Support the Palestinian Peoples Struggle - What You Can Do To Help.

Steven Katsineris appeals for support for the Palestinians resisting Israeli state terrorism. Steven Katsineris is a Melbourne writer and activist.

Many of us feel upset about the appalling situation that’s still happening in Palestine, it’s deeply saddening and distressing. The brutal Israeli occupation and repression continues to cause deaths, injuries and so much suffering and destruction.

The ongoing injustice and its dreadful consequences, the numerous atrocities committed against the Palestinians and their dispossession and displacement is one of the key problems confronting the world. This crucial moral issue demands a just and viable solution.

Only the active participation of many people will compel the entrenched forces that support the colonial settler state of Israel to alter their policies and positions. 

People contact me or I read of people stating how they feel angry, frustrated and helpless in the face of the deep-rooted political, commercial and media pro-Israel bias in Australia, the USA, etc. I firmly believe that the perceptions and viewpoints of a lot of decent people of Israel have indeed changed greatly in the past 10-15 years or so.

That Israel’s former image of blamelessness has largely evaporated and its zealous lobby are under enormous challenge from many people waking up to the Israeli facade and now see the real ugly face of Israel and its occupation and oppression. Many people are no longer listening to the Israeli version of events and do not believe the Israeli lobbyists and mainstream medias lies on the Palestine struggle anymore.

And I have faith that we can continue this process and increase our impact to get changes in people’s attitudes on this issue. The more people who become aware of the truth regarding Palestine and do something to support the Palestinians, the more the pressures grow on Israel and its backers.

We must do whatever can to help this development. Each person has various abilities and skills so some can do more than others, but everyone can do something and can contribute. And I believe that every act however small, combined together with thousands of other peoples efforts makes a positive difference. 

Talk to your family, friends, workmates, people you know and meet about Palestine, give them books or leaflets to read, post information on FB, write letters (to blogs, newspapers, magazines, to your friends, etc), message people, make a leaflet, even just a few and put them on notice boards, or prominent places or leave them around where people will see them and read them, or join a support group, go to a solidarity protest. Send letters expressing your concerns to your local politician.

Boycott Israeli products and companies that support Israel and encourage others to do so. Promote the Boycott, Disinvestments and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. Get a couple of enlightening DVD’s that you can lend people when they express an interest in finding out more about the Palestine issue. Send messages of solidarity to Palestinians and their organisations, this heartens their resolve.

Just do what you can and little by little this is how we get people thinking about the issue, change their minds and embolden them. And this is how we achieve real change. And never forget you are not alone, there are millions of us working resolutely towards the same aim, to help free Palestine. So don’t give up, be optimistic and remain steadfast, because we can and are making a difference by what we say and do. Together our efforts will end this terrible injustice.  

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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