British Security Services Allowed Birmingham Bombs To Go Ahead

Presenter Sharon Ní Bheoláin (SB) interviews Kieran Conway (KC) about whether he will present evidence to the Coroner's Court at the inquest to be held on the Birmingham pub bombings. Thanks to TPQ transcriber.

Six One News
1 June 2016
(begins time stamp ~ 23:37)

SB:  Well on the subject of disclosure of evidence just before coming on air I spoke to former IRA Director of Intelligence, Kieran Conway, who's authored a book on the bombings, and asked whether he would be offering information to the inquest.

KC:  I don't think I will. I think if I went to the UK in response to a request from the Coroner's Court that I would be arrested and charged with IRA membership. I wouldn't be the first. Ivor Bell has been charged for membership way back in 1972. I admit in my book, Southside Provisional, proudly admit I might add, that I was a member of the IRA for many years so I have little doubt that I would be charged, too. If the Coroner wishes to see me I would need some informal indication from the British authorities that I would not be arrested on that occasion. Alternately, I would be happy to speak to the Coroner's Court by way of video link.

SB:  And you say that you know who the bombers are, that they're walking around free today...

KC:  ...Yes.

SB:  ...In the interests of truth and justice do you think that they will be in the position to give evidence?

KC:  I don't believe they would although they're in the same position as me; they could do so if they wanted to. The names of the bombers are well known – have been for many years thanks to the efforts of Chris Mullin and other investigative journalists so there's nothing new there and there's nothing new in relation to the bombings and what occurred.

SB:  This was an absolutely heinous attack...

KC:  ...It was.

SB:  ...And in the interest of truth and justice, Kieran Conway, is there any way where information can be put to the court so that a full picture can emerge?

KC:  No. I think the picture is pretty full already the only missing ingredient is the full knowledge of the British security services which is now an open secret although the Coroner limits it to a couple of West Midlands policemen being aware. I think the authorities are always happy to throw a couple of individual policemen under the bus but I'm quite sure, my own sources tell me, that the British security services themselves had full knowledge and allowed the bombings to go ahead because they wished to assist the passage of the Prevention of Terrorism bill which was done before the British Parliament.

SB:  Kieran Conway, former Director of Intelligence in the IRA, thank you very much for talking to us tonight. 

(ends time stamp ~ 26:00)

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

2 comments to ''British Security Services Allowed Birmingham Bombs To Go Ahead"

  1. I think the Dail rushed through the Offences against the State Act immediatley after the Dublin and Monaghan bombings. I find it difficult to countenance the Irish authorities would have permitted those attacks in order to force through legislation. It is all too easy to claim the authorities had prior knowledge and permitted attacks. May it be a case they had information of a potential attack but nothing precise from agents? Certainly after Dublin/Monaghan the dogs in the street could smell retaliation somewhere coming over the horizon?

  2. here's a wee vid about the dublin monaghan bombings, the gardai investigation and the dead end it ran into


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