Middle Eastern Stew Or How Is Your Oil?

Frank O'Brien shares his thoughts  on matter of state. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

Seeing the dramatic rise in Sunni Islamic extremism, coinciding with CIA backing of it, indirectly, and directly, one must put the blame for Daesh/ISIS/ISIL on CIA/Pentagon, along with the whole Iraqi, Syrian and Turkish conflict, that seems to be at the breaking point each and every day.

Russia has gotten into the mix since they saw how far the NATO/CIA/Pentagon GLADIO B jerks were willing to go, after their coup d'etat in Kiev, which then saw Russia militarily intervening in the strategically important Crimea. Keep in mind that it was a Western coup that pushed Russia into action, even though Vladimir Putin isn't the greatest thing in the world either, but then Vlad isn't the one that started this game. The very Western Powers That Shouldn't Be were and are the ones playing chess with the lives of 60 million refugees. Russia has in my estimation been awfully patient with the West, considering its having been attacked by the West on so many covert fronts.

Turkey was during the Cold War, the staging area, or platform for so many GLADIO operations meant to curb Soviet expansion, but then the Berlin Wall collapsed, soon followed by the collapse of the Soviet Empire. There needed to be an enemy so that the Western military/industrial/intelligence complex could survive, and thrive, so conveniently comes along "terrorism," which again, not so ironically was directed by the mechanizations of the West, who supported the Mujahideen, Saudi Arabian Wahhabism and the Sunni extremism involving Daesh/ISIS/ISIL. Through proxies, or Arab frontmen, like Prince Bandar Bush, Qatar, Turkey's Erdogan, and Israel's Netanyahu, there has been money, and arms supplied to Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, all while Erdogan's son, Necmettin Bilal, buys and distributes Daesh/ISIS/ISIL's stolen oil.

The corporate mainstream media has not acted upon the verifiable CIA/Pentagon/ NATO connections with Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, nor its front men or front companies, which in and of itself reaches back to 9/11. The PNAC [Project for the New American Century] Sept. 2000 white paper is the blue print by which 9/11 must be seen, and understood. When it actually calls for a catalyzing event, or New Pearl Harbor, it not so ironically shadowed the coming attacks of 9/11, which directed our attention to Al Qaeda, which technically, and in stark reality, was a CIA front, whose players were part of the GLADIO B operation.

We, the United States' created Al Qaeda, the fall NEW guys for a new, more amorphous struggle, that demanded our starting up again the American and NATO war machine, with fear and war mongering supplying the public fervor for this new War on Terror. We in essence saw an American clic, supported by NATO, and its GLADIO B operatives do a coup d'etat in New York, and Washington, D.C. on 9/11. These operatives then built up Daesh/ISIS/ISIL in response to the "Arab Spring," another CIA/NATO construct, building up a group that was in response to its own groups that participated during the "Arab Spring." This was old Frank Kitson's "Gangs and Counter Gangs" stratagem of tension meant to cause enough friction, that we of course must come to the rescue, and like with Al Qaeda, stamp it out.

Even the old Soviet Union came to power, in part, from financial support supplied by Wall Street, who just happen also to have supported the financially and industrially rise of Nazi Germany. This pitting against of two equally evil countries, against each other, saw the rise of both America and the USSR, and then the Cold War, from this Hegelian Dialectic, which has been resurrected in the form of comic book Sunni Islamic extremism, posed against the supposed Christian saviors. 

When you create your own enemies, conduct false flag attacks, to whip up the public opinion, aiming to win the hearts and minds of your nation, and the other Western nations, you don't deserve to win, since it is all a cheat, or scam. Like any old pyramid scam, this house of cards, is falling down around us, with blind patriotism replacing critical thinking, giving power to someone like Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton. 

The fight for Syria is really about the oil, coming from Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia's Gazprom/China's CNPC[National Petroleum Corporation], and the New Silk Road. Those who are left controlling the Middle Eastern region, and influencing it, and the Near East[Afghanistan, Pakistan] and Eurasia, will come out on top, but now with Russia, China and Iran, the conclusion of this farce is not a given any more. What we may see is exactly what we saw so far, which is a West/East negotiation over who controls, and influences the Middle East and Eurasia, plaid out at the expense of 60 million refugees, who's only crime was in wanting to escape a boiling pot of sectarian tensions and violence. 

