Infinite Idiocy

Sean Mallory continues with his run of short wry pieces which look at the shenanigans of the North's political class.  Sean Mallory is Tyrone republican.

Idiot for Injustice, David Ford, busied himself on the serious current matter of the predominantly Protestant PSNI not being truly representative of both communities. Apparently serious concern has been raised over the lack of Catholic recruits to the force.

Ford in his infinite idiocy, has refused the call for the re-introduction of the 50/50 Catholic /Protestant recruitment ratio again even after a policing expert warned that the current composition of the PSNI was taking a step backwards. He (Ford) implied that his decision was based on the grounds that the 50/50 recruitment policy was initially controversial – I suppose by Protestants – and he did not believe it was the best way forward. 

Unlike Nesbitt, he did elaborate to his dim-wittedness of his decision being based mainly on his phobia of discrimination against Protestants resulting from the 50/50 ratio, coupled with the ‘great strides’ the PSNI has taken to be representative of both communities. A remark that only strengthens the public perception that the lunatics have taken over the asylum when we consider that these so called ‘great strides’ have failed in the first place to attract Catholics in anywhere near acceptable and sufficient numbers hence the issue at hand David!

That the RUC/PSNI was and is, inherently sectarian and discriminatory towards the Nationalist community, and this aspect was identified by Patten as the imbalance in numbers of Catholic/Protestant officers. Something which Patten strove to overcome by introducing the 50/50 ratio in the first place. A recruitment process brought to an end by Unionism in 2011 and since has seen very few Catholics joining the ranks. 

Criminologist Jonny Byrne has warned that the current composition of the PSNI was leading us back in to the dark old days of the RUC. Something that would undermine the PSNI as being a beacon of change and “evidence that the conflict is over”. Really Jonny!

This crisis in turn has caused Dolores Kelly of the SDLP and prominent member of the Policing Board great concern yet doesn’t motivate her to remove herself from such a board in protest.

She could always join the DUP and when she resigns from the board which based on past actions of resignations here, she isn’t really resigned and can come back when she wants ... even after a week or two away to recharge her batteries!

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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