Labour And Reactionary Tosh

Mick Hall writes @ Organized Rage that:

Labour will never win back working class trust and support by cutting it's cloth in an attempt to accommodate reactionary tosh.


As far as Theresa May, the new Tory leader (and the regurgitated new interim leader of Ukip) are concerned, 'a change is gonna come.' Whether it will be for the better neither is willing to say as we have been given few details about how we will reach this new dawn.

Although if the reaction to May's speech by the Hedge Fund billionaires and Banksters who keep the Tory party afloat with donations from their ill gotten gains is anything to go by they clearly believe under her government it's business as usual. Why wouldn't they when May voted for every single piece of Cameron's class prejudiced legislation which hit working class people and the sick and disabled the hardest while giving tax cuts to millionaires?

Which means most of what she said when appealing for the working class vote was bunkum, as most of it will never reach the statute book. As far as zero hours contracts, the bedroom tax and cuts to disability benefits cuts are concerned, it's full steam ahead.

Although to be fair to May she has padded out the introduction of new Grammar schools, something Ukip also supports vigorously. Never mind they were abolished in most parts of the UK because overall they were an abject failure for the overwhelming majority of British school children.

I'm old enough to remember grammar schools the first time around, for the lucky few who attended them they worked comparatively well, for the majority whom were regarded as failures at age eleven they were an unmitigating disaster.

We were confined to what can only be described as sink 'secondary modern schools,' the clue is in the title secondary. The dictionary definition says it all, 'coming after, less important than, or resulting from someone or something else that is primary.'

What type of country sends the overwhelming majority of its school children to second rate schools? I will tell you: one that is governed on the bases of class privilege, prejudice and exclusion and make no mistake such a government is led by Theresa May.

It's becoming increasingly clear Ukip and the May Tory party are on a parallel path which will merge at a later date, leaving those who remain in Ukip to become little more than LP spoilers, much like the BNP once were in constituencies in which there were a sizable population of bitter disenfranchised working class voters, who had been enticed by the simplistic solutions of the far right.

Hence Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary's dangerous BNP type rant at the Tory conference about 'foreigners.' I say dangerous because people often look for simple solutions to often complex political issues to solve their problems. From time immemorial the scapegoating of foreigners have been used by reactionary, over ambitious politicians to win popular support.

At the beginning of 1929 Germany was regarded as one of the most cultured, best educated and most sophisticated countries in the world; need I remind people we ignore the lessons of the 1930s at our own peril.

Making landlords and employers draw up lists of foreign workers as May suggested won’t stop unscrupulous employers undercutting wages in Britain. Shutting the door to international students won’t pay young people’s tuition fee debts, and ditching doctors from abroad won’t cut NHS waiting lists - Jeremy Corbyn

Hearing May claiming she is the champion of the working classes was to turn reality on it's head. Will she remove the Tory anti trade union legislation which restricts trade unions from doing their jobs properly? Will she introduce a fair rent act and a secure tenancies for those who rent from private landlords? Will she ringfence and adequately fund the NHS and social care and end the creeping privatisation of the health service which is creaming taxpayers hard earned money off the top? Will she abolish university fees, build half a million council homes and a million new homes overall?

Will she hell as like!

As far as tax dodging corporations go, given her problems with Brexit she and her ministers will be on their bended knees welcoming more of them to the UK. Theresa May is a throwback to the past, a hard right Tory of the type which governed the UK in the first half of the 20th Century.

We should not forget during those days of mass working class poverty, many British cities with working class majorities were governed by Tory councils and had Unionist Tory MPs in situ. Amongst them were Birmingham, Liverpool and Belfast. It was only at the 1945 general election which Labour fought on a progressive socialist manifesto that the overwhelming majority of workers gave their loyalty to the party.

Working class voters did not desert the LP - it was New Labour during the Blair years which deserted the most marginalised section of the working classes. They believed they could throw them a few scraps from the top table and they would be eternally grateful, as to Respect it was nowhere to be seen as the Blairites preached this section of the working class had nowhere to go politically.

Satan loves a vacuum and hopefully they know better now.

Thankfully Corbyn Labour is cut from a much finer cloth and has set out a 10-point programme for Britain’s future, which will include a huge public investment programme and a commitment to equality. Half a million new council homes will be built in his first term of office, anti trade union legislation will be repealed giving job security at work, a better-funded and a wholly public NHS, an end to tuition fees, grammar schools, and environmental issues, and action to rigorously combat inequality and income disparities.

Working class people will be shown the respect we deserve, no more dumbing down with reactionary cant about the white working class. All Labour's policies will be aimed at putting bread on working class tables and giving equal opportunities to all sections of society bar the exploiters.

This is how Labour will win back working class trust and support, not by cutting it's cloth in an attempt to accommodate reactionary tosh.#

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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