A Blairite Like Macron

Mick Hall writing in Organized Rage is hostile to any notion  that Blairism might solve UK woes.

Into the 3rd week of the general election campaign we now have an idea of the Mainstream Media (MSM) strategy.

Macron is a Blairite to his core so ask yourself why would anyone support him, or indeed a Macron type organisation within the UK if they're sick of inequality, low wages and zero hours contracts, privatising the NHS, tax dodging multinationals, tuition fees, the lack of affordable homes to buy or rent, the high levels of pollution in our towns and cities?

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As expected the Murdoch crime family's media outlets, along with the Standard, Mail, Telegraph and the Express are targeting Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party with their normal venomous exaggerations, smears and lies.

However for the first time in a decade during a general election campaign the so called liberal MSM, the BBC, Guardian, Channel Four news, and the Independent have firmly placed themselves in the Tory campaign camp and if anything in a more insidious way than the openly rightwing media.

It's not really a surprise as it's been pretty clear since Jeremy Corbyn became party leader in 2015 this collection of hand ringing liberal poseurs prefer a Tory government rather than one led by an honourable and decent man like Jeremy Corbyn* whose policies are designed to help the majority not just the few.

Since late 2015 there has been a concerted campaign to discredit Corbyn mounted by Blairite LP politicians and party bureaucrats like John McNicoll, along with mainstream media talking heads like Jon Snow, Michael Crick, Laura Kuenssberg, Polly Toynbee, Nick Robinson, Jonathan Freedland, and others.

Its clear they intend to continue throughout the general election campaign vilifying the Labour leader at every turn, by fair means or foul.

Never mind most of them have spent the last seven years decrying the harsh austerity measures the Tory led governments have implemented since 2010, yet when they have an opportunity to put an end to it by electing a Labour government, they deserted the field of play and reverted to type and all but sided with the current occupant of 10 Downing Street Theresa May.

Indeed LP Blairites like Tom Watson and Chuka Umunna have spent the last two years stirring up differences and creating apathy in the constituencies, and are now advising party members not to put Corbyn on their election leaflets. Despite both men having voted remain they cannot even bring themselves to deny with any sincerity they prefer a Tory government led by Mrs May.

Michael Crick.

Channel Four news gave a good example of this strategy earlier this week when Michael Crick followed the Blairites latest Dauphin Keir Starmer, the LP MP for Camden up to Burnley, which is 246 miles from his constituency to take part in a Mayday march of less than a hundred people. To seek out the opinions of local peoples Crick went to a golf club, I kid you not. As if golf clubs are not notorious bastions of bigoted Tories.

There is a pattern here, for when no golf clubs are available for Crick to spread his poison, he and other broadcasters target elderly people in the street, pub bores and market traders and ask them what they think of Corbyn. It's hardly unsurprising they don't like him as they're mostly self employed members of the petty bourgeoisie who if they vote it will be for Ukip or Tories.

As Paul Mason recently wrote:

What Corbyn Labour are up against is not just the antics of the Tories and their MSM creatures but also a galaxy of pub bores, and golf-club bigots.

The Guardian which sells itself as being a progressive media outlet on the centre left, has become a ferocious opponent of Corbyn Labour, even those who have been in his camp like Owen Jones have been called up to attack Jeremy in the lead in to the general election on the 8th of June. While Jones has often been criticised unfairly in the past by his left critics, his behaviour lately deserves their disapprobation.

Cometh the hour Cometh the man or so they believe.

Since Blair announced his return to front-line British politics in January of this year, the Guardian has been his main mouthpiece. It has published countless articles, interviews and powder puff opinion pieces about the wretched man.

As I reported in March on Organized Rage, Blair and many of his supporters have given up on the LP believing a neoliberal candidate would not be elected leader even if Corbyn were to go. The war criminal is clearly positioning himself to become leader, or king maker of a British version of the campaign mounted by Emmanuel Macron for the French presidency. Tough on organised Labour, cutting red tape and the rights of workers in the workplace, in favour of humanitarian intervention in Syria, strong on the EU and social issues, and a supporter of a neoliberal economy in which the writ of the multinational corporations and the banksters run free.