Likely our GLADIO B bunch will direct some more 'spectaculars,' as they were called in the North of Ireland, which will cause there to be the typical political knee jerk reactions that usher in more police state restrictions, and loss of civil and human rights. Refugees, and Muslims serve as the fall guys in this global chess game, being a target on which we can paint a bull's eye. 

The problem for America is that it is way over extended, needing the draft if it is to keep the able bodied militaries afloat, or using their Arab/Israeli proxies/fronts for the same. America/NATO have sown so many seeds of mistrust already, that their pet tiger is about to bite them in the rear, whether or not they have a hand in its orchestration. It is possible that another catalyzing event could spark the beginning of a third world war, with the playing fields being Syria/Turkey/ Iraq and Iran. 

Our duty, or patriotic reaction should be measured, taking into consideration the treasonous and duplicitous behavior of the West, and realizing that the real bad guys are the Western state sponsors of terrorism, who were more than likely behind 9/11, the July 7, 2005 British attacks and the two recent Paris shootings and bombings. Citizen committees should be empowered to sweep aside the cloak of national security, used to hide the nefarious truth behind 9/11, the Paris attacks et al, and bring the war home, with us pitted against the real perpetrators, with our convening war trials to judge the actions of PNAC[now the Foreign Policy Initiative], Ptech[now goAgile], and the other more shadowy black ops/pyops groups. 

The shadowy defendants include the neoconservatives, like Robert Kagan, and the old suspects, like the Council on Foreign Relations, who have, for too long, manipulated public opinion, through the government approved, and corporate controlled mainstream media. Our first line of defense, and offense, is ALT media like "The Corbett Report," "News and Views from the Nefarium," "The Empire Files" and "Days of Revolt", to name just a few. We must, as James Corbett says, be aware of any patterns or memes being seeded in the ALT or corporate mainstream press by covert black ops/psyops. From following Corbett, and Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell, it is clear that Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, are being "set up" and are "now on the menu." Any actions or attacks likely will have the CIA/Pentagon/NATO stamp of approval, with it being up to us to figure out the truth from the usual official narrative. Remember, this is not to say that Russia, China and Iran aren't some of the bad guys too, but rather that there are no good guys here, only less than badder guys to support. 

It is all about serving the big lie, which is the War on Terror, a Western creation from start to finish, with only the ignorance and apathy of the public keeping it going. If there is a world war expect censorship, propaganda and disinformation, which already has invaded the likes of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. To an extant this drivel has invaded the ALT media, and it would be expected, given how the CIA messed with the mainstream press during the tumultuous 1960s/1970s, when also the FBI's COINTELPRO was being used to crucify left and right leaning "radicals," who fought a lonely battle against the Establishment[or the MAN as they were also known]. 

Today is no different except that we are fighting neoconservatives, and their supporters in think tanks, and in high government posts. Don't get me wrong, for their are still some very good and honest military, and Federal agents who have been trying to remedy the propaganda, and who have had to become whistleblowers in order to attempt to turn the tide around. Listen to them before you go and occupy the local city hall, hearing the real truth about 9/11, the Paris attacks, and countless numbers of attacks in Europe, Africa and the rest of the globe. It has been a war on your mind and heart, with not surprisingly the bad guys winning so far, since they literally control the mainstream press. 

Only through what is called "open-source intelligence[OSINT] does the truth wind up getting to us, through mediums like "The Corbett Report," News and Views from the Nefarium," Off The Grid," "Watching the Hawks," the some what old "Conspiracy Theory," "The Empire Files," "Days of Revolt," and "LipTV's Buzzsaw." Only through keeping up on the latest corporate media news, combined with real news and commentary from the ALT media, will you get to see and understand the world as it really is.

