British Army ... Feet Off

Saoradh has organised a protest for Good Friday calling for the removal of British troops.

Saoradh Béal Feirste have recently received legal correspondence from Solicitor Michael Brentnall informing us that our plans to confront British Triumphalism at City hall this Friday morning 14 April 2017 will be subject to discriminatory restrictions that have been imposed by the parades commission.

A parades commission determination has ruled that while Crown force murderers and their supporters are gathered at City hall to rally in the name of injustice; Saoradh Béal Feirste will be denied access to our City hall. In being denied access to this alleged shared space we are being denied the legitimate right to protest.

Saoradh Béal Feirste was prepared for this determination due to the precedents set recently by the parades commission in relation to both Civil rights and Republican demonstrations in our city centre.

Once again the question arises as to whether Belfast is, as has been alleged, a shared space at all?

Repeatedly in recent years and once again today Republicans are being denied equal access to a building and an area that is at all times open to Unionism, Loyalism and now imperialism bereft of restrictions being applied. On Friday morning a group of murderers and their supporters will gather at city hall at a rally that has been organised in a sickening attempt to justify the most heinous crimes inflicted upon the Irish people during 40 years of imperialist terror. No restrictions will apply to these thugs and bullies despite the offensive nature of their “rally”.

Also on Friday morning and despite restrictions imposed today, Saoradh Béal Feirste will assemble on Castle street at 10.30am. We Hope that we are joined by all of those whom we have invited as well as all of those who oppose Britain’s nefarious attempts at absolving itself from crime here. We will march together in protest from Castle Street towards Donegal place. We will then undoubtedly be met by today’s imperialist terrorists but in spite of them we will challenge any attempt by anyone to rewrite the narrative of our past or indeed to portray Britain’s role in conflict here as being anything other than the criminal terrorism that it was and it remains.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

13 comments to ''British Army ... Feet Off"

  1. I have supported families of soldiers who were sent their death in Iraq by Blair. It was callous and done through lies, deceived into believing that it was a just war.

    However, I can not support these British army veterans and those that allowed and organised their political statement.

  2. James Quigley

    Agree with you there. Young lads looking for a career adventure the works sent into an unjust war on blatant lies are to be pitied more than anything else. Those veterans seeking to protect themselves from wrong doing in Ireland are a different matter entirely. If a crime is a crime and murder is murder what do they have to fear. Or was their heroine Margaret Thatcher wrong?

  3. Fair play to Saoradh for challenging the british imperialist’s attempt at rewriting the historical narrative. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, in my humble opinion british imperialism has been/is nothing but, international terrorism.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Nicholas Byrne.

  4. Myself and an old friend were having a drink tonight and discussed this issue. We came to an agreement of sorts that if John Downey didn't have to face jail-time over the killing of the horses and cavalrymen (along with other killings in Enniskillen in '72 where his dabs where found) why should anyone else face two years banged up!

    Did he have to make full disclosure to avail of his amnesty?

  5. Henry Joy,

    in my view if it was a war and the war is over, there is something incongruous about still wanting to take prisoners.

    The thrust for prosecutions inhibits the amount of truth that can ever be recovered. It raises the standard of proof to beyond reasonable doubt because of courtroom criteria. That will produce very little "truth" and will function more as a scenes of crimes exercise where the only people prosecuted are those alleged to have been at "the scene". Who ordered it and why, the strategic context and a lot more will be missing. We will end up with truth about Private Jones, Loyalist volunteer Clarke, Constable Smith, republican volunteer Donnelly - while the truth about the hierarchy goes unrecorded. A more productive truth recovery mechanism is balance of probability. That takes courts out of the mix, allows more people to come forward and shifts the emphasis of justice from retribution to revelation.

    Not much appetite for it however.

  6. AM,

    concise and well articulated. Clarifies motives for continued retribution too.

  7. Henry Joy

    The year was 1982 not 1972. There is no evidence against Downey. Did you hear of the case against the Crossmaglen man who was working on electrical circuitry in Dundalk and had a degree in electronics? Brits decided he simply had to be the man behind London bombings in the 1980s. Turned out to be totally innocent and did a law degree while banged up and beaten up in English prisons. Now a barrister in Dublin I believe or Belfast. Your level of evidence requirement is right up there if not 'above' that of the Brits.

    Soldiers on the other hand professing to be keeping the law between 'terrorist' adversaries while actually murdering kiddies and teenagers who were totally innocent are not victims. I believe that a line needs drawn under it all but this isn't happening. Therefore let those hypocrites face the law like everyone else. People did large amounts of time for killings, why not them?

    On the bright side, this new investigation into the tout handlers and lambs to the slaughter will be interesting. So, whilst it would be best to draw a line under it all, the search for truth and closure may yet be fascinating viewing. Who knows just what big name/s will be exposed next or in what part of the country. Keep plugging away I say.

  8. Larry,

    there is evidence against Downey. I think this was brought out in one of the documentaries. How conclusive is another matter. Nor should it be the determining factor. But he should never have been charged.

    Hypocrisy and inconsistency are at the heart of it as you suggest. And the Brits are in a situation of wanting to be the judge rather than the defendant. There should be little sympathy for them.

    What happens in these situations that the space opens up for people to do the vengeful thing rather than the right thing, or if not the right thing, the best thing under the circumstances.

    As for Kenova, I think Brian Rowan is right. It will never see the light of day. Nor is it primarily directed against the Brits. Barra McGrory revealed that much at least.

  9. Whatever one thinks of those who killed innocent civilians I think what these soldiers have to say could be very important to truth recovery. Their case is that they should not be prosecuted for following orders and doing their lethal duty. That is not an absolute defense to murder but it can mitigate if they identify who sanctioned the murder of any civilians which they are guilty of murdering.

    I understand why some might be upset and protest against the display in Belfast but another approach might be to encourage these soldier killers to provide information on who they say ordered and covered up for any murder which they committed.

  10. Mackers

    Agreed re' Kenova, what will be interesting is what members of the IRA Army Council left at liberty by the end of it, other than the beard of course, that's a given already. The more revelations the more entertaining at this stage. Step well back and enjoy the show, via telescope.

  11. This type of protest would be condemned as racist etc were it to happen elsewhere in Europe, a bunch of white people claiming ownership of their streets without a photogenic amount of racial diversity is a recipe for disaster.God forbid anyone with a shaved head raising their arm for the media to portray it a 'seig heil'.It is interesting how the SNP and Irish groups manage not to get this treatment, there is something to be learned here.

  12. Larry,

    the stuff about Downey's dabs is already documented as AM alludes. What's not in the public domain is the accurate casualty count of the operation in '72. There was a strong suspicion with some circumstantial evidence that the count was understated by a factor of seven!
    Downey's kill count may have been amongst the highest during the campaign and yet circumstances led to him avoiding jail time.
    Its hard to reconcile that against the continued pursuit of others including squadies.

    The import of AM's distinction between revelation retribution derserves serious consideration and reflection.

  13. Henry Joy

    Why do you insist on 72? I am quite certain Sefton became a national treasure in 82. As for the body count, surely you don't imply the Brits would tell fibs or with-hold evidence/information....


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