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Get ready for a bit more inconsistency and doublespeak occasioned by Mary Lou McDonald having called on Gerry Adams to share with the Garda any information he may have on former IRA members involved in the killing of a Dublin prison officer.

More than thirty years ago Brian Stack was shot in the back of the head outside the National Boxing Stadium. He died eighteen months later from his wounds. 

Whether true or not Mr Adams claims to have the names of two people, senior members of his own party, who may have been involved in Mr Stack’s death. Although at the time Brian Stack was shot Mr Adams was a member of the IRA army council, he  claims to have acquired his information about the identities of the killers from Austin Stack, a son of the slain prison officer, rather than from IRA members. Austin Stack has denied this and the chances of his word being rejected in favour of that of Adams are very slim indeed. 

Mary Lou McDonald said Adams and anyone else in the party had an "absolute" duty to report such "criminal" matters to the Garda:

All of us and Gerry included are on the record (saying) where there has been an offence or any criminal action information needs to go to An Garda Siochana. They are the duly constituted body to investigate these matters.

She was singing a somewhat different tune two years ago in the wake of the arrest of Gerry Adams by the PSNI as a suspect in the killing and disappearance of Jean McConville. Then she had sided with the Sinn Fein smear machine that sought to accuse anyone associated with the Boston College project of touting. The tapes were maliciously compiled and the PSNI investigation politically motivated. "I’m beyond surprised and shocked. I’m extremely alarmed and extremely angry at this turn of events.” 

Now she is calling on a former IRA chief of staff to effectively tout on the volunteers who served under him.  

Mr Adams at one point too appeared to be laying the ground so that he could become a Garda informant. 

I’m telling you these are very, very serious charges. This man should not have been shot. He should not have died as a result of his injury. I’ve made that very, very, very clear. 

“So it isn’t my job to say, ‘Did you do this or did you do that?’ That leads to another question. The issue is An Garda Síochána should be dealing with this.”

If the Garda Siochana are to deal with it will the force do so with the assistance of Mr Adams? If he does disclose to Garda the identity of party colleagues as possible suspects are others in the party expected to follow his example and inform on other party members whom they might have information about? What advice does Mary Lou McDonald have for people who might feel they have information linking Mr Adams to killings? Not an inconceivable notion given that the organisation of which he was a senior commander for decades was not a tiddlywinks club.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

In the rush to execute the by now well practiced summersault and proclaim the new logic of touting for peace, we can rest assured that there is one thing we shall not see. The legions of the tweeting brain dead rushing to man the keyboards and fire salvoes at Mary Lou "McIntout" and Gerry Adams, labelling them Boxing Club Touts.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

4 comments to ''BC Touts"

  1. Couldn't agree more.

    A case study in how power is often inversely proportional to principle.

    Did SF not accuse the Boston College project of being "politically motivated"?

    Changed days indeed when Sinn Fein criticise you for having political status...

  2. What kind of a strange world must Mr. Adams live in - one where he can with a straight face pedal the most outrageous fantasies safe in the knowledge that he is surrounded by blindly faithful sycophants who like to think of themselves as so clever - the reality is that they belong to a cult which worships a cult leader and are just as blind and stupid as members of any cult that slavishly follow a master and subjugates any, limited intellect they may possess.

  3. Is he related to Roald Dahl?

  4. Just unreal that Adams would do this,even as tactic ..For him to even put names toward,even with consent of suspects,but .. again where does it end.Some must be turning in their gravesWhere does it end...maybe I should tell what I know about something close to brownie and some SF politicans in 1998 ,but for me that's touting so ill never do it......


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