This is what Olivier Tonneau wrote about Macron and his campaign, read it and ask yourself who it reminds you of:

To achieve this feat, spin doctors resorted to celebrity-building in ways previously unknown in French political life. Macron was new because he was young and handsome, and because he had never been elected before. He appeared repeatedly on the front pages of Paris Match with his wife, whose name is chanted by his supporters at his rallies. In the final weeks of the campaign Macron was so careful not to expose the true nature of his programme (which amounts to little more than the unpopular liberalism-cum-austerity implemented by Hollande) that his speeches degenerated into vacuous exercises in cliche and tautology. He has already announced that he would resort to governing by decree if needed, and it is easy to anticipate increased social tensions by the autumn. To those who would oppose him, Macron would answer that he is implementing the programme on which he was elected.

Macron is a Blairite to his core so ask yourself why would anyone support him, or indeed a Macon type organisation within the UK if they're sick of inequality, low wages and zero hours contracts, privatising the NHS, tax dodging multinationals, tuition fees, the lack of affordable homes to buy or rent, the high levels of pollution in our towns and cities?

But this is just what Jon Snow, Polly Toynbee, Katharine Viner and all the other so called liberal MSM talking heads are doing. Why because they put their interests before the majority of the British people.

This, as I have pointed out above is why they hate Corbyn and support May. Their hypocrisy is startling as despite their handwringing on our TV screens and in their newspaper columns they're well aware it will not be them who are picking up the bill for Theresa May's misdeeds, but the overwhelming majority of the population who unlike them, do not fall into the highest tax fresh hold..* *

* This is what Hilary Benn called Jeremy before he found out Corbyn was man of steel and was no push over.

* * Earning between £45,001 to £150,000 a year.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

7 comments to ''A Blairite Like Macron"

  1. Corbyn was being slaughtered from day 1. The media constantly churn out rubbish about him time after time....and yet, he prevails! The British young people seem to like him a lot. I really hope he has a good return in this election.......if not and he is forced to resign then Britain becomes a one party state in all but name.

  2. The last time I saw Corbyn speak was a leadership hustings in Camden, he was greeted with a religious enthusiasm. He is a brilliant speaker, it shows how corrupt the media is they manage to present him in such an unflattering light.He is one of the best and most emotive public speakers in the UK, even if you dont agree with his politics, you will respect his authenticity. Its looking like he wont break through to the public like Trump managed to before this election. They clearly want a Blairite influence before Brexit is realised, of course Tony wouldnt blush at ignoring the public will.
    PS Cant wait to see David Ickes take on the Macron victory speech, an ex-Rothschild banker making fist salutes infront of a black pyramid with a red eye atop it. Its the imagery he has made a career analysing.

  3. I find it depressing and a tad confusing how the Tory Party can actually achieve a majority. Not only that but in the council elections made gains. The British public are losing all credibility, it is a total fix, or if not they deserve everything they bloody get.

  4. Larry, the position Corbyn takes on never launching nuclear weapons that would wipe out millions of lives is presented as a negative by the British press. Does anyone want a leader that would ? The way these people in Government travel across London, having the traffic grid shut down for them, armed guards etc no wonder they are detached from the consequences of their actions, they are very brave with other peoples blood. And very generous with others wealth.

  5. Daithi D

    I think Corbyn is wrong on that particular score. Possibly a no first strike policy may be preferable, but lets face it if the Russian hordes were amassed at Dunkirk like the Nazis back in the day, the only thing stopping them from crossing would be the Nuke threat. Don't know about you, but English is the only foreign language I can be arsed learning.

  6. Larry, most people care more about the dodgiest cast of teenagers since Grease was cast massing at French ports wanting to enter Britain rather than Putins army. If if we had Russian rule here, what would they risk implementing here : masses of councils covering up child rape, covering debts of speculators that will take generations to pay off, allowing foreign powers to mass surveil the citizens within these borders, atomising society into a series of greivence groups to divide and conquer it? They wouldnt dare, yet somehow this is the situation we are in. Putin couldnt do a worse job, he makes the rest of the West look amateurish in international affairs so he can think strategically.

  7. Daithi D

    The West is going out of its way to look as ridiculous as possible. Trump, May, Boris Johnson... Cameron bottled it with an serial Westminster failure Ferage then exited stage right... Putin only has to look mildly rational to appear miles ahead of that lot.


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