Australia’s Sanitized Genocide Of The 1st Nations In The 21st Century

Mhaire Marscial hits out at Australia's treatment of the indigenous population. Mhaire Marscial is from Sydney Australia. She is a Christian who is strongly opposed to the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.

Pontificating leeches in Rome

Butcher’s apron flag swathed insanity

This master race of white is right

shout triumphantly:

“Yes! this is our Australia!”

This is our sanitised genocide!

(They call it Australia Day…)

Papal Bull to the left

John Bull to the right

even Jesus on the cross

is coloured sickly white

like a hangman’s noose reminder


blackfella way

must be whittled-belittled

swept away…






Is how the world is run – look, see, learn…

Monarchy visits from the land of Big Ben:

British royalty emerge resplendent from their colonizer pig pen…

twisted history & a filthy halo of blood on

a million, white devils

dancing their tattoo of triumph

on the broken back

of Aboriginal Australia

but you know now what they call it

Australia Day…

An elderly Aboriginal man told me years ago:

“They practiced on your people – then they came for us”

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  Íosa

Church steeple’s

proudly stab into the Aussie sky

Even the air it seems belongs to the white

learned clergy with their pinched faces,

& saxon shilling lined abodes.

This master race of white is right

shout triumphantly -

Yes! this is our Australia!

This is our sanitised genocide!

Australia Day…

Native title is NOT landrights

Colonizer language:

Queen’s Land – Queensland

Non Aboriginal learn to say these words

with ghastly ease & ignore

terror, blood , rape ,

GENOCIDE underpinning them

White guilt is white denial

Whitewash revisionist history

That is all Australia Day is…

Divide & conquer strategies


The first European building in Australia

was a prison….

For Aboriginal Australia it has always been

a prison with or without bars….

Cameron Doomadgee was kicked & kicked

til his liver was split near in half

Died in that prison cell

& the copper walked free

Since 1788 no copper or screw has been

successfully charged with a death in custody

All the black deaths in custody…

All those lives - all those lives….

They call it Australia Day & ask us to celebrate…

They call it Australia Day & ask us to celebrate…

Boycott Australia Day

Ban it

Spit on it


without resistance there is no existence

for the lst Nations peoples.

Stand with Aboriginal Australia -

then and only then

will I let you tell me about your Jesus.


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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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