What A Waste

Marty Flynn, a long standing commenter on TPQ, briefly considers the BBC Spotlight documentary which examined British state penetration of the Provisional IRA.

Ex-Assistant chief constable Alan McQuillan said on Tuesday nights BBC Spotlight programme that the PSNI were not political and that where a crime was committed they followed the evidence.

Now maybe Alan didn’t know about the 800 + Brussel sprouts that were operating in the Belfast area alone, but he should explain that if, as he says, the PSNI were not political how come no one was ever convicted for the Castlereagh break-in, the murder of Joe O’Connor and Robert McCartney? Or charged in connection with the murder of Paul Quinn from South Armagh who was killed in Monaghan?  Not to mention the many others including those murders carried out by loyalists.

We are also told yet again that the modern day Nero Adams, the quisling $inn £eind president for life and beyond, can fiddle the truth about his paramilitary past and like Nero he holds people’s lives or deaths in the palms of his egotistical hands. As we all know he will never have to answer for those war crimes that so many accuse him of. A horrible and terrible waste of so many informers, if you ask me.

So will someone please tell Alan McQuillan to get a grip. His PSNI were as much puppets as were those touts and waster political apologists.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

10 comments to ''What A Waste"

  1. The RUC/PSNI has always had a unionist political agenda. Not even up for debate. I was more curious about the the security agencies with so much resources at their disposal during a peace process who were bugging and following Bobby Storey for a whole year and why they made their move before they were certain of getting Big Bobby in possession of incriminating material? There was just so much that didn't add up in the program. Denis was thrown to the wolves because the other agents being saved were all above him in rank. McQuillan for his part told that many lies I thought he was in SF too. The good thing for the 'leadership' of SF is there's not many left for the Brits to throw to the wolves at this stage.

  2. I've been out of the loop for a while, was there evidence of who murdered that young lad Paul Quinn and why?

    Could see the cops turning the blind eye to most things if they had a tap on the shoulder from Special Branch.

  3. Steve R

    Do you have any inkling what was the criteria for a Special Branch position? Were they long serving cops or was there some specialty or criteria involved? How were they viewed withing the force in general?

  4. Very poor investigative journalism....actually, the quality of the programme was dire....After such quality investigative journalism in to NAMA and P Robinson, who also threatened to sue but never quite got around to it, it was very disappointing...obviously a political agenda at play here but why?

  5. Apart from the tragic death of Paul Quinn Adams went out of his way to rubbish Quinn’s name by suggesting he was involved in criminal activity such as diesel smuggling. But if you consider the location it sounds very ironic.

  6. I agree with Niall the programme was pretty poor no attempt to pin down Mc Quillan or the brussel sprout Martin,Almost on a weekly basis we are treated to some exposé or other on the dodgy or illegal activities of the well heeled politicans bankers etc here and in the republic , that includes the church,and new found cronies in the paramilitaries/community workers,so if any conclusion can be drawn by this commentator it is simply the this society is so fucking corrupt we will need a hell of a revolutionary wall and loads of ammo just to clean out the shit,they say that truth is the first casualty in any conflict , it must be well and truly buried in one of the quisling $inn £einds president for life and beyond secret burial plots,and until we recover the truth we will never have justice here,and again it seems to me that to many dont want the truth to ever see daylight,not unless its their sanitised version,

  7. Jennifer O'Leary is a very good journalist and we never know exactly how these things are cut by producers and editors. When I watched the documentary I wondered how exactly the allegation against Adams got thru. Not because he might take libel action it was well lawyered before it went out) but because it amounted to nothing more than hearsay in relation to a very specific issue about which there was a lot of evidence that would contradict the hearsay.

  8. Anyone have any idea who made the allegation against Adams , Roy McShanes name is doing the rounds...

  9. Larry,

    As far as I know they were all vetted to be from strong pro-British backgrounds for obvious reasons.

    Dodgy as all fuck though. The regular RUC used to be nervous of some of them.

  10. Steve R

    No wonder, they had Scap and Haddock working for them! lol


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