Brimstone and Treacle

Sean Mallory looks with disdain on bellicose Britain as it embroils itself in more wars. Sean Mallory is a Tyrone republican.

Brimstone and Treacle ... not quite the complete Mary Poppins tale but more a mixture of it and the Dennis Potter 1976 play!

Blair, sorry Cameron, so easy to get the two mixed up these days, has precisely achieved exactly what Blair also achieved several years before and will no doubt terminate in a Chilcot part two. A time when a ‘Blair’s parliament’, that Cameron also sat in as a fledgling Tory MP, that made it difficult to distinguish Labour from Tory, both parties fully acquainted and au courant with the deceit being played out, displayed as much prescience of what the future held when it hussared Britian in to the Iraq war.

Coalesced with Americans of a similar political neo-con vein. A symbiotic relationship where lies fed off lies.

As it did again recently, when it also hussared Britain in to a war in Syria, only this time coalesced with France. Although of a similar neo-con political hue as their prior American partners, France attempted to portray their actions in response to the Paris attacks as a justifiable strategic counter to ISIS/Daesh but the public fully un-acknowledged that it was an excuse to openly pursue a hidden agenda, comfortingly wrapped in an act of vengeance rather than a tactical response. There’s gas somewhere down the pipeline of the future!

Let’s bomb Syria went up the shout! A call to the British nation to arm, built upon and made more palatable for the public to swallow, when prior to the great debate, Osborne announced his acceptance that his proposed tax credits policy would no longer be pursued until further notice (Thatcher’s Poll tax became Council tax), and when Cameron acting on the maestro’s lesson from years gone by, informed the House of 70,000 ‘Syrian Rebels’ ready to act on Britain’s and the Coalitions behalf. A claim that has as much foundation as the maestro’s infamous lie concerning weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Cameron went on to demand of a House of publicly elected representatives that it ignore the views of ‘terrorist sympathisers’, i.e., those who elected them in the first place, and grant him the same right as Blair had, the right to kill on Britain’s behalf.
As Cameron’s call was surely to be victorious, hidden beneath this call to arms, was the ulterior motive of further undermining and ousting Corbyn as leader of the opposition. This was propelled to the fore by Blairite members of Labour who along with their acolytes in the media attacked Corbyn not just for his opposition to war but more to his inadequate administrative handling of this issue and specifically how it should be dealt with by Labour as a party.

Cameron’s call to which the majority dutifully obliged and in doing so sent Britain to war, a war without any discernible or logical outcome, and the British public, no doubt, to the real possibility that they will fall victim to a response to Britain’s new foreign policy. The Camerons certainly will not.

Cameron has sent the British public, contemptuous and insolent of the views of the great unwashed, in to an initial ‘aerial bombing’ war, that will not defeat a guerrilla foe. An escalation to boots on the ground is inevitable.

In a loose fusion with other European states, comprising France, Russia and EU hopeful Turkey, their bombings are not all aimed at the same enemy in this conflict. Yesterday’s autocrat/freedom fighter/ jihadi terrorist is tomorrows democrat/ terrorist/theocrat that Britain can justify working with if it is for the better of ‘national interests’.

All States agree that the problem resides in Syria, but not just what particular component/s within Syria is precisely to blame.

Britain delicately condemns Assad and avoids bombing Assad targets at all costs (who knows what the future holds!) and tawdrily bombs ISIS/Daesh’s economic targets (oil producing facilities manned by civilians) with ‘highly precision’ Brimestone bombs.

Rolling out military and scientific experts to extoll the virtues of using such an explosive device, they have all testified to how precise and damage limiting this bomb is and thus greatly reducing the likelihoods of ‘collateral damage’ – civilian casualties to you and me. Which is amazing to think, if it is believed, that there is such a ‘bomb’ in the world that is so costly to produce and yet so ineffective as a BOMB, and can distinguish between its intended target and civilians.....truly amazing!!! But if they are so ineffective as a bomb then why bother in the first place?

France, in the throes of mourning, is exporting and inflicting the pain of Paris on the Syrian populace through its vengeful and indiscriminate bombing of ISIS/Daesh in cities and towns across northern Syria and also on anyone who happens to dwell near them. No Brimstone bombs for them!

Russia, in public boisterous support of Assad, is bombing ISIS/Daesh and Cameron’s apparent 70,000 Syrian rebels but also according to Cameron, Russia is working closely with Britain!

Turkey while a member of this ‘loose coalition’ and fully supporting ISIS/Daesh, is bombing the Kurds.: who (the Kurds) with help from Iran, are the only successful secular group of Muslims holding back Daesh. Plus the odd Russian bomber which hasn’t strayed in to its national air space! An incident that has lead Russia to assign fighter escorts and anti-aircraft missiles for future sorties. Erdogan would do well to heed Russia’s warnings and recall Russia’s dealings with Chechnya!

In the midst of this loose alliance, America continues to drone bomb all and sundry in whatever country or fashion they feel like with complete disregard to minimising collateral damage.

Israel continues to butcher the Palestinians in Gazza and anywhere else they happen to have them corralled in to, while at the same time providing medical care and training for ISIS/Daesh/Syrian Rebel fighters, particularly those who bombed Paris!
Saudi Arabia continues to bomb the Shi-ite populace of Yemen while being regularly re-supplied with various munitions by all of the above ‘allies’.
All the while, the ‘allies’ simultaneously refuse to condemn Saudi Arabia who in the last 12 months has beheaded just as many people as ISIS and who are supporting ISIS/Daesh in numerous forms least of which is the exportation of the Saudi state religion of Islamic Wahhabism. An intolerant religion that beheads, flails and crucifies its apostates and with support from Britain’s gross underhand dealing now sits on the UN Human Rights Council.

Despite the publics’ insight in to Blair’s felonious past calls and pretensions, to go to war in Iraq, it would seem as some would have it that history does repeat itself. Cameron’s felonious calls and pretensions have not fallen on deaf ears but instead have been rewarded with overwhelming support.
Hilary Benn, whose father turned in his grave, was applauded and lauded by the neo-cons for his jingoistic speech in to supporting the exporting of pain and destruction, is being hailed as a replacement to Corbyn. Even though Corbyn hasn’t announced his resignation or is he likely too just yet. The Murdock controlled British media continuing to pursue the old Stalinst edict of ‘remove the man, remove the problem’, are never one to miss an opportunity to stick the boot in when called on to do so.
But is history repeating itself or is it simply a case that the Iraq war never really just simply moved house!

As Cameron and his war-mongering grunts balk at the common sense expounded by Corbyn, who realised that no matter how many bombs Britain dropped it still would end up talking to ISIS/Daesh, they continued to repeat the call to arms.

Based on Cameron’s aerial intervention in Libya the talks are likely to begin a lot sooner rather than later! Will the French exportation of Parisian suffering lead to Facebook profiles being stripped of their French tricolours or will the Wests hypocrisy towards the Middel-East and beyond continue to lead to the question:

Où est Charlie Hebdo maintenant?

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