The fact of our own government, being at war with us, and itself, is an ugly revelation that tears at your heart, and scrambled mind. It is near to all being a psyop, which is left to you to figure out, but thankfully there are some intrepid ALT reporters out there bringing you the truth, and pointing the finger at the real terrorists, who are the geopolitical, war mongering industrialists. The worst is not yet here, so it would be wise to copy some Net based informational shows, so that you'll have something to educate others with, if and when censorship starts, and martial law is declared. The real war is really for oil, opium and the natural resources of once third world countries, and for a pliable/malleable work force, which has been set up through treaties like NAFTA and TPP[Trans-Pacific Partnership]. While you were sleeping, grand and sweeping trade legislation has been set up making it so that the average worker is near to a slave of the corporations. 

Since 2008 we have been living in a recession rivaling the Great Depression, stemming from market collapse [the bursting bubbles] and eroded workers' rights, all while civil liberties and basic human rights have been taken away. Torture I'm guessing is now allowed, along with extra-judicial killings, like Freddie Gray's killing. Institutionalized racism, and racial profiling are now rampant thanks to little challenge against it. This is all part of the undeclared war against African-Americans, those of Middle Eastern and Islamic descent, Latino, the poor, the homeless and mentally ill. 

After 9/11 there was a new dawn of racism, sectarianism and prejudice, which some of it being new, like Islamophobia, and old prejudices like anti-black sentiment amongst the white upper middle class. By promoting racial and sectarian divides, and a war on workers' rights, the Establishment [neocons, et al] was busy dividing and conquering us, making it so that even today people don't question 9/11 that much, being too busy holding down 2 or 3 jobs, still barely making ends meet, and of course, raising their children. 

How is it that pedophiles like Dennis Hastert can climb to the top, making it to being the Republican House Speaker, taking bribes from Turkey, and then winding up as a lobbyist for Turkey as well? It is because of all the above, and for the fact that ours is one of the most corrupt governments in the world, where the American Dream disappeared decades ago. If you get people mired down in details and minutiae, force them to struggle economically, even while they are trying at the same time to raise their children, apathy and indifference skyrocket. I am pro-military, even while wanting us out of the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere, only because it was the opposite during the 1960s/1970s, when poor unfortunate soldiers payed the social price of ostracization, being targeted by the New Left. 

The New Left was whittled down by corporate America buying the support of many Leftists, or co-opting them into the Establishment. The long desired era of the day of Aquarius was co-opted by corporate America through commercializing and making light of the dreams and hopes of an entire generation. Civil Rights it turns out was a mirage set up by a certain number of bought and sold former activists like Jesse Jackson, all while the number of African American arrests and convictions rose to an astounding rate, all thanks to the morally repugnant War on Drugs. 

Now besides the unlawful War on Drugs, we have the War [or Crusade] Against Terrorism, which is part of our new Cold War, when human rights are eroded, torture is legal, cover ups common, and sectarianism is endemic. Its all part of a war against the average citizen, dressed up as a patriotic, and blind war sold as a war of us against THEM. Always having to have an enemy, it is nice to remember those 8 to 10 years of having no real enemy: that is until 9/11 was foisted upon us. 

I, like so many, fell back into accepting the official narrative, until the researcher in me woke up, and took control. It is sad, and frustrating to realize that you are a voice in the wilderness, not getting through to all the masses. There are thankfully a huge number of people who woke up in or around 2012, which I now believe was the much predicted Mayan Doomsday, though it wasn't Doomsday, but rather a waking up period. 

Those who feed the rise of Donald Trump, or Hillary [Pillory] Clinton, are those who still haven't awakened to the reality of how the world really is and how it works. All that one can do is hit all the points above, trying to motivate them [those still asleep] to do their homework, instead of working hard and partying hard. I at times party a bit just to escape my semi-miserable life, but what saves it all for me is being able to educate, organize and promote what is sometimes called the Truth Movement, or the outlook of groups like ANONYMOUS. 

Sure, ANONYMOUS, is a meme, which might be at times manipulated and used, like the FBI's COINTELPRO was, to subjugate and pacify, but it also has the makings of a movement, like Occupy Wall Street, in which pacification and subjugation can be fought too. Black Lives Matter is a wonderful replacement for the dear old Black Panther Party, which also has survivors of the Black Panthers in it. This all ties into the so-called War on Terror and so-called War on Drugs, since our government in actuality secretly promotes both terror and drugs, while performing doublespeak by going after both at the same time. 

