Band Law Bad Law

Regan McShane writes about the treatment of her brother Padraig McShane at the hands of the PSNI and loyalists. 

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My brother Padraig McShane had his house destroyed a couple of years ago in Ballycastle. No one was ever arrested and questioned. Yet well known loyalists from Dervock marched through Ballycastle last 12th and spat at him in front of the RUC and gloated that they were the ones that attacked his house. Yet, he's the one that got arrested and was charged recently in Coleraine court with assault on the RUC.

If you type in his name on you tube you can see quite clearly the whole incident. Yet the judge said he watched the YouTube video and saw no provocation from the bandsmen.

We were not surprised at the ruling considering the judge was in the Ulster Unionist Party and left it because of it going into power sharing with Sinn Fein. He joined the DUP before it too went into power sharing. He was a special advisor to Peter Robinson.

So my brother was never going to get a fair trail.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

6 comments to ''Band Law Bad Law"

  1. Home sweet home.

    Still say if you want to parade you should have to do it naked.

    Can't help but feel if you ignore the OO and the bands they will fade away though.

  2. Steve R

    So Padraig should have stayed home and ignored them? Like the Ballyoran RCs in Portadown? Oh wait that is correct, I forgot, they were already at home in RC areas that these fascist filth and their fascist security forces (who SF now adore or always secretly did) facilitate.
    The OO and the bands who deliberately elect to travel to RC villages and housing estates to engage in their version of culture akin to KKK/ISIS bigotry, SHOULD BE FLAME-THROWERED INTO CHARCOAL. Or come home to their own housing estates to find a huge pile of rubble.

    Just like Muslims at home, there is no 'right' to be offended by the fascist actions of the Brits abroad.

  3. Larry,

    Feel better now you got that off your chest? I couldn't give two figs for either the OO or the bands. I have also stated before that they should keep to their own areas and definitely not parade in shared communal spaces or commercial centers.

    What better insult than to completely ignore them though? Maybe a touch more civilized than your scorched earth policy perhaps?

    I'll refrain from whataboutry as you clearly are getting very steamed lately! lol

  4. Steve R

    Two words...Jim Wells

    Australia isn't far enough to be away from it, sooner we have intergalactic travel the better.

  5. Larry,

    You know I dislike the DuhUP as much as the next person with half a wit, but what makes you think outer space will be far enough away?

    By the looks of it The Donald over the pond is an 'Orangeman' at least on his skin and flip knows what the yankees have in space!

    Seriously though, do the OO have parades in Donegal? How do the locals take it there?

  6. Steve R

    Yes there are OO parades at Rossnowlagh every year. Locals don't mind at all as they are not done in a supremacist manner nor in anyones face, The main one being held at the beach. So, here in the south all is amicable. A bit like on RC controlled councils where power sharing exists in the North but not on Prod majority 'turf' where any notion of it is rejected.


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