The Pie Man Cometh

Sean Mallory takes time out from blasting the DUP and casts his political eye to foreign shores.

Half way around the world and the ‘crazy fat kid’ ( Senator John McCain's description of North Korea's Kim Jong-un) has threatened to sink United States aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson. This is part of a build-up of antagonistic verbal responses to the USA's call for sanctions against North Korea in its determination to have a nuclear strike capability.

The ‘orange one’, President Trump, high on his popular revival after his Tomahawk missile strike in Syria and his Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) attack in Afghanistan has called on China to rein Kim in. Trump's advisors have mentioned that there is a more powerful conventional bomb: Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP), which had been developed for American forces with North Korea’s underground facilities in mind.

Kim, just as he is with his hair, is extremely self-conscious of his weight problem especially in a country continually ravaged by famine, seemed somewhat unperturbed by such claims. Unrestrained by China and demonstrating his self-control of his anger management issues he continued to tell the Americans to go fuck themselves.

Across the English Channel and away from the beaches of Normandy another fascist - although not German this time - learned of her fate in the French Presidential elections.  Much to her dismay, and just like Marshall Phillipe Pétain (The Lion of Verdun), Marine Le Pen had failed to win the support of the majority and succumbed to a resounding defeat.  

Emmanuel Macron, like Charles de Gaulle, rallied the majority French public by resurrecting the spirit of the République to have himself returned victorious as the new French President. Unlike Pétain and his support of fascism, Le Pen remains at large while let us hope that Macron does not leave us a legacy similar in nature to that of de Gaulle and Algeria!

Back across the channel and in good auld Blighty and free from fascist twattle, another general election taking place was temporarily eclipsed by the resounding success at local government level by the Tories.

Theresa May enamouring herself to the great unwashed by rallying them to the spirit, no, not the spirit of Dunkirk as that is too close to Europe, but to the spirit of the Malvinas (Falklands) invasion 1982.  A calling that she intimated, reflected her idea of strong and stable government by the Conservatives.

A view not somewhat shared by all of the British public as castigated by character reporter Jonathan Pie.

And so I’ll leave you with these words by Mr Robert Fisk and the effectiveness of Trumps MOAB and how effective his option of using the MOP in North Korea may turn out to be:

We know that the US Special Forces raid on Yemen, in which Navy Seal William Owens died, killed more civilians than al-Qaeda members. We don’t know (or, I suspect, care) very much what the “mother of all bombs” did in the Nangahar province of Afghanistan. First it killed 60 Isis fighters. Then it killed 100 Isis fighters and not a single civilian – surely a first in US military history? But then, weirdly, nobody has been allowed to go to the site of this monster bomb’s explosion. Because civilians were indeed killed? Or because – and this is a fact – Isis survivors went on fighting American ground troops after the bombing?

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

3 comments to ''The Pie Man Cometh"

  1. It seems like all news is fake news today or maybe we are just more aware of it. Tory Party doing well in the local elections in the UK simply defies belief. I have lost all faith in the British electorate if this is true. Also if Kim is going to sink that aircraft carrier (wouldn't that be hilarious?) he will need to have weapons capable of reaching N. Australia as that was the last place it 'truly' was located. Or possibly Hawaii where it probably is now. There really seems zero sense in any of what is going on, true or false.

  2. Larry,

    All he would really need is a sub with a nuke on board plus a few fanatics willing to die against the US Imperialists. But it won't happen. The only time they would ever use a Nuke is if there was imminent danger of regime change. They are well aware of it being suicide to attack the yanks.

  3. Steve R

    I think come WW3 the American public, addicted to WW2 movies and 'victories' over tiny 3rd world nations since will be shocked and awed that social obliteration has finally come home to roost in the USA.


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