    Who said anything about poor planning? I referred to proper planning and strategic thinking regarding immigration, not just open the doors open for a free-for-all.

    At present we CAN'T source the labour internally and the Conservative Government here (named liberals)is handing out temporary workers visas like confetti. This suits them as the temporary workers will not be Unionised, not complain and work for next to f*ck all. Would it not be better to bring the labourers in we need via a proper resettlement process were they can feel safe, work and contribute to the community?

    The reason for the Skilled Migrant shortage is another Tory vision, they closed 90% of the trade schools so the young would struggle and they could expand their Visa program, and again bypass Unionised workforce.

    Australia does not face the same pressures as Europe via immigration, one of the advantages of being on the arse end of the planet!

  6. Very interesting article. I'd be more in favour of refugees coming here than economic migrants. Not that I am against economic migrants, I am fearful of a brain drain from countries who desperately need the expertise and skills of the emigrant.

    I would welcome people coming here but if they are leaving a poorer country where they were trained and leaving a gap in provision in those countries it may be our reward but a greater loss for their fellow countrypeople.

    Refugees are fleeing death and persecution and we should welcome as many as we can logistically and comfortably cope with. The numbers at the moment are nowhere close to that.

    Instead of bombing countries to smithereens perhaps the money would be better spent providing for ordinary people's needs. We could accommodate more refugees and there'd be less of them fleeing those countries in the first place.

    People would also be less inclined to perpetrate atrocities although these days it's be difficult to prevent it altogether.

    (Steve R, I hope you don't mind my tuppence worth)

  7. Simon,

    Always happy for discourse!

    The term 'Economic Migrants' appears to be one that the Right adopted after a period of migration. It's very easy to de-humanise people by using monikers. They were all refugees from Syria until the MSM decided they all looked fit and healthy so obviously must be lying to us!

    A very convenient target for those pushing Austerity, no?

  8. Steve R, I guess migrants have always had terms applied to them, categories to determine their residency status.

    The asylum seekers from Syria were in all probability the fitest and wealthiest of the population. The rest are too infirm or poor to make the journey. As I think you say, that doesn't negate their right to asylum.

  9. Simon,

    Indeed, wealth and fitness mean nothing when your home is destroyed by war. It's the rank hypocrisy of the Western Governments that gets me. They bomb the sh*t out of the Near East to promote regime change to one more amenable to their hydrocarbon interests, initially use the subsequent mass migration as 'evidence' of the existing governments wrongdoing via the MSM, then when they face a public back lash at home and want more onerous financial yoke's around the people they offer the public a target instead. One that they have created! It's Orwellian!


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