The Meaning Of Justice

Daniel Bradley defines justice for those who have difficulty understanding the concept. Daniel Bradley is a Derry justice campaigner. The case of his brother Seamus, shot dead while unarmed by the British army, was in court today.

They Ask For Law And Order In N Ireland
Then I Ask Them Where Is Our Law And Order
And Justice
The Meaning Of Justice

noun: justice; plural noun: justices
just behaviour or treatment.
"a concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people."

synonyms: fairness, justness, fair play, fair-mindedness, equity, equitableness, even-handedness, egalitarianism, impartiality, impartialness, lack of bias, objectivity, neutrality, disinterestedness, lack of prejudice, open-mindedness, non-partisanship;

honour, uprightness, decency, integrity, probity, honesty, righteousness, ethics, morals, morality, virtue, principle, right-mindedness, propriety, scrupulousness, trustworthiness, incorruptibility
"ideas of social justice"

antonyms: injustice
•the quality of being fair and reasonable.
"the justice of his case"
synonyms: validity, justification, soundness, well-foundedness, legitimacy, legitimateness, reasonableness

"the justice of his case"
the administration of the law or authority in maintaining this.

"a tragic miscarriage of justice"
synonyms: judicial proceedings, administration of the law
an attempt to pervert the course of justice
"a judge or magistrate, in particular a judge of the Supreme Court of a country or state."
synonyms: judge, magistrate

Maybe They Don't Understand It So I Googled It For Them To Read

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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