Entirely Censored

Chris Fogarty is outraged at his Irish American News column being suppressed.

My January, 2016 column is entirely censored from the Irish American News.

Having proven gutsy for two decades, it turns out that Owner/Publisher Cliff Carlson still prohibits news that Maureen O'Looney was MI5/FBI's mole; its longest-serving mole within Irish-Chicago.

For years O'Looney met weekly with MI5/FBI Special Agent Patrick "Ed" Buckley at her Shamrock Imports gift shop in the 3100 block of No. Laramie Ave. O'Looney's shop assistants, different ones over the years (we possess names and dates), had informed us, and how upon Buckley's arrival O'Looney would rush him out of view to her private room. O'Looney was MI5/FBI's eyes and ears in Irish-Chicago; being the importer of Irish county newspapers she was visited weekly by immigrant-subscribers picking up their newspapers at her shop.

This is the first time in some fifteen years (and the third time in twenty years) that my column has been censored due to revealing the MI5/FBI - O'Looney connection.

It wasn't a brief connection. O'Looney was meeting Agent Buckley prior to the 1990 Langert murders (FBI Agent Lewis's gun used by Buckley-protected David Biro), during Buckley's blaming of it on the IRA and later on me. At the time of her meetings with Agent Buckley she embezzled the treasuries of two Irish support groups. At one such meeting O'Looney claimed that she couldn't produce the group's books because they were stolen from her car (a falsehood that was proven on the spot and confirmed false by the local police HQ). She was meeting with Buckley while he incarcerated four of us (Frank O'Neill, RIP, Tony McCormick, RIP, my Mary, and me) and tried to imprison us for the rest of our lives. She continued to meet Buckley during and after we proved that his sole evidence against us in Case US91CR911 was a criminal fabrication.

Their meetings continued until Buckley's 1994 departure, with David Rupert, to Ireland and Omagh for MI5. MI5 demobilized Buckley and Rupert from Ireland upon "mission accomplished" the evening of 15Aug1998. Later, when Britain had to "out" Rupert to make him their "witness" against Michael McKevitt in Dublin, O'Looney, alone, supported Rupert in a Chicago Sun-Times report.

My censored column mentions O'Looney only once, but it exposes the corruption of a Federal judge in Chicago. On January 15, 1998, Judge George Lindberg had granted US Prosecutor James Fleissner's plea to be allowed to abandon all charges against all four of us, but he (Lindberg) failed to notify law enforcement of the FBI crimes that forced him to do so; the grossly fabricated evidence, perjuries, etc, perpetrated in front of him in his courtroom by FBI Agent Buckley. The censored column below is the two-way correspondence between Judge Lindberg and me. Here is the column. Thank you,

Chris Fogarty


You read here occasionally of the double series of FBI crimes against my wife Mary, Frank O’Neill (RIP), Tony McCormick (RIP) and me. I expose them to summon the attention of a fellow American patriot who is also a law professor, or cop, or a judge, or lawyer, or honest FBI or CIA agent.

It wasn’t only FBI crimes. Here-below exemplifies judicial criminal complicity.

Hand-Carried May 3, 1003

Stamped Rec’d: Judge George W. Lindberg

United States District Court

(Judge’s name, address, etc.)

Re: U.S. Case No. 91CR911

Dear Judge Lindberg:

Whereas; when the FBI could no longer cover up some of their felonious attempts to imprison us by means of their fraudulent case referenced above, Prosecutor Fleissner, in your court on 1/15/93, pleaded that all of their charges against us be abandoned; (to this we defendants, and you, agreed).

