New Labour Are Two Time Losers ...

Mick Hall with the last piece from Organized Rage before his Autumn break has a go at the Guardian for its anti-Jeremy Corbyn agenda.

New Labour are two time losers, their policies haven't placed a LP leader in Downing Street in over a decade.

Nicholas Watt

Far from the Corbyn leadership sowing chaos and confusion at this week's LP conference, as Nicholas Watt reported an un-named Labour front bencher saying, it's the Guardian's political reporting which has become an omnishambles.
It's become increasingly clear the paper's political correspondents are totally out of their depth with Corbyn. They have absolutely no idea what makes him tick and no wish to find out. Time and again they have resorted to reporting what this or that anonymous shadow front bencher thinks, when most folk long ago concluded if a senior politician, whether LP or not, will not go on the public record their words carry little, if any credence with the general public.

The paper's political correspondents have been so engrossed in the old ways of doing things, the neo liberal, PR generated bullshite, and title tattle about who is up or down, it's hardly surprising a Corbyn victory in the leadership contest shook the very ground they walk on. With their determination to keep their New Labour contacts sweet they completely ignore these are the very people who have lost two general elections in a row. First with Gordon Brown and then Ed Miliband, who can best be described as New Labour lite. Their discredited, outdated, pro austerity, neoliberal dross hasn't won Labour a General Election since 2005.

With respect, even the most dim witted hack should understand two time losers, whose policies haven't placed a LP leader in Downing Street in over a decade, are not best placed to lecture Jeremy Corbyn on how to gain public trust. NL's so called modernisation creeks with age and more importantly is viewed with contempt by much of the electorate. What Corbyn is offering is a new way of doing politics, something the people of this nation have been crying out for. It's high time the Guardian at least tried to keep up.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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