Turkey - Further Down The Road To Dictatorship

Mick Hall @ Organized Rage writes that:

At first glance a strangely inept localised coup attempt which does not have the Turkish military's fingerprints all over it.

At first glance the alleged military coup in Turkey was either commanded by Capt Mainwaring or, more likely, it was Erdoğan own version of Hitler's night of long knives.

When it comes to the country's military, they've a history of instigating and carry out successful military coups. And one thing you can say about last night events an efficiently plotted coup attempt it certainly was not.

The last full blown coup was in 1980, led by the then chief of Staff General Kenan Evren. It was meticulously plotted in secret for over a year and then implemented rigorously to say the least. According to Wikipedia:

Within a very short time, there were 250,000 to 650,000 people detained. Among the detainees, 230,000 were tried, 14,000 were stripped of citizenship, and 50 were executed. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people were tortured, and thousands are still missing. A total of 1,683,000 people were blacklisted. Among those prosecuted were leading Turkish politicians of that day iSüleyman Demirel, Bülent Ecevit, Alparslan Türkeş and Necmettin Erbakan who were incarcerated and banned from politics.

Evren also suspended parliament, the senate and tore up the then constitution. Think what you might about the morality of his coup, he was thorough and open about what he had none. On 18 June 2014, a Turkish court, at Erdoğan bidding, finally had its revenge when it sentenced him to life imprisonment and demoted him to the rank of private.

Consider how the 1980 coup was plotted and carried out, and compare it with the latest alleged coup. It looks like a company of squaddies were sent out to occupy a bridge or two in Istanbul and Ankara and the main Squares. When challenged they seemed confused as to why they were there. A TV station was invaded to make an announcement about the coup, not by a senior or mid ranking member of the military, but by a young woman announcer who was terrorised to go on air. It's just not the style of the Turkish military to hide behind women in this way. If they intended to carry out a coup I doubt it would be announced anonymously.

A couple of jets were seen above Ankara and Istanbul. Who the pilots were loyal to we don't know. Nothing much seems to have occurred in the provinces as far as I can see, and not a single prominent gov minister was arrested at the start of the alleged coup.

Yet according to the latest news reports since the coup's failure was announced by the President, over 3000 'plotters' have now been arrested, with a call for the death penalty to be reinstated, and 2745 judges have been dismissed. It will be interesting to find out who these people are. If they turn out to be the supporters of a secular Turkey which Erdoğan despises and has been targeting of late, then the source of the coup might become much clearer.

A Turkish wag was heard to say in Istanbul "perhaps the president should have arrested himself as I fear half the population of Turkey will come to believe he was the individual who plotted this coup." Most coups work to the same agenda: arrest the President, prime minister and his cabinet, cut communication, shut down media, close airports and seaports and ensure a forceful military presence at the latter, in the Capital, provinces and major cities. None of this happened to a serious degree in this coup. Indeed the first we saw of Erdoğan was at Istanbul's main airport when he denounced the plotters and then again when he told the assembled media the coup had failed.

For the Ataturk secularists, Leftists, and the Islamist who are members of Fethullah Gülen Movement who all oppose Erdoğan, the new presidential palace is anathema as it epitomises his corruption and desire to become a new Sultan. In my judgement if there were rebel fighter jets over Ankara their first target would have been this extravagant £338 million pile of ostentatiousness built by the Turkish tax payers' hard earned cash. There are reports of a bomb going off in that vicinity but no pictures or video of any damage.

What is clear a good many will not be sleeping in their own beds tonight, and whoever instigated this alleged coup have moved Turkey further down the road to dictatorship and a new sultanship. Ataturk will be spinning in his mausoleum.

The question when an event like this occurs is always, who gains?

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

8 comments to ''Turkey - Further Down The Road To Dictatorship"

  1. Some astute coverage during and after the coup....

  2. Very shortly into the live news coverage the entire thing seemed phoney. The 'ousted' leader posted a message on social media and then returned from holiday on the coast via the main airport. Compare this to the attempt at a return by Aquino in Manila back in the 1980s when he was assassinated as he stepped off the plane. The entire Turkey thing was a drama.

  3. Yeah does smell a bit fishy -I understand that bridges can be of strategic value but sitting exposed and ineffectual on the Bosphorus Bridge waiting to surrender did seem a bit choreographed. And the fact that there were no broadcasts in support of the coup or even details of what the coup was really about -least it inspire the people to support it. The whole thing leans towards being a staged managed farce.

  4. Although, given the regular mis-steps by American security agencies in the region, its entirely logical Erdogan is telling the truth, and this is a coup with Obamas CIA fingerprints on it i.e. one that falls flat on its face in its first step. Infact the lameness of it would shame false flag plotters, its an Obama level lameness.

  5. Daithi

    That is equally possible. I am watching how these purges pan out -see if the prominent roles are filled by Islamists.

  6. That head honcho in Turkey has stated his admiration for Hitler previously. Maybe the 'coup' was a false flag and he is now tightening his grip on all and sundry for the long haul. I honestly think the EU needs to stop piss-farting about holding out the possibility to Turkey's entry. Cut the crap and state clearly it will NEVER happen. France has enough issue with the 5 million Muslims there already. Why is the EU wanting to expand beyond EUROPE anyway?

  7. Christy, it seems the turkish cops are taking an interest in the base the US bombs syria from, but I try and follow the daily news as little as possible. I'd rather binge read in retrospect and be sure I haven't been lied to.Still my head is filled with horrors these days.

  8. What type of plotters fail to arrest a single government minister within the building yet leaves a small bomb at the parliaments inner door? If they were serious they would have opened the door and shot or arrested the AK party ministers inside. If you look at the videos of the damage which are coming out of Turkey much of it does not add up. As for the C/O of Incirlik air base, if he was a serious plotter he could have sent a squadron of Jets to bomb the Parliament and the politicians within it into smithereens.

    How did the new sultan stay free and allegedly fly into Istanbul airport. The first thing a senior air force plotter would do is close Turkish airspace at the start of a coup, the more so when Incirlik has some of the most high tech radar technology etc in the word which would have been available to the General in question.

    There is a great deal of difference between serving military moaning and groaning about their political masters and a coup attempt. if the former were the case two thirds of the British general staff would have been in jail during Iraq occupation.

    The reason Erdogan is acting so swiftly, arresting teachers for christ sake? is because he knows if he doesn't the truth will out. I believe the more oppression he unleashes the more likelihood of an actual coup. After all the military worldwide are less than overjoyed when politicians start putting tanks on their lawn, so to speak.

    Maybe there was a small group of naive plotters who were encouraged by provocateurs, it wouldn't be the first time a security services have carried out force flag opps, I see the secret agent is now on UK TV.


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