And whereas; The FBI’s more blatant crimes consisted of Tampering with Evidence in which they excised approximately one hour out of the middle of their illegally-recorded back-up tape of our meeting and then inserted words onto the tape to cover up said excision;

And whereas; As an officer of the law you can hardly acquiesce to felony crimes of which you have knowledge (Evidence of said crimes were presented to you in the form of, inter alia, transcripts of FBI Agent Buckley’s perjuries and proof that the FBI tampered with evidence;

And whereas; The FBI disobeyed your orders to present their original back-up tape to independent sound engineers for analyses; (On 1/13/93 you received our “Motion for Evidentiary Hearing to Determine Whether the FBI’s Purported Original Tape Recording of the 11/10/91 FOIF Meeting is Authentic” which revealed, inter alia, that the FBI had feloniously presented a “doctored” copy to them instead.)

We therefore respectfully demand that, if you have not already done so, you now fulfill your sworn duty to uphold the law by placing into the hands of appropriate law enforcement authorities the said evidence of FBI’s crimes in your possession. Also; in fear that the FBI criminals will destroy the said original back-up tape we respectfully demand that you arrange that it be taken into safe custody out of their hands.

We also request to be kept informed as to the actions you have taken or are taking in response to these crimes. We do not believe the approximately twenty lawyers, two judges, and few policemen who have advised us that FBI crimes are never punished because the federal judiciary is utterly corrupt, and consequently to not expect justice nor seek it lest the FBI return and murder us.

Signed; Chris Fogarty and Mary O’Sullivan Fogarty; 900 N. Lake Shore Dr.; #1507, Chicago, IL 60611 Tel. 312/664-7651

Judge Lindberg’s response


219 So. Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60604

Chambers of George W. Lindberg

District Judge May 6, 1993

(My name, address)

Dear Mr. Fogarty and Ms. O’Sullivan:

I received your letter of May 3, 1993. I am returning your letter because I have no jurisdiction over the matters you raise.

The investigative and prosecutorial power under the United States Constitution is vested in the Executive; not the Judicial, branch of government. More specifically, you may wish to direct your request to the Department of Justice in Washington. Sincerely George W. Lindberg, District Judge.

My follow-up letter to Judge Lindberg’s letter of evasion (Signed received by Lindberg's Clerk)

Dear Judge Lindberg:

Your letter dated May 6, 1993, totally misrepresents and evades what we demanded of you in our letter dated May 3rd. We did not demand that you investigate or prosecute the said crimes. We did demand that you inform the appropriate authorities so that they can do so. Our said letter reads in part:

“We respectfully demand that, if you have not already done so, you now fulfill your sworn duty to uphold the law, by placing into the hands of appropriate law enforcement authorities the said evidence of FBI’s crimes in your possession. Also; in fear that FBI criminals will destroy the said original back-up tape we respectfully demand that you arrange that it be taken into safe custody out of their hands.”

We thus demand, again, that you uphold the law; that you cease your acquiescence to the said felonies; that you inform the appropriate authorities.

Please advise. (Signed by Mary and me.)

(Judge Lindberg never responded to this. He refused to notify authorities of FBI crimes perpetrated in his presence in his courtroom.)

Equally corrupt was USAG Janet Reno. Ditto USAG Ashcroft. After six months Reno informed me that the FBI had investigated and found itself innocent in US Case 91CR911.

Irish-Chicagoans attended the New York dinner to celebrate The Brooklyn Five’s lawyers when they prevailed in Federal court. Charged with providing the IRA with weapons for five years, they claimed it was twenty years, with weapons largely supplied by the CIA and FBI. Their acquittal was prior to the Neo-Con take-over of U.S. policy.

Because we violated no laws, MI5/FBI fabricated evidence against us. Irish-Chicago had no celebratory dinner when we prevailed against FBI criminals, largely due to MI5/FBI moles in Irish-Chicago; John Tuttle, Willie Rush, and especially long-time FBI moles Jerome Boyle and Maureen O’Looney.

Recent evidence indicates that Agent Buckley’s crimes against us, his MI5 Omagh massacre on 15Aug98, Judge Lindberg’s complicity, and others, were preliminary steps toward vast Neo-Con crimes starting in Iraq on 3/19/2003. We possess evidence, and seek a capable patriot to uphold the Constitution against these FBI crimes, also the Langert triple-murder frame-up.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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