The A 2 Z Of One Byte @ A Time

More witticisms from former H-Block blanketman, Thomas Dixie Elliot.

A thought just struck me. As they do...

Does the leadership of Sinn Fein order themselves around?
Do they even drink?

Breaking News: Ministerial cars being run on South Armagh diesel. Aine Lawlor quizzes Gerry Adams

ÁL: Are you still in the IRA?
GA: Me?
ÁL: Yes!
GA: No!
ÁL: No what?
GA: What was the question again?
ÁL: Which question?

Does anyone know CPR?

Make way I'm a Doctor. What's wrong?
It's The Deputy First Minister. He's stopped lying!
I'm outside the hospital ward of the Deputy First Minister, doctors say he is lying up in bed.
As someone who knows the DFM from when he was a child, Did he start lying at a very early age?
Oh yes. He started lying while still in nappies.
In what way?
Oh things like, that's not my shit I don't know how it got there and someone else threw up all down the front of me.
He was always going to be a politician then?
He would deny that.

In session ~ the council that no longer exists.

Marty McG: The IRA Army Council no longer exists. We need to come together to stamp out criminality and Paramilitarism.

Gerry A: Marty, you can stop lying, this is an Army Council meeting.

Marty McG: Oh right Gerry. I got carried away with myself for a minute there. Right. Is all the laundered diesel money in? Fine. And the cheap cigarettes. How are they going?

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

1 comment to ''The A 2 Z Of One Byte @ A Time"

  1. I want Ireland removed from the name of our wee country @WillieFrazer

    Northern? @JaymieBryson

    Pause the video till I think this out. @WillieFrazer


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