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The Men Of Peace Who Govern Us

Daniel Bradley shares his thoughts on the prosecution of Winston Rea and the PSNI insinuations against Colm Murphy. Daniel Bradley is a Derry justice campaigner.

Today in the media and the newspapers there have been reports about Colm Murphy a self-confessed republican. The loyalist Winston Rea has been arrested and charged. We the people of Northern Ireland and the politicians should be asking questions. 

The DUP which was associated with Ulster Resistance and Sinn Fein was associated with the Provisional IRA. These two politicians (pictured) have turned their back on those who believed in their causes.

I'm quite sure that both leaders of these political parties in the past were involved with MI5 and I believe MI5 is still charting N. Irelands path and calling the shots on who gets arrested. To go along with that there is a Catholic arrested, so a Protestant is arrested. Yes I believe both men are scape goats.

So let us turn the page: Peter Robinson was commanding officer of Ulster Resistance and Martin McGuinness was commanding officer of the IRA. So let them be arrested and charged because these are the men who gave their permission for terrible acts to happen.

I rest my case

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Anthony McIntyre

Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher

11 comments to ''The Men Of Peace Who Govern Us "

  1. The reality of the troubles and policing is simply put and laid bare in this article. Any political leader in 'place' at this time is there because all during the 30 years of murder and mayhem, cloak and daggar and dirty Judas tricks, they were a protected species. If the authorities want to avenge directors and facilitators of terror outside of Mi5 and the RUC SB then start with those two in the above article. No need to look any further.

  2. Daniel ,

    As you know its never black and white when it comes to Irish politics , i would point to the arrest of Ivor Bell for example , a thorn in the side of all things Adams so it was inevitable Ivor was going to have his collar felt , the imprisonment of Gerry Mcgeough was as politically motivated as you can get , enemies of the Sevastopol street mafia dont last long.

    From the Loyalist side of things , by looking at winkie rea he doesnt seem to have too many years left in him , an ideal choice to be thrown under the bus so to speak.

  3. I would love to see McGuinness on the steps of Stormont this evening defending Ian Paisley and Peter the punt Robinson and 'OUR' police force the RUC. SF nothing but croppy boys. Negotiated nothing but careers for themselves. Can't even call for a BREXIT vote even when Major and Blair state it could split up the UK. They want a 'remain' vote...

  4. Larry,

    What does 'croppy boy' mean? Never heard it before.


  5. Steve Ricardos

    I'm giving you the benefit that you are deliberately taking the absolute piss!

    I think this should give you an idea.... any further secretarial work will be charged at the minimum wage rate...I was never greedy.

  6. Larry

    I am actually for remaining but not for the reasons the Shinners have.

    I lived and worked on the continent for some 15 years , two of my children live in The Basque Country where I have my home but i actually work in the u.k , selfish reasons indeed , however being far to the left in my beliefs an exit would help promote a right wing agenda throughout the continent , others would jump on the fact the u.k had voted out and before we know it every country in Europe will be holding a referendum.

  7. lol

    Thanks Larry, honestly didn't know!

  8. Steve R.

    On the croppy boy theme

    I see the Scap enquiry about to KO. I really wish he would stand up, come clean after being outed and take his handlers and SF leadership down the pan with him. So much water under the bridge now at this stage. He would come out of it without any further damage to my mind and maybe put an end to this RUC SB evil of stitching people up and throwing who they so choose under the preverbial bus. The Patten report definitely should have been implemented.
    As Kevin Keegan said... I WUD LUVIT I WUD LUVIT if he did that lol

  9. Steve R.

    Just for you
    love them green panties lol

  10. Unlikely though Larry.

    If Scap did that both sides would be queuing up to give him an OBE

    (one behind the ear)


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