The whole Syrian conflict, which is directed by both the Zionists, and the Sunni extremists, at the instigation of the MOSSAD, the CIA, and Danny Casolaro's Octopus, is all about who gets to control the Middle East, Near East and Eurasia, and who gets to control the oil, and drugs [mostly opium, cocaine, etc.]. Millions of lives are in jeopardy, both refugees and your average citizen, since the Syrian conflict spreads out to Libya and Yemen, besides Afghanistan, Pakistan and Asia. The more we look to hide our eyes, watching mindless fake electoral propaganda, and our favorite shows, and playing our favorite video games, the more power we give to the real axis of evil, which has an Anglo-Saxon complexion. 

We have been living in a giant sick joke, where the insiders are winning, giving it to the rest of us. The more we line up like good little servants, working for sold out positions in corporate America, being in indentured servitude, and not looking to rock the boat, the less chance we have at opposing any world war that might be coming, besides trying to be rid of racism, bigotry and prejudice. 

There are 60 million reasons for us to wake up, besides those who are not refugees, who merely want to survive and eventually live the dream life, much like the dreams of refugees. Poverty, and homelessness eat away at our stability, going from having a middle class, to corporations 'out sourcing' our middle class jobs. For me, radio seems the perfect medium by which I can reach my audience, along with writing my op/eds. 

I strongly encourage those reading this to scour the archives of the Corbett Report, which is where I first began to learn about 9/11, and even more about the history before that, that I thought I knew. Indira Singh was one of the whistleblowers, besides Sibel Edmonds, who woke me up, and got me to pay more attention, and to ask hard questions, which I didn't like the answers to. 

Since the CIA sponsored Arab Spring, and the deterioration of the Syrian/Iraqi situation, I have done some deep research, finding out that it is petro dollars that are behind even the whole Climate Change thing, the corporations wanting to make tons of money off taxing the average person, and their 'carbon foot print.' 

Through HAARP, scalar physics and Chemtrails, it turns out that we have the ability to geo-engineer or even reverse engineer the atmosphere, so there is no need to fight global warming[even if there isn't any!] Some of the global bit players behind the scenes are Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Agra, who's combined incomes rivals the national budget of many sizable nations. These are the real terrorists, together with the billionaires, bankers and telecommunication giants. Their footy prints are all over this whole Syrian conflict, so much so that it is the reason we are at constant or perpetual war. 

Once enough of us wake up, and decide not to be lemmings, scurrying off the cliff with everybody else, we have it in our power to bring the world back from the brink. Genuine hope and change can be had if once we learn enough about the deeper, darker forces behind the curtain. They will have no power over us if we refuse to participate in the "Great Game," no longer backing their costly and soul wrenching wars abroad. We need to pull back and focus on ourselves, retooling our own countries, making them true democracies, which don't have systems where our candidates are chosen for us. 

Instead of letting corporate America Trump us, we need to stick a foot up the rear side of it, backing off only after we've gotten rid of poverty, homelessness, sectarianism and racism. In a world where there are still people without a computer, or smart phone, those of us who do have these advantages need to educate those who don't have a clue about either, and if we are humbly well off, even buying such luxuries for the folks who need them. 

My graying neighbor, and one of my best friends, is one of my personal pet projects, who I want to bring into the 21st century. He and a few of my other best friends who've kept me afloat during these extremely trying, near to poverty stricken years, benefit from the knowledge that I bring to them. By waking them up, and encouraging them to pass it along, I am satisfied that I have saved enough people to live another day. Have you passed along what you know? 

How things play out in Syria, and at home depend upon our shared knowledge, and how much we look to speak out about it. The best way is to actually think globally but act locally. The stew in the Middle East is already at the boiling point, as is the situation between minorities and police here, so focus on the one at home, and keep pressing for a peaceful resolution to both. And press for truth wherever it needs to be brought to the surface, hiding just below the radar of the regular people.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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