Surveillance State A La Orwellian State

Frank O'Brien writes on the surveillance state being of Orwellian proportions. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

Yes we live in decidedly scary times, but much of that is only a false impression caused by the selective highlighting that goes on in the corporate mainstream news media.

Security at any price goes against the American way, that being that we have a God given right to privacy, and protection from the renowned criminals that called themselves our politicians, not to forget freedom from invasive intrusion by the police.

It is not that we have anything really to hide from Big Brother, rather it is that we are the real bosses, even though we haven't much acted that way in God knows when. We owe it to ourselves to be independent, rational and boisterous when our most private moments are being recorded by the State, without regard for how sick it is to be a peeping Tom. Our individual rights outlined in the Bill of Rights needs to be sacrosanct, not being interfered with by anyone, including our dear old NSA, who are tired of just spying on our enemies. That is the question isn't it, exactly being who are our enemies, and who gets to decide such decisions.

Are we the people now seen as a danger to the total surveillance culture engendered by the spooks, and industrialists so bent on control of every aspect of our lives? Some of it is certainly to keep an eye on the political activities of workers, who are not at all unionized as a good many more were back in the better days when our technological edge was more dulled, and you didn't have to worry about State intrusion into your life that much. Ahhh if only we could keep our individual tech devices, with their working fine, and taking a time machine back to the 1950s.

The fact is that the government has been in on the development of privately developed computers, silicon chips and all the other gizmos we take for granted today. Our gadgets are now the center of our universe in so many ways, replacing the better independence that people had in the old days, when there was more imagination, intuitiveness and gumption.

There is an over reliance on computers that spells a very dangerous future in which we could lose everything, including our libraries of knowledge since books are increasingly being put into readable, storable computer bytes. The days of analog need to be revisited as a back up to a collapse of our truly vulnerable Internet, which any malicious enough virus could take out in an instant, besides an EMP[Electro-magnetic Pulse] weapon. Certainly it has been highlighted as the next possible false flag that would be used to cause fear, confusion and disarray.

Terrorism isn't and has not been the biggest danger of our time, since there has been more a decided threat from State surveillance and control, than there has been from any gun toting, rag tag army bent on conquering the world. Every aspect of our lives gets recorded, sucked up and stored in the super computers that agencies in the government have been developing since the whole technology revolution started. We are controlled by propaganda that slips into the corporate mainstream news, we are looked at closely to understand what makes us tick, so that it can be used against us, or rather to more control us in our every moment of decision.

There is now almost no difference in things as relating to the future that George Orwell envisioned those many decades ago. Even our voting patterns, personal opinions and other data are sucked up, analyzed by both government and private industry, to better get us to follow what they desire for us. Even Trump I have no doubt has consultants that use technology to better get a reading on the average mindset, thereby allowing him to vary his pronouncements so that they meet public desires and expectations.

We are peons in the eyes of the elite, with a government that has forgotten who butters their bread, choosing instead to play the role of a not so benevolent Big Brother. Curbing, and plain stopping of the intrusive monitoring that we all go through each day is the only way out of this cul-de-sac that we have allowed ourselves to get sucked into. We owe it to our children, grand children and all of humanity to bring an end to warrant-less seizures and searches that are endemic to the extreme. Our's is most certainly an exciting time when people from all over the world can connect with each other, trading opinions and political outlooks, besides merely getting to know each other. If we are to set the example of what is allowable we must end the part that government, and the elite play in our every day interactions, and all manner of activity.

We need to pass laws prohibiting the unlawful use of ill gotten information that those in power so damn much covet over everything else. Our Brave New World has too many hazards originating from state sponsored violence, and repression of freedom of expression. We teeter on an abyss that is of our own creation, if but from our merely allowing it to happen.

Any world war will be our responsibility from our not having told our officials what they can and cannot do in our name. The same goes for allowing the fox to guard the hen house in that it is against all common sense to not be the bosses, and instead letting the government, and greedy elites to tell us things, and where we are all going to go.

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